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I've just uploaded a new release that adds support for MZ plugin commands 😊

Oh, jemand der Numina kennt 🥳 Danke fürs Teilen!! 

And yess, Silent Hill obv is a big inspiration for me! I'll share your video around 🙂

That's definitely fixable. I suspect it has to do with the fact that in MZ plugin commands aren't just text boxes like they were in MV. 

I'll have to investigate a bit, but there'll be a fix once I found the issue 😊


I can't give a 100% guarantee since I don't have those plugins. But there shouldn't be any major issues if the plugins don't change something fundamental, especially when dealing with items. 

If there are any issues I'm happy to look into it though 🙂

Currently there's no option for it but I can add one for a future release :)

Sorry I can't say for sure, I haven't tested it yet :(

Hey there! Happy that the menu is a good fit for your project :)

It might have something to do with the project's resolution or the windowskin you're using. Can you show me a screenshot?

Thank you so much for playing the preview! 😊

I'm definitely still working on the project, but it's currently undergoing a lot of changes so I've been a bit quiet on here with updates. 

Hopefully I'll soon be able to share some updates again and maybe even a new playable demo :) 

Thank you for your comment and you're right, there are also plenty of 2D stealth games. 

Currently it's just sort of a gut feeling that I want to explore how it all feels in 3d before making any decision :) 

Oh you mean an option of instead using the windowskin make the bg transparent to customize the background?

You can just share any ideas for features directly here, no worries! 😊

You're very welcome :)

And let me know if you have any other issues or ideas for features!

I've just released an update (version 1.4) that should address all the issues you've had :) 

Let me know if there are still issues!

> It shows me items with their Item Type field set to "Hidden Item A"

Oh, I see! That's something I haven't considered. I'll work on a fix for that. 

> i use non-consumable items to trigger common events.

I didn't actually know the standard menu behaved that way 🤐 I'll change the plugin to be in line with that behaviour so it should work for you once I release the update.

I'll post here again once it's ready!

Sorry for the inconvencies! I can definitely work on fixing these issues. Just a few questions tho to clarify things:

> Shows me my hidden items 

Do you mean it shows items with their Occasion-field set to "Never"?

> I can't use my items

Are there any other mods you're using because it should allow you to directly use the items from the grid.

Is it possible for you to share your project with me by uploading it to Onedrive or something similar? That way I can take a look myself. You can reach me at info.starlitstudios(at)

Sorry for the inconvenience. Could you go a bit more into detail what actually doesn't work? Does the Encyclopedia itself not show up? Do they items not unlock when the party receives them?

Did you try the sample project? 

Thanks for reporting this! There was an issue with global interact-Tags in your specific scenario, which I fixed in the new version I just uploaded 🙂

Whew, I'm glad . So sorry for the inconvenience!

I think I accidentally uploaded an older version 😥 Please re-download and try again.

Which maker version are you using?

Definitely! I've built it for my own horror game 🙂

I'm actually working on something like that! 🙂 Might take a bit until it's ready to be released, but definitely in the works.

Have fun! 😊

I just uploaded an update for macOS that should fix the issue 🙂

Sorry for the inconvenience! I'll check it ASAP

Pretty close to releasing a new update, but it'll still take a few days to finish up (:

Solace Creek is a RPG Maker Horror game with a focus on suspense, exploration, stealth & puzzle solving. Play the free ~15 minute preview version now!

Welcome to the enigmatic world of Solace Creek. Before you is a portal to a place where the line between reality and the supernatural blurs. It's a place under the cover of darkness, revealing a sinister underbelly, lurking with secrets and mysteries.

As a young woman awakens in the dimly lit, underground room, she finds herself in a state of bewildering disorientation. Without any recollection of how she got here, she feels a palpable sense of unease, a gnawing realization that she's not alone in this subterranean abyss...

That's a great idea, I'll definitely add this to the feature list :)

Thank you very much! :) 

The health state texts correspond to the current HP percentage:

  • 100% (full health) = Normal
  • 50%-99% = Bruised
  • 1%-49% = Injured

So the potion just heals enough actual HP to fully restore to full health in the sample project. I hope this answers your question :)

Good idea! I'll add an option to display the amount of money.

I've just uploaded version 1.2 of the plugin that should fix this issue :) Please redownload it and let me know if you have any other issues.

Sure! You can send me a mail to to discuss the details :)

Oh, thanks for reporting this. I'll let you know when I have a fix ready ☺️

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I've just released a new version that adds a flag to completely hide the player status section

But to make it compatible with the reflector88 plugin will take more time. That plugin completely removes all default input bindings (which would be okay) but provides no binding for page switching (Q + E keys, or page up & down) which is the issue. I'd have to add a new functionality that allows you to navigate up to the tab section with the arrow keys.

Sure, I could add that toggle. I'll have to take a look at the custom controls plugin tho, not familiar with it. But I'll let you know 🙂

Haha, I feel you :D I had the exact same issues. Happy MVFinder is of help to you!

No, but if you want it for Steam you just can get it regularly on there :)