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The starts is a bit slow, but the office part was pretty scary. Nice game!

Nice and creepy game, I liked the plot twist at the end!

Cursed and awesome game with unsettling aesthetic. It's really cool that the player is the betatester of the game.

No worries, that's fair! The game works fine as it is.

Nice game and balls! c: I liked the snow levels the most because of the music and the aesthetic, and also some of the levels were more challenging.

Instead of hiding the walls completely when the ball is behind them, is it possible to just make them translucid?

Great atmosphere (graphics, sound design and music). Very Mandy-esque. I loved how the camera went upside down in one of the corridors. It was a simple but also unsettling effect.

It was a good idea to use real footage videos during the game, it helped to bring up the atmosphere quite a lot.

Great game! I enjoyed playing it.

¡Muy buen juego! Me encantó la ambientación y el doblaje. Di algunos saltos mientras jugaba jaja. Asociar los palos de las barajas a las puertas fue muy buena idea, así es más fácil saber adonde ir. Y al final tenía más sentido aún porque perdió la casa jugando al poker (PLOTWIST).

Buen sucesor 'espiritual' de tu entrega a la GBJam (fue una de las que más me llamó de esa jam). La única pega es que tiene algunas faltas de ortografía, pero no empañan el resultado final. ¡Buen trabajo!

I liked this one even more than the first one! It has a bit more of mechanics, so it feels more rewarding. And the torch part was really scary.

I've also had problems trying to figure out the solution for the foggy crossroad. I knew that the solution was on the direction the statues were pointing to, but I tried that and didn't work. At the end I just watched a gameplay lol. Great game anyway, but I think that part should be a bit clearer!

Wow, great horror game. The retro aesthetic is perfect, it makes the game eerier and scarier. MORTIS.

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Thanks for the feedback! It's really really helpfull.

Yes, the game it's hard, but it would be a bit dull if it were easier. And you're fighting an alien entity after all!

However, I agree that waiting for the Game Over screen makes the game frustrating if you die a lot. I've uploaded a new version so now you can skip it earlier.

Nice idea! The controls are too tough, I think maybe a more classic FPS approach will be better? I guess it's difficult to translate PSX controls to PC.

I agree with remco. Seeing the shade just before it kills you would be nice. Also, maybe changing the sound slightly or even showing random footsprints when the shade is near, would make the game more intuitive (and tense).

Really cool graphics and 90s vibe! The camera was a bit weird, sometimes I felt that it rotated randomly.

Fun and weird game! I wish there were a bit more of feedback though, like an effect when you finish the level or when you touch the jam (that I guess it changes the gravity of the fruit?).

Great graphics and 90s feel! It was very original that you could talk to the teleport (don't know if a game has done that before).

Really cool (but hard, maybe too much) game! At the end I was just a coward and waited for the enemies to come for me and then slashed them. The fireball was very useful to kill enemies, the lunge not that much.

Thanks for playing the game in the stream! The feedback was really helpful. Going to change the wall on the post jam build lol. And also  make more clear that the boss life bar was the thing on the top left of the screen.

Really nice and well done graphics! Some FEZ vibes there. The music and sounds were nice and chilling. The gameplay was fun, but there were some bugs: some enemies didn't deal damage. Maybe it was me, but ducking was a bit weird, as the cat sometimes moved to the sides even when I didn't want to. It would be really nice to play a more polished version of the game!

The combination of the CRT effect and the low FPS was a bit dizzy. It would be nice to have an option to remove the CRT effect. Apart from that, nice concept and graphics, very 90ish.

Short but nice game! I like that it's a Zelda-like but add a new mechanic that makes the game unique. It needs a bit more of visual/sound feedback (I wasn't sure what the first boss was doing) and more content. It has potential if you keep working on it. Nice job!

Cool game! I also got the Dark Souls vibes. Some of the background were a bit too detailed, I think simpler background would work better on this resolution. Also, I think this kind of games need a block or dodge, if not the combat feels a bit unfair. Nice concept anyway, I'd like to play a more polished version of it!

