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What do you want the controls to be? If you are using a touchscreen you may want to try the "Virtual Joystick" option. It's in the bottom-right on the main screen.

Sorry to hear that! You usually slip off. But if that doesn't happen you can press "R" to reset the level!

We have a windows build now too!

I hope you will stream the new levels too! Thanks for trying it!

I made the cars turn a bit faster. Hopefully that reduces the difficulty. Try it out in the new levels?

Please try the "More Oops" update! The new version should amaze I hope!

You should try the new one! Guaranteed to be even harder for your keyboard to accept!

I hope you will try the new version! It'd be great to have a video of it!

Hey chief! I updated the game! I hope it can bring you even more fun! Please try the new levels!

The new game has some bug-fixes and should run more smoothly. I hope it works better for you!

You're cool! I hope you will try the "More Oops" update!

I made more levels next! I hope you will make a video of them!

I added it in! Great idea! I hope you will try the new levels too!

Hopefully you have even fewer complaints with this new update! I hope you will try it!

Cool! Try the new levels!

I fixed the driving! I hope you will make a video of the new levels!

Thank you for your comments! Lots of great ideas! I added a "Next Level" button and some more railings near the end goals. Maybe a finish-line in the next one :P

Hope you'll try my game again!

Play my game here:

Oops! No Brakes has been by far my most successful game ever! I am now releasing a major update that includes two new environments, two new vehicles, an improved soundtrack, and a ton of new music! Here's the trailer:

And here's a screenshot that shows off the new levels!

Please help my game get featured on Itch! I'm happy to work with streamers, other developers, or anyone who is interested in the game! Hope you have fun!

I actually played this on mobile and I had a great time with it! You could probably adjust the settings on Itch and make it really work well on mobile!

I rarely play Jam games all the way through but this just had a lot of charm. The idea of a rotating game is cool, but alhaving the rabbit move, fall, and get up was a great idea. He is so charming! 

Also I did notice some minor lag and issues with falling through walls. You might want to clamp the magnitude of his max velocity or use continuous updating on his rigidbody instead of discrete. That may help!

Overall I loved this and it would be so cool if you could expand it somehow!

I also added a trailer!

Thank you! I rated your game too! The concept had me laughing!

Probably a little too frustrating! Haha! Thank you!

Yes! With more time I would love to polish the physics further! Thank you for your feedback.

Haha! Thanks man! Appreciate the feedback!

Great feedback! Thank you for the thoughts!

Cool! Thanks for sharing!

Great video! Made me laugh! Thanks for playing it and editing together this great video!

I love strategy games and this is a unique one in a lot of different ways. It's fun to expand the kingdom and to plan ahead to build the best place possible. It's really interesting stuff and the combination of building and rotating was interesting. I think the next step is to add some immediate threat or sense of danger. It's fun to build stuff and maximize profits, but there's not much feedback. If you were defending your kingdom or hoarding supplies to survive the winter, it would give it a much stronger sense of success/failure. That's my two cents! Either way I love the core concept!

Play my new game now! Totally free and complete with 9 levels!

Drive your car through the obstacle course, but look out! I didn't add brakes!

Interesting interpretation of the theme! I see how "rotating" or juggling tasks relates. Maybe you could do something visual that adds a sense of rotation too!

Cool concept!

Fun concept! The constant spinning is a bit overwhelming but I enjoyed it! The controls are very interesting. I found that I pressed all the keys but the last one right away and then I just waited. Maybe make it so the keys can time-out or something?

Really fun! Definitely a nice movement mechanic that feels good!

Great question! Yes, there are two similar tracks playing simultaneously. When you shift color, their volume changes over time. It makes for a smooth effect! 

thank you for the excellent feedback. There are actually lots of stores in the game but it seems like many players are missing them. They are the orange/gold tile that you see on the side of rooms.

I totally agree about the attacks! The math is simple but it can still be hard to plan out the result of a fight before you engage!

Thanks again!

Agreed! The shop is way too easy to miss!

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Thank you for your feedback! Can I ask why it's unrelated to the theme? The hero is always there giving you advice (and snarky comments) and you play as his minion! I hope that was clear.

Thank you for your comment! I definitely want to make a mobile version!

For now this version actually works well in your mobile browser!

Thanks for your comment! Actually there is already a shop. It's easy to miss but it's the small gold tile to the side of some rooms.

Really cool game! I really like the rift mechanic a lot and it leads to some interesting and tough to solve puzzles.  The character has a lot of personality too! I really love this one and I think the idea of a time-rift game could be expanded. I don't think I've seen this mechanic anywhere else!