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Replied to ilow in Numina comments

Hey there! I'm working hard on it but you have to be a liiiiiiitle bit patient :D

Thank you very much!  :)

Replied to ZeHit in Numina comments

And thank you so much for playing it! :) Happy you enjoyed it!

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Okay, we can try a few things. 

  1. Open the game's folder. Navigate to "bin/Fonts", right-click on the "Formal436 BT.ttf"-Fontfile and select "Install". This should install the game's font on your system. 
  2. Then go up one directory to "bin" and start the Game.exe in that directory.

If that works you'll propably have to always start the game through the bin/Game.exe. I'm very sorry for the inconvenience and I hope this solves your problem!

Okay,  I need a bit more information to help you: Does a black window pop up? Or do you see nothing at all? What OS are you running?


It'll take some time, I'm currently estimating somewhere next year. Thank you very much for your interest & please stick around for future updates! 🙂

Replied to ilow in Numina comments

Hey there! Thanks so much for your enthusiasm & interest in the game! 😊 I'm working hard on the release of the next chapter. I guess it'll be around next year.

Okay, I have to admit that this spot is a bit finicky. You have to be on these exact spots to activate the hook: 

I'll make it a bit more clearer where to stand. But for now, please use the above screenshot as a reference. And once again, sorry for the inconvenience!

I'll look into it. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Can you tell me the location/place in the game where this happens?

Where are you trying to use it exactly? :o

The demo was done in RPG Maker XP, but I'm working with a never version of the engine now :) I did a few map-design videos in the past. But I could also do some things on coding. You can check out my YouTube Channel or Twitch for that!

Do you mean to skip dialogues?  Currently, there's no such feature in the game.

I fixed the issue. Please download the latest version through the itch.io-app or overwrite your existing game directory. Your existing savefiles won't be affected. Let me know, if you need any further help!

Okay? I got the email anyways. I'll try to fix this as soon as possible, please excuse the inconvenience.

Hmm, that's odd :/ Can you send me your save files to info(at)starlit-studio.com please? 

Hey there! Please download the latest version of the game - there's a new update from 2 days ago that should solve this issue :) You can just copy your savefiles over. Feel free to ask if you need any further help!

Welcome! I'll look into the itch.io-desktop app integration to make this process smoother for the future :)

No worries! It's good that the bugs get found :) I'm currently not familiar with the itch.io desktop app but you can just delete the game's directory to uninstall it. 

Replied to Syoick in Numina comments

Salut Syoick! I actually had french classes in school for 5 years but sadly, I forgot it all afterwards :D

That's actually a bug introduced by an update, sorry for the inconvenience. Please download the latest version of the game to resolve the issue!

Replied to crashK5 in Numina comments

Actually yes! :) It'll come with a major update of the game which is planned for early 2018. Keep an eye on the devlogs for future announcements.

There are various issues like that with the (admittedly dated) engine of the game, which are sadly also not reproducible on all systems. But let me know if the reinstall resolved the issue. Thank you very much!


Your cat Louie is one of a kind: He wants to become a marmalade-cookand expects your help protecting his fruity ingredients from the onmarching waves of enemies, called cuties:

Each type of cutie has their own weakness which you need to make us of! Shake your head, stare at them, sing/whistle or make a loud noise to keep Louie cooking! With full VR and (optional) microphone-input support.

Try to break through multiple waves and score cat-triple points with huge combo-chains! The "Quick Game"-mode allows you to fully customize your experience: Choosing the cuties that appear or the stage to play in! Or master the challenges in the story mode and follow Louie's path on becoming a master cook! 

Current state

The game has been released and is available on itch.io https://starlit.itch.io/louie-cooks with English & German localization. So we already have the tools in place for a Japanese localization. We also feel like the game's visuals would resonate well with a japanese audience.  Please contact us anytime for further details contact(at)starlit-studio.com

Looking forward hearing from you! :)

Replied to Sorrow in Numina comments

Thank you! :)

I'm sorry for the inconvenience. Try toggling fullscreen manually by pressing ALT+ENTER as a workaround. I hope you enjoy the rest of the game!

Thank you very much for your feedback! :) I hope you didn't loose too much progress because of the bug. I'll fix that as soon as possible.

Replied to xacrel in Numina comments

Thank you for your kind words! I'm happy that you felt the impact of the choices :) I'll try to fix all the missing translations and I'll definitely work on a new trailer for the next release, I'm not that happy about the latest one myself :D

Thanks again!

Replied to Lemii77 in Numina comments

Just delete the directory, there's no installer needed :D

Replied to Danee~ in Numina comments

That's so nice & motivating to hear, thank you :) Glad you enjoyed the game! And sure, I'd love to bring the game to as many languages as possible. Hit me up under contact(at)starlit-studio.com

And thanks for pointing out the missing translation! :)

Thank you so much for the great praise! :) It makes me very happy hearing that people can connect with the game's story and characters. I can't wait to share the upcoming chapters with everyone!

Wow thank you so much for your kind words! :) I'm happy that you liked it and hope you're around for the upcoming chapters!

Replied to lmador in Numina comments
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Hey thank you for your honest feedback! :) I'm planning on integrating an ability to inspect an enemy's HP-bar for a future release. 

Regarding the choices: Most of them affect your relationship towards other characters which has an impact on their special abilities and end-game story routes. But there aren't any drastic story branches within chapter 1.

Thanks for the feedback! Does the game run smoothly outside of battle? Currently the action commands tend to get less responsive, when the general framerate is low, but I'm looking into it

Glad you like it! :) The grappling hook can be used at specific spots where a white "!"-icon popps up. You have to press Q on your keyboard and select the grappling-hook from the menu to activate it. I have to admit it's a bit convoluted, but I'm working on a simpler solution for a future update :)

Have you set the "Battle Tutorial" option to ON? You should have gotten a tutorial on the action commands. Basically you have to hit enter as soon as the two circles overlap. Hope this helps!

Easymode drops off 10% on all enemy-stats so battles should be easier. But I tried to design all the battles so, that no grinding should be needed :) At least not in normal and easy mode. Otherwise please let me know, if you find that the easy mode doesn't meet your expectations!

Thanks so much! :) I only finished the first chapter of Numina, which is the demo you can download on here and I'm currently working on the remaining chapters so there definitely will be more to come!

After escaping the house, you'll have to exit the first map to the north across the river. From there always head north and you should be fine :) And don't apologize, I'm happy to help!

Replied to Lalea in Numina comments

Yes :) Keep an eye on the surrounding crystals, some of them blink before healing/buffing up the main boss. You gotta take care of them before going at the boss (you can actually attack them).

Hey there! Glad you're still playing the game :) You actually need to go to the far left of the screen to the well and then continue to the far right on the lower side of the map. Wait for the guards to be busy as you pass them by. Hope this helps!