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Hey there! Thanks for pointing that out, I'll make sure to fix it :)

It's still way too early to state a release date but I'll keep updating you all on the progress as much as possible! :)

Hey, thanks so much for your kind words! I'm happy that you enjoyed the game. 

You have to make your way to the far left where the well is located and then continue on the lower half of the screen towards the right. All the guards have certain timespans, where they're distracted and won't see you unless you get too close to them. So make sure to keep your distance and observe their behaviour. I hope this helps, otherwise feel free to ask! :)

It's the full chapter :) I can see that people have different definitions of the term "demo" but I wanted to make sure that people know that it's not the full game.

Thank you very much! Happy to hear that you're enjoying it :)

Each crystal wall has a distinct color which correlates to a smaller, blinking crystal with the same color. Find that crystal within the same room and press Enter to interact with it. Hope this helps!

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Activate the switches in the order depicted on here: http://i.imgur.com/WHw0PDW.png

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Hey! Thanks for your generous offer to help :) but I'd have to port all the scripts etc. from Ruby to JS which would involve a lot of effort, especially since the underlying script base surely changed. And that's just one concern.  

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Hey there! Thank you so much for your thorough feedback :) This sounds like I didn't factor in Stat-Scaling on the skills, I'll definitely look into it, thanks for bringing it up! 

Thank you!

Thanks so much! Hope you had a great time - I need to catch up on the latest two parts :)

Sure! :) I'm always happy about feedback.

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Yeah, I definitely thought about that but I'm kinda scared of all the effort it would take to port the project over to other engines. Especially with the map-editor from RMXP being so different than the newer ones.

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Actually, it was made in RPG Maker XP :)

Oh no, sorry about that :( Would you mind telling me which Windows version you're using?

The average playtime is about 5h, so I suggest playing the remaining content in the newer version. Looking forward to your next vid!

Thanks! I find your videos to be very valuable feedback :) It really got me thinking about the dialogue & gameplay balance of the game - and sorry about the lagging in some parts. If you're not that far into the demo you should check out the update I just released! It fixes a few translation errors & bugs. And you can just copy your old save files and insert them into the "bin"-Folder of the downloaded game.

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The GOLD UPDATE for Numina's demo is here! You can get it in the Downloads-section & use your existing saves!

Here are some of the included improvements & fixes:

  • The game can now be played without the need to install it!
  • Option to pick the game's language on the first launch.
  • Additional puzzle in the "Shimmering Hollows" with a clue for the dungeon's boss- Additional puzzle in the "Forset of Lost Memories"
  • New "Preemptive Attack" gameplay feature when suprising enemies from behind!
  • Enhanced "Inspect"-Skill with insights to elemental strengths & weaknesses of enemies
  • General battle rebalancing
  • Repacing of some early story parts & dialogue reworks
  • Added missing english translations

Thank you so much! :)

Looking forward to it! And damn, that word always gets me :D

Hey there! Thanks for Let's Playing Numina AND sharing it here! I had a lot of fun watching with your funny remarks :) I also found it interesting how you weren't sure which characters from the intro were the real "bad guys", never saw it as ambigious as it actually is. Thanks again & have a good one!

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As a workaround: When starting up the game, select the first option "Neues Spiel", then select "Sprache" and then choose "English", should be the second option.

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The DL actually contains a dual-language version of the game! Did it start in German for you?

Get the Demo | Greenlight | Official Website | Facebook


It all begins in a remote village, where a young man called Shawn travels together with his friends to a nearby templesite, called the Temple of the Clouds. But the beauty of the scenery seems to be but a cover, as Shawn accidently discovers a secret basement in the temple.


There, Shawn gets into contact with you(!) - a guardian spirit. A bodyless entity from ancient tales... that talks in his head! But Shawn has no time to worry as a mysterious, shrouded group arrive at the temple, questioning Shawn's intrusion. Events spiral out of Shawn's control, dragging you along with Shawn and his friends into a fateful journey that will discover the true nature of your bond and the dark secrets of this world!


The main focus lies on the bond between you and Shawn and how well you two get along as you travel the world of Alterna. Shawn's affection towards you and other characters is influenced based on what you say to him during the course of the story!


The game incorporates a turn-based battle system, fused with action-commands for certain skills that require precise timed-inputs. Each character brings their own battle-style into play for a thrilling battle experience. For example, Cassandra uses a bow which requires you to really take aim at the enemies to land a critical hit:


I've been working on Numina for quite some time now. In the beginning it was a German-only release, but I wanted to present the project to a broader audience, which is why this demo also ships with an English localization.

The project is also on Steam Greenlight, where it needs your vote, so that the full version can be released on Steam. I currently don't have a set release date for the full game, because I'm still working on it. But I'm very excited about this first international release and I can't wait to hear your feedback! :)