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Nice puzzle!!

I like this mechanics and love the art syle.

Thank you, again!!

I hope you enjoyed it.

I uploaded "Chewing Boy", puzzle game made with PICO-8!

A game with Cute Puzzle and little Emotional feeling.

It's Free and on Browser.

Please Play it!!

Really fantastic game!!

I enjoyed very much.

Nice atmosphere. Good art and music.

I like this low pixel art and nice music.

So fun game! I love it.

A bug is there. When choose "power up one dice" as upgrade, I click bag then go next level without upgrade.

I really enjoyed this game.

I like this concept and idea. Yeah, my game is a little similar to it.

Well Done!

I love this retro-computer parts. And feel music are used efficiently.

I like this art style, but I think not enough information as in-game art.

Sometimes, I lost which way I move to. And after special gimmick, it make motion sickness.

But, I like this idea and atmosphere.

Arts and mood are good. Gameplay is little hard, but fun.

Nice job!

Nice simple lovely game.

Bug report. I played on iPhone, debug message  “dx …” showed up when touch.

Another PICO-8 game!! 

I love this game. music, art, gameplay..., everything.

Nice work.

Cute and sound game. I try 4 times and finally done.

I feel player slip too much. 

Nice move and music. 

But I need to know more information where is goal. Like showing arrow or small map.

I love driving car and curve track.

I like this game mechanics. 

When want to attack, player needs to go near enemy. It risks to be damaged, but player have to attack.

Great idea.

And nice SNES Zelda-like art work!

You too!! I think PICO-8 is good tool for game jam and prototype.

About theme, he is not good guy because he littered chewing-gum on street many times.

Thank you for playing and advice! 

Thank you!! 

Thanks your words. 

About theme, I think he is not hero because he littered chewing-gum on street!!
So, result shows how many chewing-gum he out. My first plan, the better player play, the less chewing-gum out.

Thanks!! I wanted to make music but deadline come..

About Keys, This game was made with PICO-8, fantasy console. The default key setting is arrow keys , x and z. I used it.

Oh, sorry I missed it. Now Added. Thank you.

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I published “PigDig”, this is roguelike treasure hanting game.

This game is made for Ludum Dare 48 compo. Made under 48 hours and add a little fix.



I love this art and art-style. Well made  game mechanics. good job!

Cute art and fun game play. Well done!!

This rope mechanics make funny movements.

I played only COM mode, two player mode looks more joyful.

I love this cool idea puzzle. But, I can't understand the mechanics perfectly...

This tetris and sokoban game mechanics so interesting. I need to know where next block pop up. good game! 

So cute art. I love double jump move! But, I can't see ending...

I love this lovely art, and Simple mechanics.

Very good idea and concept!!
but level design need more test play. But this is 48h game jam.
I love this game and its potential. Well done!

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Very fun shooting with clever system.

 I enjoyed but it has 3 levels? I couldn't see ending or result scene.

It took 1 hour to goal. Nice atmosphere. good job.

Nice clever puzzle! The string mechanics is simple but deep.


Simple Fun game play!

 levels with Many moons are especially fun.

Hard and fun game!! I love this idea.

Thank you for playing and feedback!

Thank you for feedback!!