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Join MA3 and Day to explore a robot factory filled with dangers to retrieve a missing part.
Submitted by Thejaspel (@thejaspel1), soniclinkerman, GangsRobin (@ButtsMaybe) — 1 hour, 10 minutes before the deadline
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Fun game! Great aesthetics and music. It was nice that the palette changed on each level. It was maybe too easy at the beginning, but it gets more difficult and enjoyable by the end. Nice job!

I think it would be nice to tell the robot where to position too, so you could have more interactions with it. Also, some of the dialogs where too intrusive (the one when you get a key mostly).


Cute games, I was pleasantly surprised by the fact it was so long, the robot mate is cool, I thought it could have been fun to be able to tell him where to position to serve as a platform and maybe more interactions with him but it's already good like that, nice work !


There are so many enemies and behaviors! and even a companion!! The game feels very polished, and that grenade mechanic felt so gooood

Congrats for the great submission!


really enjoyed this! super fun to have your little robot companion help you through the levels. commentary was a good throughout as well!

One thing i think i would have done differently to make the controls feel slightly better is binding the enter key to 'continue or start' so you can continue through the dialogue that way, and using your shift key as your pause button. I think this would make your hand layout placement feel a bit more natural. you could then move your jump and bomb buttons to K and L or J and K. 

Just food for thoughts. nice job!


Wow, what an awesome game! I had heaps of fun playing this.

The music is phenomenal and the artwork is outstanding - congratulations on creating this masterpiece! Not much else to say other than well done! :D


Very cool, very cute! My only constructive comment would be that the jump feels pretty floaty! 

The music is awesome too.


I liked so much your plataform game.

Mechanics is very nice and polished.

Your finish is when appear your name? “MA-3 DAY”


I really like the character designs. Very distinct and cute! And that violet palette <3 

Also it plays great, has some cool gameplay ideas (love the grenades) and I love the interactions with the little companion-bot. Oh, and the music is also great! Amazing job :D


This was hellaciously cute. The music had me head bobbing.


This is amazing! My wife loves it. Beautiful style, excellent music, simple but classic gameplay. Cute, funny. I highly recommend.


That's crazy for a game jam! It plays super well and looks great. Definitely true to the jams theme and nice use of colors. I also like the more slow paced movement compared to most fast paced platformers nowadays (that's just preference though).

The only thing I can complain about is the difficulty having a huge spike towards the end with those flying things (with the green color palette). I didn't die until or after that point, but at least 10 times there. But maybe that's just me. :)

How many HP boosts are there? I got 7 hearts in the end. 


Oh wow! Great job! I'm glad you enjoyed it, but I'm sorry the flying guys were so tough. I think you can get nine hearts in total.  Still two secret ones to discover :D


Lovely little game. I really like the personality of the robot! Some really cool ideas in here!


Very entertaining, I thought the palette choices were really good and loved the chiptunes. Great stuff :D


Really cute design, I loved the mechanic of having a companion robot that helps as an additional platorm sometimes! 


Very solid platformer, I loved the character design. The music is fantastic. 

Great game!


A very pretty and entertaining platformer, i love the grinding mechanic and the artstyle. It's cute :D


Really good game. Enjoyed the music, gameplay and art.

My only comments is the music transition when you die is kind of weird. And when I finished the game wasn't sure I finished the game haha


aahhh I love this so much! mechanics are fun, visuals are super cute and the characters have a ton of personality.

That was so much fun! Sprites reminded me of Cave Story.

And the robot buddy mechanic is so fun. I got so happy when I learned I could glide!!


Cool mechanics, I loved the art work and having a robot buddy!