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Awesome! We are currently working on an update that will fix a few major issues and also adding in level progression :) Hoping to also include the start of skills aswell haha

Going to download this and try it out in the morning :D Looks so cute Vault!

Hey that's pretty cool.. 👍 hey that's pretty cool... 👍 hey that's pretty cool 👍

Thanks vault! Appricate you playing our game especially on stream it was invaluable being able to see what you were doing or trying to do and reacting :) We ARE super excited to get this to a full release :) I will be making a page for this game probobly this weekend where it will continue to be updated as features are added to it :D

Thanks for playing our game Mottzy! Really appricate your feedback as well :) Def plan to look at speeding up the shopping experience and I also did have this very idea of having little items apperer above the townsfolk heads to some how add to the strategy of the game and make if feel a little less random. Perhaps the icon would show and they could all line up then you use your skills each turn or something but yeah still working out the details for sure haha Want to make it fun and skillful moreso then a game of chance you know? Thanks again for the kind words it means alot to us!

Thanks for playing the game FatWed! Really appricate the feedback. I did remember you mentioning the press A text which I can def see now its pretty rough to see haha I totally forgot to fix that D: Should def be easy to fix though just put some dark color around it or behind it perhaps.

About the speed of the townsfolks and how long it takes. We do plan on having either a skill (passive or active) that will speed up how quickly the towns folk will be noticing and wanting to shop which will be nice when you get additional turns/ transactions. (We are actually going to redesign the ui for the turns and make it less arbitrary by having it be a stamina bar and have chunks come out each transaction too! This will make it feel less arbitrary and make it easier to have skills effect this stat! )

Really like the side scrolling shooter style with plenty to dodge but also the added difficulty of staying a float! The giant laser beam is a great touch too! Well done :)

Appricate you checking out our game! Currently we have only planed having the sliding arrow for the mini game where the darker color is the buyers price (lower) and the lighter color is the shopkeepers price (slightly higher) but what would you have in mind if we added more to it? Def interested for adding future complexity maybe as the game progresses! :D

Thank you for playing our game and glad you enjoyed it! We have much more to come for sure! :D Be sure to follow for more updates as they should be fairly soon! :D

To add to what Tayis said we also plan to have skills which could effect prices aswell as other aspects so maybe you'd  want to save the higher valued items for when you have a certain skill active. Really its to add in a choice to strategize a bit. Fluctiating every price might be a bit to much atleast early game but perhaps later in the game progression there could be a market that changes a bit? Could maybe be a fun little extra mechanic to stratigieze haha

Oh also in this current build there is no chance system in place which is going add a bit of balance aswell. This means every item right now has the same chance of popping up as an item some one wants to buy and also the Miner could get any one of the items as they too have the same chance. In the future we will have all these stats set up so its a bit more of a strategy you'll have to play to make even more coins!

Absolutely! I was a bit determined to get through it and I'm glad I stuck it out as it was a ton of fun!

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Ah yeah I thought I had heard about that program! Thats super lame you can't get use it any more D:

A small solution is I can link my playing of the game if you'd like to see it in action, I know this doesn't help get you playing but maybe you'll atleast get to see the moving parts at the very least while I look in to an html version maybe working haha

EDIT: I've added a gameplay video to the full page showing off all the little features currently in this version from yesterday's live stream!

Is there any way to emulate windows on a Mac maybe? I mean it sounds like a huge pain to do but maybe it can be done so you can play more of the games! :D

We actually did attempt to export an html5 version moments before the jam ended but the sounds were not playing correctly so we decided just submit it as a download.

I think we figure it might be that the sounds were just high of a bit rate and not playing right in the browser so we might have to optimize for that a bit. If we can get it out I will def let you know! I understand it would be nice to have especially because I don't own any Mac devices to export from so my apologies!

Never been the best at picross but it can be very fun when you start to get the hang of it. Add in a little extra design and some dialog and boom you've one uped the picross game!

Really like the style of this game and the game board feels really good aswell. Great choice of color palette :D

Very cool game! You have done an excelent job!

Very cute game with fun challanges :) In your description you say 20 "Short" chalenges... but the penguin is so tall in some of them :P hahahaha 

Got stuck on level 7 for a little bit but finally figured it out! Really solid game indeed :D

Had a lot of fun noming, spiting out fishies, and figuring out how to escape the cold to our cozy igloo :D 

Really dig how you get to see your photos at the end. For some reason I'm reminded of pokemon snap but with a skateboard and pretty backgrounds haha

Great job keep up the hard work!

