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Love the music and I'm a big fan of 2D games that play with light mechanics!

Thanks for the feedback! Playtesting for difficulty is something we really could have used just a little more time on hahah
And we originally had the player characters a different color for better readability but realized we had one too many colors and had to shuffle around at the last second!

I didn't know what Picross was, but I sure do like Picross. :D

Best I've played so far! Graphics and sound are top notch, and I'm a huge fan of little games like this that take advantage of real-time. Only comment would be I would have liked to see a little more variety out of the catching itself!

Loyal and Lustrous Slime Tactics Community! The game currently crashes at the beginning of level 4 but fear not, an update is coming soon!

One of my favorites so far!

Super creative concept, very chill.

Really responsive and fun! Ending music was really cool

Really neat! The sound effects and character animations really make it for me

Lovely and super polished! Lots of games about slimes haha

Neat little game! Really nice music choice.

I beat it! Really neat, hard to stop haha

Really awesome! Love the aesthetic, and a super neat concept. Best I've played yet.

Very cool, very cute! My only constructive comment would be that the jump feels pretty floaty! 

The music is awesome too.

Really cool concept! Were you inspired by anything in particular?

Art and music are really nice too :)

Really rad! Took me until my second run to work out how to use the sprayer but fun once I got that hang of it. What's the dev high score??

I beat it! Really neat, hard to stop haha