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A single instruction Zach-like sounds delightful, thanks for adding more cool programming puzzle games to the world :D

Personally I'd appreciate an option to view dark text on a light background. I understand if that goes against the theme of the game as being reminiscent of a particular period of computing hardware. (I had a similar issue with TIS-100...) I've half a mind to root around in the browser tools to see if I can edit it on the client side :P

Lovely art and I like how voxely the terrain looks. Having the minimap in the bottom center looks good for an isometric perspective.

 Interesting concept from the scene with the animals on the start screen, some sort of magic energy cocoon is healing(?) a wolf.

I really appreciate you providing the source code as you've made an impressively solid base for an RTS made in Godot. I've been meaning to learn how to use Godot but haven't come across many RTSes written in it yet so your project will be a great help! :D

Fantastic entry, I have so many things I liked about it :D

The graphics are pixel art and you've chosen a lovely palette, all the sprites were clearly distinguishable.

The game was really easy to learn by doing by only requiring a mouse click on any square to see details, choose building, see resources etc.

I am definitely going to be exploring this game further, I got to the enemy with a reasonable force but they got mad and mobbed my buildings, fun!

Very retro gameplay, it could have been one of the first RTSes for sure :)

And my favourite part was the original idea to have play take place on a grid with strict collision. So many interesting decisions to make due to that.

I hope to see further development on this concept for sure :)

Cheers! :D

Yes a transportation mechanic is going to needed soon isn't it? Along with more user information about city production. Already city production is based off of population but I've got several ideas about how unit support could work, main one being supply lines :)

Thank you :) hopefully I can produce a proper game out of this.

Such cute little bugs! :3

Really nice and clean UI for a compo game. The progression of upgrades is nice to sit through. I hope in the future there might be an end screen or hidden surprise at the top of the sky :D

Really fun little resource management game. The point where sea level rise really kicks in is quite frantic and it's a mad dash to keep enough infrastructure long enough to build everything to survive. :D

Settlers 2 style walkers coded in a game jam? Amazing :D

Thank you :) Procedural generation is a must have in anything I make, it means I get the same experience of playing it too! :P

Thanks, when I come back to this project I'll definitely be adding in a boss bat :)

Glad to hear you had fun :D

I might not have managed to get past the first boss but I was impressed with how much work went into what I saw. Really interesting combat mechanics, nice pixel art and cool music :D

Very entertaining, I thought the palette choices were really good and loved the chiptunes. Great stuff :D

Aha, somebody else got the stuck in the ice start situation. I almost feel like that should be the default start to introduce the fire attack :P Anyways thank you :D

Thank you :)


Thank you :) I had thought about there being different spells the player could equip. I guess this really ended up as a proof of concept jam entry, what with there only being one kind of enemy, one weapon etc. 

Thank you very much :) I'm afraid a boss fight would have probably just been a giant bat :P

Congrats :D

Thank you, the dice patterns on the floor were completely unintentional but I've come to like them :)

Thank you, those screen transitions were one of the first things I programmed to get a proper zelda feel :)

Really nice mario-like, the underground music was great. 

Really cool colour palette and artstyle. 

This looks like the level of 3D a gameboy might have dreamed of, very nice. Would love to see a speedrun of this.

Lovely aesthetic with great pixel art. I liked the musical score you can run on and that the dancer changes movement patterns.

Thank you!

Thanks, every tone uses a square wave which gives it that gameboy style sound.

PICO-8 sounds really cool whenever I hear about it, gotta check it out :)

Loved the 3D dungeon sections. Really good work on the art and music.

Reminds me of a rhythm game timing attacks like that, nice music.

0.42 parsecs and $85,000 was my best attempt.

Ghost ships is an awesome powerup and I loved all the particles effects and screen shake, cool game :D

Very impressive entry. I really liked the gameboy style fade in and screen shake effects. Funny writing too.

Nice, chill demake of Animal Crossing. 

I was able to do all the tasks up to the point that Tom Nook asks you to go to sleep in your house but wasn't able to enter the house. 

Anyway cool entry! :D

Good tutorial prompts and the mouse has cute animations.

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Game looks nice but I couldn't get very far in it. When I go to buy the chisel I can't select yes to buy it.

Ah I worked out why, the shop screen only accepts WASD not arrow keys.

The digging minigame is cool and I like the gridded outline round all the screen pixels, very old school.

Really nicely polished game :D it also reminds me of Baba is You

I really liked the chiptunes, what did you use to make them?

Thanks, yeah the gameboy zelda games were a huge influence :D

Yep, the dungeon is procedurally generated every time.  I'm pretty happy about my dead simple maze generator, it just puts down a wall between every 4 rooms and then the dead ends get turned into locked treasure rooms.