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Sludge & SorceryView game page

A Gameboy Game for GBJam8
Submitted by Polyducks (@polyducks), AJ Booker (@ajbookr), bitmapkid (@btmpkd), Mig Moog (@migmoog), retroshark (@retrostark), BenJelter, Rhoq (@Rhoq7) — 9 hours, 18 minutes before the deadline
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So polished! Really impressive work. I hope you'll all keep working with GB studio in the future.

Submitted (2 edits) (+2)

this is amazing!  you all did a fabulous job on the artwork, the music and really nice, and the writing on the game is hilarious!  really wish i could play at fullscreen.  it was a bit annoying to have to fight a tiny mushroom several times just to get a quest and a chest, and i agree with Madwolf about the heavy RNG, but... i'll forgive that.  really nice job.


Very cute story from what I've played (leaving the tab open to come back to) and a great look to it all. Seems slimes accidentally became something of a theme - even outside games where you play as them, Mage Boy and Gravity Boy both have them as your primary enemy.

(PS Ignore my last comment I was on the wrong tab)


Awesome graphics and audio, it feels 100% like Game Boy.  The concept is really interesting too, I'd like to play a tabletop game with this story and mechanics. Like others have already said, the RNG can be frustrating, but I guess it's what the game is about.


This game is fantastic. I love the music and the art is so whimsical and perfect. This was a super well done experience, front-to-back


The level of polish in this is amazing! The art is top notch, the music is nice, and the writing is neat and amusing. I love it.
My only complain is that is a lot RNG based and can make it frustrating a little bit some times. Maybe that was intended but I would have prefered less RNG.

Still, this game is amazing, and I'm truly amazed you got all of this done in a week. Congratulations!


Incredible artistically, I don't know who made the illustrations, but greetings and my congratulations, the script is also very original, maybe the combat system is a bit slow but apart from that I can't give this a rating lower than 5


The large scale illustrations are all @Jeltron, with the exception of the final game over screen which was a last minute botch job between us all haha. Tiles by @Mig-Moog and @Rhoq, with character avatars by @Jeltron, @Mig-Moog and @Retroshark. Battle sprites by myself and @Rhoq. We had a big team for art.

Thank you for your rating :~)


This is an amazing game. You guys did a fantastic job. Not only did you nail the Gameboy look and feel, those game mechanics are top notch. I enjoyed the dialogs way too much. Great job! Wouldn't surprise me if this game took the top 5!


Thank you for playing! GBStudio really helps to enforce the limitations of the platform (plus a few more).


Really neat game and concept, but it's heavily RNG based. And i have a very bad luck. The enemy almost always get 4, 5 or 6. But overall it was a nice experience. And of course, the art is fantastic and i like the map style, it remind me to Super Mario 3.


Amazing game. I loved everything from the graphics to the gameplay. Keep it up!




This game was great.  The various enemy designs, the art, the little jokes, everything helped to make it enjoyable. Even if fate themself was fighting alongside my enemies the entire time it was still worth getting to the ending.


Really good overall, the dialogues are funny to follow and all the art / music parts are perfect, the gameplay was really cool too but the RNG was often against me so I would have preferred something a little less random x) but other than that I loved it!


Lovely and super polished! Lots of games about slimes haha


An absolutely stunning game that I would happily play for hours! Shame I'm not very good at it haha, well done!!


I had a TON of fun playing this. the art and music are on point and I love the plot.


Wow, this is a really well made game! Good work!

Submitted (1 edit) (+3)

Clever writing, great art, catchy music, lots of polish, what's there not to like? I especially like that Grampy is a gelatinous cube, that choice was inspired. Only thing I wish for was a save feature, especially for a bit at the end, you know the one.


LOVE the dialogue and story! Great little game boy game you made here.


great story and art. The battles felt a little bit grinds at times but finding out what happens next kept me going :)

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