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Embody a crawdad caught in a web of usury. Defend yourself from sinister swamp things as you fight to erase your debts.
Submitted by bokoyoss (@bokoyoss) — 18 minutes, 52 seconds before the deadline
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wow!!! i am not nearly hardcore enough to be good at this game, but I did manage to finally beat ol' ory. there's so much personality in all of your animation, music, and dialogue. really really loved it, one of my favorites in the jam. thanks!


Excellent game, the gameplay mechanics are great, I remembered the dash against the 2nd boss, which allowed me to defeat him, the different boss designs are very successful, I gave up against the 3rd which I found very difficult but I loved the game, a lot of personality, and a very good execution, nice job!


Thank you so much for playing and thank you for the feedback! So happy to hear you made it to the final boss. We've gotten consistent feedback that he's very difficult! Definitely room for us to tweak him a bit.

There's a certain "strategy" we designed the final boss around to make it easier; he only does his double spit attack if you hit his head while his limbs are above water!

Again, thank you for playing!


Great concept, pixel art and music! The game has charm and personality. I couldn't beat the crocodile (don't know how to dodge that many bullets). I wish the first boss had less life, it's a bit frustrating to repeat it from the beginning but die on the second form of the boss lol. Anyway, one of the best games of the jam, great job!

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks for playing!! And thank you for the feedback. We definitely could have tweaked the boss health stats a bit, and may revisit in a post-jam update.

A tip for the final boss: he only does his double spit attack if you hit his head while his limbs are above water!


super polished and juicy !! nailed it :•D


Such a fun game, I just wish it was easier or that the fight did not last as long. But it was really fun, I guess I'm just bad at video games lol.


Don't feel too bad- it's definitely meant to be tough! Some tips if you want to improve-

  1. Always Be Dashing. The dash move has some frames of invincibility, so if you're cornered, dash to safety!
  2. Listen to the possum's hints after you die, each boss has a special tactic that will make things easier.

Thanks for playing!


very original game! I like it, nice job!


Woahhhhh. Love how original the gameplay feels! and really fun too! the story and visuals are some of my favorites of the jam


This is a great game with some real challenge and strategy to the core gameplay mechanic.  Surprised to find a game with as much depth and story-telling as this one, the characters are great and lovable, and the final boss is so intense, really nice.


so. fun. great job with this!!


Nice challenge. I kept double tapping a direction trying to dash, just an old habit I guess, but it could be a nice optional way to dash too.

The characters are pretty charming, and the gameplay is rock solid. Great game!

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks for playing and thank you for the feedback! It's funny you mention the double-tap to dash because that was how we first implemented it! Felt the that having a dedicated button felt more responsive but it seems some people may have preferred the double tap. In hindsight, there was no reason not to have had both in.


The gameplay and combat are so polished and fun! Got me hooked 🎣


I might not have managed to get past the first boss but I was impressed with how much work went into what I saw. Really interesting combat mechanics, nice pixel art and cool music :D

Submitted (1 edit)

I visited The Blue Bayou today... and after almost an hour I had done it! I beat the game :D My lil' Craw had achieved greatness... though hes probably got some debt now XD

This game was so challenging but the feeling of beating the bosses was so great! The music was actually really catchy and the writing from the possum was both so helpful but also very funny. I laughed every time I saw him peace out off the screen "Run along Lil' Craw"!

I really enjoyed the fact that this game had a tutorial in the beginning. The extra damage from catching the weapons was a great touch and could easily be something you might miss if not told. Having the player actually have to do the action before letting them loose is very smart.

Here is the video from earlier today :D Warning I struggle a lot but had a lot of fun XD

[Blue Bayou] Played By Carbs

Features I would Request:

  • Show the player that dashing  can nullify damage perhaps in the tutorial section? ( Took me way to long to realize that that was a thing.)
  • Maybe add a combo of some sort if you catch the weapons multiple times in a row. (This might be exploitable though but would be super rewarding if your doing well)

Great work on this one! I will definitely be following your progress on this and other projects!

PS. Thank you for stopping in to the stream today! Much appreciated!!

PPS. The snake worm laughed at me >.>

[Nothing Worse Then...] Snake Laughing At Carbs XD XD

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks for sticking with it and spending so much time with  Blue Bayou. Your feedback is exceedingly helpful! We were very happy to see you make your way through the game! 


Absolutely! I was a bit determined to get through it and I'm glad I stuck it out as it was a ton of fun!


Everything was so well done. Controls where pretty easy and could tell what was happening most of the times. my one minor complaint.

Maybe first boss should be a bit easier, just to feel like you can move on without needing much skill at first. Then you have the ability to practice your knife combo better. Also dose the knife only combo once? or dose it combo each catch? 

great concept and fun game!

Developer (2 edits)

Thanks for playing! Yeah, we really threw players in with a challenging first boss.

regarding the combo, both the machete (knife) and harpoon both gain bonus damage if they are caught “perfectly.”  It does not increase if you make repeated “perfect” catches. It’s either “perfect” damage or regular damage. Also,The knife does more damage than the harpoon.

Again, thanks for playing!

I'm going back some dayyyyyy

Come what mayyy

To Blue Ba you~

Dang this is so challenging! But a lot of fun. I love how unique each arm is. I prefer the right arm!!


Nice game, it’s very challenger :)

But I win this game hehe

This was a great sqeul to the rescuers down under!! 

5 Hearts


I was amazed that the bosses just kept coming.. Really fun!


Fantastic game! I didn't get past the first boss but I really enjoyed trying! Really great art and music!


Loved the screen shakes actually.

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