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Hey there :) Yes! The next release will contain a quest log for the main story quests as well as side-quests.

Great! :) Happy you liked it & thanks for the comment!

Hey there! Thanks for taking the time to write your feedback :) Glad you enjoyed the game! I'm not fully sure where you're stuck on that map but the tower at the coast needs the right timining with the moving platforms to execute the climbing ability. Hope that helps!

Oh happy that the issue resolved itself, haha! Hope you enjoy the rest of the game! :)

Hey Angela,

first off, sorry for the inconvenience! :( I'm working hard on fixing these issues in the upcoming release. Can you post the error messages? That would be a good starting point for me to help you. 

Yeah definitely! There's a lot that the program handles for you and especially MV allows you to also get in deeper with Scripting.

Thank you! The last demo was created using RPG Maker XP but since then I've switched over to RPG Maker MV.

Thank you so much for your feedback! And I'm relieved that you still get to enjoy the game even with the bug. Working hard on eliminating as much of them in the next release.

Hey there! Thank you very much for the report and sorry for the inconvenience!! The bug will be fixed in the upcoming release. 

I hope you get to enjoy the game nonetheless.

Hey there! Sorry, I haven't heard of this issue before. Maybe it has something to do with your graphics card? 

I know that with an Nvidia-card (and probably also with other GPUs), you can change the display settings for single applications and change things like the scaling in the Nvidia System Settings.

I hope this helps!

Thank you very much! :) 

Yeah I love experimenting around with effects like the particles, so thanks for noticing!

And thank you for sticking around and motivating me to give this my all! :)

Thank you for your interest in Numina! :)

Thanks for your concern! I will try :D I'm just so motivated to conclude this project, since it's been in the making for so long. 

Haha, I'm happy to provide you with a miracle yes! :D 

Oh, I'm happy you picked up on the mythology aspect! I'm not sure if I want to give the spirit a default name, because I like it to be a literal self-insert for the player, at least as far as they know in the beginning. But the mythology and actual name of the game is based on roman religion where "Numina" is the plural of "Numen", the manifestation of the will of god which some cults even attributed spirit-like qualities to. It's really interesting to read and definitely informs the themes of the game.

Haha! Awesome, most people seem to ship Shawn x Cassandra. Regardless of whom you ship together, I'm happy to report that there will be romance options and many fun scenes in the 2nd chapter that explore the bond of Shawn and his friends.

Yes! And very much so :) There will soon be a new release.

Hey there! Thank you so much for your words, your comment made my day after feeling a bit demotivated today :) 

And I'm very happy that you found the interactions with the characters genuine, this was a huge goal for me I hoped to achieve with this. Please stick around, I promise there's more of what resonated with you in the upcoming release!

Thank you so much for your kind words! :) I put a lot of effort into all the effects & animations, so I'm happy to hear them being appreciated.

Thanks again & please stick around to see the upcoming release of the game. 

Thank you very much! And good speed with your project! :) RMXP rules.

Hey there! Very sorry for the inconvenience :( All these problems should be resolved in the upcoming release. The game does autosave after most cutscenes but not in a regular intervall. 

Sorry again!  I hope you're not completely demotivated to see the rest of the demo.

I make an effort to respond to every comment, but I just didn't know how to reply 😂 Thank you very much!

Hi :) Thank you for the feedback! Happy that you enjoyed the demo! I'm working hard on finishing the game. It's also always very fun to think about the dialogue choices for the player and other ways to incorporate that character into the game. 

Thanks again!

Thank you very much! :) Working very hard on the last stages of the upcoming release!

Hey there! Thank you so much for taking your time and writing me a comment :) Glad that you've enjoyed the game! I'm working hard on the upcoming release!

Thanks so much! :D Yeah, I wanted to include some funny choices and possible banter between the player and Shawn to lighten things up. 

I'll try to fix all the translation errors in the upcoming release! Promised! >_<

Very welcome! I use it almost daily for my MV work

Oh, thank you so much for informing me!! :) I'll definitely watch the VOD!

Hey there! Thank you so much :) 

The game actually went through Steam Greenlight back when it was still active. So a Steam release is coming, once I finish the upcoming release :) 

Hello there! First off, thank you so much for taking the time and writing a comment on your experience with the demo. I'm really happy you connected with Aura's theme. The game's composer Thomas J. Peters has done a stellar job of capturing the emotion. Aura's theme is also one of my favorites.

I'm working hard on a more stable quality for the next release, which is why I'm taking my time testing the current version. I hope you stick around for the next release & thanks again! :)

Hi! Thanks for the compliments, happy you like the story :) 

Make sure to move towards the well first and then proceed to the lower part. You can only move when the guards are not looking. Hope this helps!

Hey there! Happy you enjoyed it thus far and thanks for the bug report! :)

Hey there! I think you mean the spot after the two guards are chatting, right? You should be able to move the figure with the cloak. I guess it's not that clear that the cutscene ends there.

Thank you for your comment! Glad you've enjoyed the game :)

Regarding darkness: I wanted to do some brightness calibration like you have it in other games, but RPG Maker XP was a bit restrictive in some terms. I at least have a rudimentary calibration for the time being in the current version. 

Hey! Thank you very much for your comment! I hope you'll enjoy the rest of the demo as well :) 

Actually another commenter pointed that out. I'm thinking about it since it is interesting indeed! :D

Please include a spoiler warning in your comment.

I understand your argument regarding the charaters but I don't agree at all that it constitues false advertising without even going into the plot but rather what the experience itself.

As long as you're running Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 there should be no problems regarding 32bit. 

Thanks for the reports! Very sorry about the inconvenience :I I'm working hard on the next release with all the known bugs fixed.

Sorry to hear that! Theoretically there is the possibility of releasing an Android-version with the switch to RPG Maker MV. But for the time being, I'm focusing on getting the Desktop release underway (Windows/Mac/Linux).

Thank you for your feedback! I should definitely add an autosave-point before that boss. Glad you kept on going even after losing some progress :) 

Yeah that error is kinda tough and seems to have different causes. Luckily with the engine-switch in the upcoming release, it should no longer be a problem.

Thanks for the comment! 

Well the guardian spirit basically is a placeholder for the player, so there is no official or canon name to it :) 

But there obviously is a bit more to the spirit hinted in the first chapter and even more in the upcoming release!