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Actually, the switch is getting SpiritSphere DX tomorrow! (an enhanced version of the PC version). This version will be exclusive to switch for a while, but will probably make it towards the PC version at some point in the future). 

 1: This is not possible right now, but it's there in the DX version.

2: The DX version has character select, but no 2vs2 for AI. The DX version does have a 3 player mode, in case you have trouble finding a 4th player.

3: Not possible right now, but once again, available in the DX version.

4: That's the point of the sphere though! Paying close attention to which one the real one is.  

 5: Yeah of course, go right ahead!  

 Sorry that I have to tease you with all the DX version features, but it's a big addon to the base game. I hope you will still have fun with this version though!

Oh that's weird, it should be capped at 60fps. It's my first time using monogame so I ran into a couple of quirks that I didn't know how to fix.

Sick graphics and cool concept :D

Lovely game, really brought me back to the gameboy days :)

The dead zone on the gamepad could use some tuning, but it's a fun game! the background works great at making it feel more intense haha

Fun concept :) The characters are very loveable, I felt bad when I turned the bird to just a bunch of feathers :p

Fun little game, I'm sure it could become a great little arcady game if you would add more mechanics :D

The gameboy feel is really there :D

Saving this for when I get the oppertunity to play with someone else! :)

Like mentioned before, the control scheme is not ideal. Other than that it was an interesting little game. There was a real feeling of tension when my sanity was getting low haha

I'm definately saving this for when I have a second player, I played by myself for a few minutes but it felt like I was missing out. Either way, good job!

Felt very suprising and smart when I suddenly had to go through the same section with gravity, fun concept :D

Wish I could play this with a controller, otherwise it's a perfect little game :D

Very cute little game, enjoyed playing it :)

Awesome game, my favourite GBJAM5 game I played so far!

The standalone won't work unless you have openAL installed it seems. I dropped openAL.dll in the folder, I hope it works now! And otherwise the installer should work in any case.

Addicting has hell, this is begging for a mobile port

I'm not too sure on the goal of the game, but the asthetics sure are nice :D

Really charming little game, I'm curious what it will lead up to!

Just a few minor things;

-The character moves faster diagonally than he does when moving on 1 axis, feels a bit funny.

-I played with a controller, and the game shut down when I pressed start :p

-The pixel scaling was a bit weird for me, it would probably help if I could pick a resolution. I'm guessing you're using unity, I suggest rounding the camera position to the nearest pixel each frame, your art will look so much better that way :)

I think you should let the player stick to the floor on slopes, because right now you fall down and are unable to jump. I could not play for longer than 2 minutes because it was just too frustrating to keep falling into that pit after the downards slope in the first stage.

Looks like a fun game otherwise, so it's a bit of a shame!

I really enjoyed this, good job! My only feedback would be that it looks and feels strange when your position resets after you canceled the dash midway a tile of bubbles. There should probably be an animation there. I didn't know if there was any difference between blue bubbles and green bubbles either.

Other than that I enjoyed it, would buy it for a few bucks for sure.

Procjam allowed for existing assets and it was pretty nice. But yeah indeed, most jams do no not. Thanks!

Since the jam focuses on the loading screen itself, how important is the actual game that you're going to be loading?
Could we just put in a placeholder (like a static menu image), so the player can get back to the loading screen, which is really what they're here for, right?

Other than that it, what's the policy on using existing assets?
Can we use pre-existing art, or even a pre-existing game that you will load?