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감사합니다.  시간이 더 있었으면 좋겠어요!

Could you make a screen recording so I could take a look at the problem? 

I don't know what's going on with this comment section, but this app is very cute, all the randomized character come out nicely too!

Thanks a bunch! :D

Oh this is really fun! I found that it's faster to move a few steps every beat, which kind of keeps you out of the rythm though. And I was waiting for an epic breakdown in the music somewhere. 

But still a sweet game, had a lot of fun playing!

I never played a picross game, and unlike other people in the comments I was too stupid to figure it out ._. I can see the production value is this is super high though, feels really polished! 

I wanted to keep playing just to hear the music, so catchy!

Charming little game, the music is really cute! There's too many colors to really make it feel like a gameboy game, but the art is cute nonetheless

The music is really epic! Put's you right into a magical adventure mood

Yeah I couldn't really make the most out of turn based nature right now >_<
Loved your game too btw, very charming!

Thanks :D
Yeah if there's one thing that needs work it's definitely the enemies. The movement being so smooth was intentional, I wanted players to be able to play at their own speed, even real time.

Thanks so much! 

Thank you! I'm glad the concept shone through despite the bugs :D

Thanks! I'm glad that the concept came across, because I didn't feel like it actually worked that well as it is right now. I might update it in the future but for now I have to go back to real life again :(

It's hard to get a refined combat system in just 10 days, you did really well!

Yeah I planned that initially, but ran out of time :(

Yeah that's a bug I didn't end up having time to fix :(

I guess I missed it due to the darkness :p

I realize now.. I am me. Thanks for opening my eyes

Charming game! It has a really quirkyness to it, in a good way

(1 edit)

I don't have patience for turn based RPG's but I was really curious to know where the story would go. I just beat the final boss but now I'm just stuck in a room and nothing's happening T_T Really want to know what will happen after this!

The story is really intriguing and kept me going, and some of the enemies are super freaky!
Even though the gameplay is not my cup of tea I really enjoyed it!

Edit: Okay the game continued somehow :p I'm still left with a lot of questions though!

I can't bear turn based rpg's unfortunately, but the production value of this is really high. The best music of any entry I played so far! And the intro really puts you into the world. 

Really impressive!

Really charming! The intro really ads a lot of character to the game.
I feel like the game would have been a bit easier if it was more floaty, but otherwise I really enjoyed it!

A little button bashy, but I like the school setting. And as people mentioned, that's some sick cover art!

The characters are really charming!

Love it! The clock sound annoyed me at first but it did give me a real sense of urgency. Once I figured out you could run the game was a lot more bearable too. Great job!

This has to be the winner for me! I don't think I ever had so much fun with a gamejam game.
And I don't like to brag, but I beat the boss on my second playthrough :p

If I had to give some feedback it would be that I'd like some sort of indication how far along I am until the end boss, and a different music theme for the stages.

Other wise this amazing, especially for a gamejam game!

This is sick! The setting is really epic. 
It's a bit of a shame about the mixels, if you can slap on a pixel perfect camera for the post jam version it will really add to the gameboyness.

I'd also like to see some sort of dodge move. 

But otherwise very impressive for a gamejam game!

Really nostalgic!

Super charming little game, the music is so catchy! I'm getting real mario land vibes from this. I was really curious to see what would be next in the level, it was quite addicting to keep trying!

Thanks, I'm glad you could see what I'm going for!
Yeah I think what this game needs most is a battle where you really need to have a strategy of moves. This concept was too ambitious for 10 days :p
I have a lot of different ideas for this game, a card system, or having access to multiple moves.. A lot of potential!

Yeah it was a bit too ambitious for this jam haha

Yeah it ended more like a prototype. Didn't have time for a tutorial but I'l make a video to try to compensate. Thanks for the feedback! 

Love this style!

Thanks! The idea was a bit too ambitious for a short jam, I didn't have time to get things quite right.
I'm just happy to hear it runs haha, didn't have time yet to run it on a different pc!

Thanks a lot man! :)

Don't worry. I have some problems on my own which are preventing me from responding soon.
The version should also have an error log.

Ah sorry late response. I haven't heard of these bugs before, it might be a silly fix but have you tried playing the steam version? That one has had a lot more testing. 

If you could pass me the error log just after you encountered one of these issues that would be great help! You can find it at "C:\Users\Eendhoorn\AppData\LocalLow\[user]\SpiritSphereDX\output_log.txt".

Thanks for letting me know!