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Ernesto Torres

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Great video! and thanks for playing

thanks :)

lol, thanks for playing

interesting game, took me a bit to understand. Why don't the customers wait at the cash register, the food is closer and would be faster for everyone haha

Good job

Nice game, simple concept and good implementation.

The collisions may need some tweaking, when jumping it hits you even when it feels is shouldn't.

Nice concept, enjoyed the art and navigating. Would have been nice to walk on land too.

The radar could use some work, felt kinda wonky.

Nice game. The audio was weird, it was playing in mono for me, just the left side.

Looks like the start of something cool. Nice art.

thanks for playing :)

nice, I did the same when testing haha

try the infinite corn mod, you can then walk around dropping corns. Press "I" to enable and never run out of corn.

Thanks for playing

great to hear, enjoy your chickens!

Took me a bit to get used to the controls after getting crushed by a cube multiple times. Good game.

This was fun. Made it across the island to the east, but after that it was taking too long to beat a 5 dice monster.

Good job. Looks nice and the music is good too. Enjoyed playing.

Interesting idea, but movement felt a bit floaty.

Would be nice if you could restart the game from the keyboard. Maybe pressing "R"

thanks for playing

Glad you enjoyed the giant chicken mechanic :)

No limits, but saw a bug where it gets too large and just falls thru the floor.

thanks for playing!

It's very nice to see a game created specially for hardware with a huge number of features. Big kudos on this.

I was really curious on how you solved the shooting since I also made a shooter that would work best for dual sticks, but is limited to a single d-pad. I solved this issue by disabling movement and having the d-pad now free to shoot in any direction. Not sure this would work for a fast paced shooter such as Binding of Isaac though.

Cool game and looking forward to the post jam version. Just be careful with the IP, asking for money when wanting to play could be a legal issue.

Played the web version, jump doesn't always work. My cat ended up diving so many times to the void...

I always appreciate cat games!

I was super confused at first, next room had a chest and the next one had the exit lol

Then on my next play I saw that is is procedural.

Controls and collisions could use some fine tunning, it is very easy to move past your target.

Very nice graphics. Simple levels, but they work really well.

The movement was super weird...

I also noticed that the game doesn't update immediately, it updates one movement after. Picking ammo, killing nazi ghosts

Very good 3d feel and enjoyed exploring until I got killed.

I tried the web version but couldn't get past the first screen, not sure how to press Start

Nice concept, took me a bit to understand I was looking for the spiral and not a gap in the levels. (I guess I didn't read the instructions)

Once I saw what I was looking for it was straightforward to complete the 3 levels.

A cool OST would have made this entry better.

Superb graphics and animation, really liked how the idle pose looks at the player. Also enjoyed the relaxing mood it creates.


The issue for me was the relaxing mood conflicts with the mission of finding your lost child.  Also taking detours to collect fruit while your child is missing... :)

Changing the goal to collect fruit to feed your cub/family would solve all this.

An option to run would also be appreciated.

thanks for playing

I wanted to make a game that was not too stressful, but well... fire is stressful! So having a lot of water resources sort of made sense.

I had to cut the difficulty settings, which included those limits. Maybe for the next jam.

thank you  for your feedback and for taking the time to play

In the last day made the decision to give the player a lot of HP because I wanted everyone to complete the game, even if they didn't save all the pets. 

I also did some speed runs without extinguishing or saving anything, and thought it was kind of fun for a second/third run.

Interesting game, almost gave up after being stuck in the first room for too long.

I came here and read the comments that the orange room gives you double jump lol

Also not sure why I kept dying

Thinking it would better to have the cat pivot in the center when moving from right<->left to not move so much

Nice levels and really nice cat

Nice prototype, I enjoyed walking around the map and checking how far I could go.

Superb graphics, but just too stressful haha

I would expect that if I am ready on their row they would wait a bit to get served :)


thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing.

In my head saving the pets would make them travel the map on their own via some sort of navigation, but way too complex. Teleportation was the best choice.

If you save all the animals there is a different ending :)

thanks for playing

also not loading for me :/

try disabling compression, I had the same issue where the loading bar gets stuck

thanks for your feedback and thanks for playing

have a bunch of ideas, but saving them for the next jam!

Well, the door is closed lol

Wanted to make it as a reward of completing the level. No more fire, only pets


Very nice graphics.

On my first play through I was clicking things to speed up/skip dialog and somehow started outside the level and got stuck lol

This was fun. Nice entry.

Didn't really get to use the shooting mechanic, couldn't kill the turrets and meteors were so slow I could just fly around them