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Happy to tell you that the next release will also be available for MacOS and Unix :) So please stick around for updates!

Hey there! Thanks for the suggestion :) I can't promise anything but I'll definitely add it to the backlog for future releases.

Happy you enjoyed it & thanks for the comment! :) 

Haha let's hope not 😂

Wow thank you so much for your kind words! :) I'm happy that it made you nostalgic of older games in the genre because that was one of my sincere goals, to incorporate elements that I loved from the RPGs I grew up with. Thanks for sticking around!

Ooh, then it might be even easier than I thought 😀 Thanks for letting me know! I'l see what I can do about that check.

It should be possible, yes. If they haven't drastically changed the way projects are made up it also shouldn't be too hard.

But I'm not sure I will integrate support for it since I don't actually own MZ. 

Thanks for asking! I haven't setup a Patreon but you can support me on BuyMeACoffee. I do post devlogs on there. 

What also always helps is spread the word 😊 Sharing the game on socials or recommending it to friends.


Thank you so much for taking the time to write a comment :) Happy you've been here since the first demo! I'll make sure the full release will be worth the wait!

I've released version 1.3 of MVFinder that includes support for searching switches :) Please check it out!

Very happy that MVFinder has been so helpful to you and your project! :) 

Including Switches should definitely be possible! If you want to support me directly you can do so via my :) 

Hey there! Wow, I'm so flattered that you made an account just to comment :) Very happy you've enjoyed the game so much! 

If you want to work on a translation send me a short mail to so we can discuss the details. You don't need any programming knowledge :)

Thanks again for taking the time to write a comment, it really made my day!

Ahaha, I like that idea 😂

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Please understand that I'm working on this in my freetime. So I have a bunch of other responsibilities apart from working on the game itself :)

I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Got it & sent you a reply! :) 

Thank you! :) 

Would you be okay with sharing your project's Items.json file (data/Items.json)? It would help me find the issue quicker. You can send it to me to

Sorry for the inconvenience! Can you expand the details section and copy the text contents?

The demo should be around 5 hours, happy you've enjoyed your time thus far! :) And sorry about the bugs & inconveniences they will be adressed in the upcoming release. 

As for translating the game feel free to reach out to

Hey thanks for checking in :) I just realized I haven't done a devlog in a while. Yes, I've finished working on one ending, and I'm in the midst of another two. Some of the endings are a bit longer so it does take quite a bit of effort, but it will be worth it :)

Please do! Let me know how you liked it :)

Wow what a compliment! Thank you so much, I'm very happy that you connected to the story and the characters :) 

Thank you!! And yes there will! I'm working hard on it c: Please stick around for future updates.

Glad you enjoyed the game :) 

The old translation system had some issues, thanks for pointing it out. I already planned on spending more testing time on also ensuring the english release is fully covered. 

Really cool idea!

Aww thank you so much for the kind words :) I'm working hard to make the full release worth the wait! Please stick around for updates on it!

Thanks to you too! :)

Working hard on it :) Can't state an exact date but I'm very far, working on the endings and polishing stuff.

Yes, I will release it on here, so you should get a notification if you follow the game :) And don't worry, I'll take my time with the game to make sure it's worth the wait.

Working hard on it :) Can't state an exact date but I'm very far, working on the endings and polishing stuff.

Could you try and download MV Finder again? I've updated the release to v1.1.1 with a bugfix that worked for me with the project you've provided.

The issue I found was that there are map files that aren't in the MapFiles.json

Hey there!

Thanks so much for reaching out and featuring the tool on your blog :) Happy it has been helpful thus far! 

Also thank you for providing the logs, I suspect there's something different about the MapJson that causes the problem. I'll investigate and let you know! 

> (Also when I was in Caelum I suddenly shrank and Sarah was having a stroke lol)

Oh no :D that sounds kinda funny. Hopefully it didn't impact your game too much! Thank you so much for the comment & please stick around for updates on the full release!

Yeah sorry for the clickbaity-title :D You gotta grab attention these days.

Thank you!! Hope the full version won't disappoint :)

Thank you so much :) 

Hey there, greetings to the Philippines!

The question if the game will have one "true" ending is really hard. I guess I'll personally have a favorite ending and some of the endings will be a bit more elaborate than others. But I hope that they'll turn out in a way that everyone is happy with what they're getting.

I can't say for sure in regards to the timeline. I think it'll be very hard getting it done this year since there'll be a lot of testing involved to ensure quality. Also can't say much about the price yet. But it definitely won't be AAA prices. 

Thank you for the comment :)

Thank you so much for sharing! Have to catch up on the last two videos but I'm happy you enjoyed the game :)

Hey there! That's very considerate of you to ask! Of course you can make videos about it and I'd be happy to watch them :) 

My only concern would be the trailer since it's quite old and I would do a new one, once the game releases haha 😅

But feel free to share your videos here, once they're done.

Wow, thank you so much for sharing! :) Happy you chose to play Numina.