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For the next update, we are planning to add controller support for the game and the option to invert the Y axis (for both mouse and controller).

We don't know when the next update is ready sorry! But if you follow us on itch you'll get the notification.

Thank you! :D

Thanks for playing the game, I'm glad you liked it! :D

Thanks for the info!

I'm using Windows 10 and a XBox controller, but I can't replicate the bug on my end. It may be related to the PS5 controller.

Can you try these to check if the game works for you?:

  1. Start the game after you've disconnected the PS5 controller. If it still doesn't work, disconnect the controller, restart the PC and try the game again.
  2. We have an 'unofficial' support for the gamepad. Try to move the player with the left stick and the camera with the right stick. You still need to use the mouse to click on the UI elements (like new game or options).
    • The full control scheme with gamepad is:
      • Move: left stick
      • Camera: right stick
      • Crouch: L1/R1
      • Torch: circle
      • Interact: square/X
      • Journal: triangle

Sorry if some of these workarounds are annoying! Hopefully 1 works for you.

Thanks for playing the game! :D

Thanks for playing the game! And sorry for that bug. 

Does this happen when the intro story ends and you start in the desert, or later? And can you move the camera?

And also, which operative system are you using?

Yes, I agree. I think the technology is interesting, but the most important issue is that they use copyrighted material. And I believe many companies are going to use it as an excuse to reduce costs rather than reduce their workers workload. And anyway, the workers shouldn't be overworked in the first place!

At the end of the day, the technology is not bad by itself, but in an economic system that prioritises profits and growth over people's wellbeing, it's going to be misused. But that's also a bigger discussion lol

I agree! Having to be responsible for the equipment was a really cool mechanic. It feels like you are a real explorer.

My feedback about that was more about it being a tricky mechanic to design, as the player could get stuck easily if they forgot the equipment in a unreachable area.

But definitily it's a mechanic that is worth polishing, as it makes the game more interesting.

I forgot to mention, but I think it would be better that the ladder is limited to the areas that you need to use it. And/or maybe that you didn't need to select the inclination. If you could use it everywhere, it could easily break the level design or make players stuck on some places.

And mostly for your ease mind too, as it sounds like a pain to program that!

At the Mountains of Madness is one of my favourite Lovecraft's stories, so it's really nice to see a game inspired by it.

The architecture was weird and eerie, I liked it, as it creates a nice atmosphere for a horror game. It also had some interesting mechanics, like using the ladder to reach far away areas or the pick to break the ice. The lore bits were really nice too, and it was well thought that you could write them down to check them later.

Some feedback:

  • The collisions of the stairs were strange: it didn't let me go upstairs sometimes.
  • Pausing the game to explain the controls was immersion breaking. Maybe is there a more subtle way to explain them?
    • With in-game notes (maybe they are a bit immersion breaking too though)
    • A smaller popup in one corner of the screen
  • I felt that there were too many equipments from the beginning, so starting the game with that many options was a bit confusing. Maybe you could can pick new items while exploring the ruins and add them to your equipment instead?
  • I forgot to pick up the ladder and I couldn't go back to get it again as there was a small wall that was preventing me to do so. Having to take care of your equipment is a really cool mechanic, but it could break the level design easily!
  • Using the ladder was a bit clunky sometimes. That is not bad by itself though, as it could be really interesting to have to use the ladder while something (aka Shoggoth) is chasing you, for example.

It was a really nice demo! It has a lot of potential to become a cool Lovecraft inspired game. Looking forward for more updates!

Thanks for playing! And actually, you won't need to wait too much for the full game.

Really good game with nice and disturbing aesthetics. The story was quite cryptic, but you get most of it by the secret ending.

It was a nice experience, I want to play the rest from Enigma Studio if the other games are as cool as this one!

Wow, this was a really nice game. The graphics and music are awesome (those animations!). The puzzles are interesting and challenging, and there are lot of mechanics for just 1 hour of gameplay. The exploration is very clever, because it foreshadows the solution of some puzzles and makes the islands a puzzle by itself. 5/5.

I wish I had discovered the game during the Kickstarter D:

Apocryphauna community · Created a new topic Great game!
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I enjoyed the topics about gender and I think they were presented in a mature way. I liked that the main god was a man and his 'counterpart' was a woman and 'everything else'. Also, the end was a bit bittersweet but a bit encouraging too.

The story of the god was really fun, I liked that he destroyed the cross with martial arts to create the new symbol. The story of the gods was interesting too: there were lots of gods and at the end only one prevailed while the rest was in the shadows.

My only issue was that I was expecting to play cards with the sexy demon lol! But obviously it wasn't the goal of the game. And the art and effects of the cards were really nice.

Thanks for playing! :D

Fun game! I wanted to help the sheep but I couldn't :( 

Thanks for playing the game!

Thanks for playing the game, I'm glad you liked it! :D

Thanks for the video!

Thanks for playing the game!

Thank you, and thanks for playing the game!

Thanks for playing! :D

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for the video!

Yes, Eternal Darkness was an inspiration. I'm glad you liked it! :D

Thanks for playing the game! :D

Thanks for the video! I'm glad you liked the glyphs mechanic :D

Thanks for the video! :D I'm glad it inspired you. Give a shout when you have something!

Thanks for the video!

Thanks for the video! We increased the FOV a bit on our last update, but we'll try to add a FOV meter on the next update.

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it! We updated the game and increased the FOV a bit. Hopefully, for the next update we'll have an adjustable FOV instead.

Thanks for the video! I'm glad you liked it :D

¡Muchas gracias por el vídeo! :D

Thanks for the video, it was a great and helpful commentary!

Thanks for the video, I'm glad you liked it! :)

Thanks for the video! I'm glad you liked it (and that you found it claustrophofic :) )

Thanks for the video! :D

Thanks for the video, I'm glad you liked it!

Thanks for the video! :D