Really cool physics, music, pixel art and concept. Great use of the color palette too. Was really fun to play. One of the bests entries in the jam.

Fun game! Great aesthetics and music. It was nice that the palette changed on each level. It was maybe too easy at the beginning, but it gets more difficult and enjoyable by the end. Nice job!

I think it would be nice to tell the robot where to position too, so you could have more interactions with it. Also, some of the dialogs where too intrusive (the one when you get a key mostly).

Really interesting concept! It was fun to collect parts of other monsters and add them to your body. The battle system was a bit unintutive at the beginning, I think it needs a tutorial so it's easier to get it. The concept has lots of potential, I'd like to play a more polished version of it, good job!

Wow, I'm really bad at this game. But awesome graphics and music. Great concept too, you could even port it to mobile. Great job!

Nice intro and aesthetics! It looks like a Game Boy game. The floaty jump was a bit difficult to use, it needs different jump heights depending on how much you press the button so it's less annoying. Apart from that, nice game!

My antivirus flags it as a virus when I download it or try to execute it :/ Can you upload it as a browser game?

Awesome graphics and audio, it feels 100% like Game Boy.  The concept is really interesting too, I'd like to play a tabletop game with this story and mechanics. Like others have already said, the RNG can be frustrating, but I guess it's what the game is about.

Great aesthetics and game boy feeling! And difficult, maybe too much xD. Having a life system could be better, or some checkpoints. Also, I don't know if it was me, but the timing of the skeleton was a bit weird.

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Great aesthetetics and music! Impresive opening scene too. The jump felt a bit clunky, as it had a lot of gravity (maybe that's intended). Also, the camera movement when you used a switch was a bit annoying. Great concept anyway, I'd like to play a more polished version of it.

Great concept, pixel art and music! The game has charm and personality. I couldn't beat the crocodile (don't know how to dodge that many bullets). I wish the first boss had less life, it's a bit frustrating to repeat it from the beginning but die on the second form of the boss lol. Anyway, one of the best games of the jam, great job!

Really cool concept and game. I like this kind of lowrez horror games, for some reason they feel more spooky than a realistic one. I liked that the field of view was really limited and the turn speed was slow, it adds more tension to the game. The hangman canvas was also a nice 'sign' of what was going to happen.

I'd like to see a post jam version of it, maybe with some puzzle mechanics or just a walking simulator with a bit more of story. Nice job!

I followed you, so I'll get the notification! I think, I haven't used that much haha.

Yep, I liked the gameplay! It's a bit difficult to get into, but when you get it, it's really fun. The only issue is that when you die, you start from the tutorial, it should have a checkpoint before the titan.

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Thanks for the feedback! If you struggle while shooting the 'hive' (the enemy that spawns insects and rats), the key is to shoot the hive as much as you can, then go back to the safe place between the two flowers before the red colour effect begins. Then you wait until the effect ends and repeat.

If the issue is with the jumping section, you just need to wait until the colour effect ends, and start jumping, so you have enough time to get to the other side.

About the ceiling, it make sense to have an outline.  We'll fix that in the post jam version.

We always want more ammo! Haha. 

Thank you for the deep feedback! The key to beat the first level is to wait on the safe places to reload ammunition and for the right moment to go the next safe place (rats don't spawn or move if they are outside camera). The projectile has knockback, so you can buy a bit of time in case of an emergency. Jumping over a rat is possible too, but dangerous lol. I think rats having 1 HP would be too easy... We'll try different things for the post jam version!

No worries, thanks for the feedback anyway haha. What did you struggle with?

Thanks for your comment! Yep, the musician did a really good job with the music. We had a third colour on the first build, but it was too confusing and we couldn't test it enough, so it was removed on the second version. We'll add it again on the post jam version (and a more difficult giant enemy, so it will be even more scary!).

Thanks for the feedback! Swapping the color palette was the main thing when we created the game, glad you liked it.

Thanks for the feedback! Yep, loading the doors is really slow, I need to learn how to preload scenes nicely on Unity (I tried it during the jam but I got lots of bugs). About the reloading, it was even slower before lol.