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Ernesto Torres

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ohh!, it was really hard to tell. I thought I would just keep it slow and don't die

Really nice mechanic. Not sure if a bug or something but made it to negative 50 points haha

Nice game. My only caveat is that speeding up feels mostly useless. You have to work extra and doesn't provide an advantage, just distraction.

Why would you speed up if it increases your chances of failing?

Nice mechanic, but a bit hard to jump

Thanks for playing!

The good news is that I've recently learned how to optimize a bit for performance . I will do some updates to get it to what I wanted the game to be.

Dodging is a good idea! 

I hated the limitation of 3 buttons, looking forward to the next jam with a better limitation.

Footstep noises is a great suggestion. Thanks for playing

Yes, ended up trying to bugfix as much as I could by the deadline.  Thanks for playing!

I bet you ran into some bugs because I didn't disable the keys I bounded for testing (wasd/up arrow). This 3 button limit was crazy!


Not sure if maybe not loading properly, I don't see any arrows

Nice game, very cool graphics

Nice game

I've been following your channel and looking forward to play the demo.

Unfortunately, getting an error when launching in a M1 mac. (I'll try later on pc)



this was fun!

so far haven't been able to find any reason why it would behave like that, every computer I've tried looks very close to the web version :/

however, saw that godot 3.5 is introducing label3d! Thinking I can replace my custom implementation with label3d, and hopefully it would work better

thanks for playing!

I haven't been able find good platformer tutorials for godot, but I reference this unity video often. It explains it really well and provides code examples, maybe it can be useful:

gave it another try to test the shortcuts and while it does exit full screen, switching to a new level will get you back in fullscreen

Really nice take on pacman, loved the graphic style.

I started without reading the instructions and was a total fail haha

Not sure if I encountered a weird bug, but keep getting jailed in the safe house, even when the heat was not 100%. Or sometimes I would just get "captured" when I'm in the underground, it just restarts the level and I lost a live.

Loved the art style. The platformer controls are a bit floaty/slippery. Had fun.

Like playing a mario game! very cool graphics

Very nice game, only thing missing is some background music


oh wow haha, I wonder how that happened.

Do you have the same issue if you run the web version?

If you can give me more details on how this happens I'll do my best to get it fixed.

Nice game, really liked turning into dust when I failed to reach a platform.

Really like the retro feel, the gameplay was fun but a bit confusing at the beginning. I thought I had to hit the coins with the ball and it was close to impossible :)

The one thing that annoyed me was that it triggers auto full screen. Would like to have the option to trigger that manually instead. Because if you exit full screen, at loading it will auto pull you back into full screen.

Simple but cool game. Unfortunately ,the highscores doesn't submit or even loads :/

Really cool graphics. Fishing is hard! Could use some tweaks

Great job learning Godot!

Really cool art style, looking forward to the completed game

Nice game! I cheesed my way into beating hard mode with low kicks xD

Thank you!



I Feel the same, growing up with no typing lessons at all took me very long to become a proficient typist.

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It* wouldn't be too hard to add an extra hard mode :)

Thanks for playing!



Yes!, big inspiration from Typing of the Dead. The thing with it, is that it's a double niche: typing and zombies. But really cool mechanics.

Thank you for your comments and taking the time to play!

1662m reached level 5.  Simple style, but enjoyed getting swarmed by bats to the point they won't even let me fall to the floor!

Achieved the Hungry ending. Really nice pixel art.