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Thanks a lot man! :)

Don't worry. I have some problems on my own which are preventing me from responding soon.
The version should also have an error log.

Ah sorry late response. I haven't heard of these bugs before, it might be a silly fix but have you tried playing the steam version? That one has had a lot more testing. 

If you could pass me the error log just after you encountered one of these issues that would be great help! You can find it at "C:\Users\Eendhoorn\AppData\LocalLow\[user]\SpiritSphereDX\output_log.txt".

Thanks for letting me know!

Do you have integrated graphics? Try updating your drivers, that's the most common solution I've found. 

Ahw thanks so much! Comments like this keep me going! It was made just by me in 6 days. 

I'm working on another platformer now, it's gonna be a much bigger game! You can check out my YouTube to see some devlogs!

Thanks that's very kind of you!

Can you try running the debug version?
Most problems are caused by outdated intel HD graphics drivers, try updating those first!

Thanks for the kind words. And yeah, it plays a lot better with a controller! 

Oh :( I'm not sure what could be wrong, if you could upload a video that would really help!

Can you try downloading the debug version? It should show an error, though you might need to be quick with a screenshot if the window closes.

The payment is optional. 

When you download the files there should be an .exe file,  simply open that to run the game.

Can you try to make a screenshot with printscreen real fast? otherwise it's not possible for me to know what might be wrong. Thanks!

There's some videos floating around on youtube of world record attempts, you can take a look if you were faster than those!

Oh that's strange, does the debug menu say anything before it closes? OdysseyDemake.exe is specifically the one you need to open. It's the one that shows the logo probably.
Can you post which graphics card you have? I found that intel graphics 3000 series has some problems with the game. It's usually resolved by updating the drivers.

You should be able to rip the gifs from the page right?

Yeah the walljump can be pretty hard on a keyboard, but on a gamepad it feels a lot more natural :)

I can always try to just play it myself haha, though I suck at the piano. 
For now the game is done, maybe in the future when I'm in between projects again, starting on my next big project now! It will also be a platformer, so hopefully it can satisfy your hunger for more haha

I found the sheet music and put it into reaper with some minor changes. As long as it's a fan game it should be okay! 

No problem! Take it as slow as you need, programming is super confusing when you first try it. That tutorial was javascript! I wouldn't try python myself, it's not really suitable for games. 

I use C# (C sharp) myself, with Monogame. Monogame is a library that gives you all the tools for drawing, handeling input and all that stuff. 

This game was made for a gamejam, which is now over. I'm working on improving the engine now for my next game, when it's done I might add some new stuff to this game :) Will be a while though, making an engine is a lot of work! 

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That's a bug, but I saw people do some crazy things with it so it's okay :p

Haha yeah I'm aware of this bug, just didn't have time to fix it during the gamejam! 

Oh I never thought of that, yeah that's probably the case! 

Hmm  no that error isn't usually related to graphics driver issues. Not quite sure what it could be, maybe you can give the debug build a try?

Can you type out the exact error that it's giving? 

Hi Quest, unfortunately it's a bit complicated to publish a linux build with my engine. But I think you can run the game with either wine or mono on linux. 

Are you playing with a keyboard or with a gamepad?

Hi Jackbrow, thanks, I appreciate it! The gamejam is over now, but I might add more content in the future. I have to move back to my main project for now so it will be a while until that happens though. But I will be sure to update the page when I do make a change :)

I think I might have found the solution for this. From the debug build it was quite clear that most people that have trouble running the game have outdated graphics drivers. So try updating your graphics card drivers :)

I think I might have found the solution for this. From the debug build it was quite clear that most people that have trouble running the game have outdated graphics drivers. So try updating your graphics card drivers :)

I uploaded a build in debug mode, let me know if the console window shows any error messages. It should already show some gameplay text since I was too lazy to remove that everywhere :p

Thanks! Really appreciate that :)

It's a screen with the logo of my avatar, and it says "eendhoorn" under it. If you don't know then you probably haven't seen it haha. I'll try to get out a debug version later today that you can try, that should at least put out an error in the console window. I'll post here once it's uploaded!

I got quite a lot of downloads but it seems that no one rates the game :(

The gbjam version is just an asset swap and light camera tweak :p

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it :) 

Oh after the "eendhoorn" splashscreen then? In that case I have an idea what it could be

Hmm that will be quite hard to figure out which such a generic error.
Does this happen during gameplay or immediatly after starting up the game?

I'm afraid the gamejam is over, so I'm not making any more changes to the game. I enjoyed working on it a lot, but unfortunately I cannot afford to spend any more time into something without  a way to make money with it :(
My next big game will be it's own IP and it will also be a platformer though! I will use the same engine so the platforming will feel similar, although no spinning hats or moons will be involved :p 

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I thought that might be the case. Somehow it shows the demakejam game now though, so it's automagically solved :p
Edit: Oh now it's the gbjam again, oh well, if they keep switching around that's fine too :)