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Marvin's GardenView game page

Rhythm-based arcade game
Submitted by sheepiedog — 5 minutes, 9 seconds before the deadline
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i admire marvin's tenacity for sticking it out in this v dangerous and barren "garden."  ^_^ i loved this game! really fun, super difficult. I wish the music  was a little longer and more varied? I think especially because it's a rhythm game, that one short song got pretty insistent after a while. Otherwise, really awesome work. the moment when I picked up the lawnmower was a really fun twist, and it made me excited for other possible roguelike mechanic expansions :)


In my first game I forgot the sprays and once I started using them it was really a lot more interesting^^

I got  5000 , but the game was starting to go really fast and it seemed difficult to go any further, but I'm not very good to follow the rhythm so maybe it's just me, I had fun !


I've never been good at Crypt of the Necrodancer and as a result I can barely play this, but the effort put in is clear. Good work!


Oh this is really fun! I found that it's faster to move a few steps every beat, which kind of keeps you out of the rythm though. And I was waiting for an epic breakdown in the music somewhere. 

But still a sweet game, had a lot of fun playing!


Ohhhhhh, nice game made in PICO-8 haha

It’s reminds me the game Crypt of the NecroDancer, very good.

nothing to complain :).



Crypt of the Necrodancer meets gardening! I really really liked this game. The art was really cute, I felt the main mechanic you had felt really solid. Spraying the weed eater was kind of difficult to get a hang out but I think I eventually got a hang of it. I felt that by holding down Z and then pressing an arrow key it made it much easier.  I will say though it did indeed feel a little strange essentially having to headbutt enemies in lieu of the spray when I didn't have it, but I mean otherwise I feel like everything fit very well.

I am not sure what else you could do with this game, but if you ever built upon it, I would 100% come back to it!!

Well done!


Thanks for the feedback! Holding Z down then pressing an arrow key is the intended way to spray, but it seems I didn't communicate this properly since many people have a hard time with the spray. I will need to think of a better way to handle when I come back to polish the game.


This is great fun! I looove the audio, and the graphics suit it quite well! :D I sometimes found myself too surrounded with enemies to escape, but other than that, this is a great entry! I love it! :D


Really fun but i think the controls or i was a bit confused when I was support to use the spray. Maybe having an indicator clearly show which is the spray bottle or when it was ready would have been nice. 

not sure if there's a better way to do combat, it felt weird having to move into the enemy to kill it, but if it moves into you it hurts you. maybe if you had a bug net or swatter you could swing or another way to show that it was combat would be nice.

Graphics where spot on but im not sure if you noticed, your pause button going the different colors puts you outside your pallet limitations. I think you could have done it in a mix of dark and light green to match better


Thanks for the helpful comments! You use the spray by holding Z while pressing the arrow keys, but some indication of when it is "primed" would be nice indeed. Having something swing when attacking is also a great idea. Regarding the pause screen, this is built into the game engine I'm using (Pico-8) so unfortunately there's nothing I can do about it.  Thanks again!


Really fun! I really like the colour palette and the gameplay is very satisfying


!This game IS addictive. Absolutely.


I LOVE THE GAME. i rated in gameboy ness 4 becuase the aniamtions are frame by frame like the game boy but the movement is smooth sliding. i think its kinda takes of the gameboy ness a bit. i did that too because i couldnt figure out a way to do it but GREAT JOB 


Good game! Simple and fun, it would probably run on a Game boy!


took me awhile to get used to, but it was really fun! cute graphics/audio too


This game is so addictive, it remembers me to Crypt of the necrodancer, I think the gameplay is very balanced, maybe the spiders are a bit exasperating, but in short, a good game and a very good entry, keep doing things like this ^^


Thanks! Yes, I added the spiders to throw some chaos into the mix, but they might be a bit too annoying indeed.


Fun game! This one really feels like a Gameboy game!


I really liked this game! It's super fun and a unique idea. I loved the opening graphic and Marvin kind of reminds me of Jim Varney.

The turn based mechanic took me a while to get used to. But once I did, I really enjoyed it. It got hard, but I liked how the music changed as it sped up. Those bees were the worst!

Definitely a worthwhile puzzle/action game! It was very unique!


Fantastic mini take on CotN! Really cool theme of controlling weed too, awesome job!

It's really fun once you get into the groove of it. 

It reminds me of Crypt of the Necrodancer! I was wondering if I should play the Zelda version..

Great job!! There's all these little nice risk and reward mechanics. Music is so fun. And like the best games, it reminds me of an arcade game.


Glad you liked it, and nice high score! I would recommend the Zelda version, although it's a bit easy if you've already mastered Crypt of the Necrodancer.


Fun game! I only got 2220 before being overrun by weeds, bees and snakes. I like the rhythm component of it (strong Curse of the Necrodancer vibes), and took me a little while to get the hang of it. I also wasn't sure what to do with the lawnmower when I got it. But overall, I would absolutely play this if it were on a real Game Boy cart. Nicely done!


Thanks! The lawnmower makes you move straight through weeds when destroying them, so you can weed twice as fast. CotND was certainly an inspiration!