Very neat game! I like how fast paced the game seems to be. Really need to work on grouping a bunch of blocks together then clearing them all at once. I actually didnt notice but if you break a bigger chain do you get more points then if you break the same amount in singles?

Either way I liked it quite a bit. Bonus points for having a nice settings menu with screen scale and volume settings! Nicely done :D

You have to quickly learn that placing a teleport is not a bad idea, esepecally when falling off the edges and seeing "We're dying" haha 

Neat concept and love how there was little funny dialog as things were happening :)

Up until this point I never knew I wanted a game like this. This is really such a cool idea! Love the fact that you can beat each other up and try to win the race at literally any cost!

Great job especially with the art! There is so much going on here!

Very neat little game with some hard mazes :) The fact that it is a .gb is really cool being able to run it in the emulator and select any color :D

It's defintly a chananging game especally when you have multiple paths over multiple screens but after a few screens you get the hang of where you have been.

Great work or should I say aMAZE-ing work hahaha

Very chill game. A great combonation of  water filled pipes with a block breaking element. I very much enjoyed each time I got a big combo and a bunch of blocks all blew up.

Great work! I could see myself spending hours laying in bed playing this while the room was lit up by only the screen of the game :)

I had a game like this on the orignal gameboy where you played as mario and had to carry a key and solve puzzles! Your game brought me back to the good days where we can only carry one item at a time! I very much so like this mechanic and these types of games. To be honest the Gameboy seems like such a great platform for puzzle games like this!

Great work on this one! Would love to see more levels and carry more objects over my head! XD XD

Bouncing on the top of the enimies was quite fun XD Especially when I had wasted all my shots missing the first enemy I saw not realizing they were so limited at first hahaha

The music track is actually really fun and playful! As were the characters too! Really dig the highlight outline on the characters and think you did a great job using the four colors!

Keep up the great work!

Ofcourse! Have a video is so helpful for feedback. The little things that you miss in text you can see in how the player reacts or what they are trying to do. I would love to play every game and record my gameplay but there are so many games this year! XD

I feel you on time! It's always creeping up at the last min but yeah very solid idea you have here can't wait to see more :D

I really enjoyed how the character felt as you swing your mop around very very smooth!

I also liked how the music track got more advanced each section that you progressed very neat!

I will say though I kept pushing the attack button on keyboard when I meant to jump. Maybe its just me but it seemed backwards on those.

Overall a very solid idea I love the though of having a combo system that rewards you for being speedy!  Could definitely see this being a fun game to try and finish super fast. Maybe even have a combo if your quick enough transfer between segments and go for a full combo run! haha

Keep up the great work! 

Really enjoyed the music! Was a quite catchy little tune :D Always like the idea of airships that transport all sorts of packages to be honest! It kinda always reminds me of final fantasy when I see an airship though XD XD

I also like the fact that you have to pick things up with a little claw its very cute and fun! When I was able to find the delivery locations it was quite entertaining :D

I was however did find myself quite lost when trying to find some of the areas due to the fact that they were below others. Maybe a mini map or even just a distance on the arrow could be really helpful! :D

Overall great little game that I could see on a Gameboy :D Keep up the work would love to see more!

Some might even call it a Pretty Smart Game :P hahahaha But we are glad you enjoyed it!! More to come in the future :D

Thank you very much and thank you for you interest! We really tried to get a solid idea going for this one. For the first time I think we can actually see an idea from start to finish and we will be working on a full release of this game. It will have a lot of fun mechanics for sure!

Something really gets me going about seeing the score going up and being able to set a hi-score. Brings me back to the classic arcade games where you could make your mark in the arcade!

I could easily see this as a stand alone arcade cabinet game :D

By my second play though I was hooked trying to get a higher score! (Which I totally crushed)

Very fun controls and the fact that you need not worry about firing is very helpful as things can get quite cramped real quick with lots of enemies chasing after you XD

Here is my game play video from earlier today!

[Super Laser Arena 9,000,000,000] Played By Carbs

I did confuse the power ups for enemy fire a lot only because it seemed that the power ups came flying at me XD I did however realize that I had been missing out my entire first run on very important power ups like extra lives!

Overall very solid game! Think you did a great job on this one :D

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I visited The Blue Bayou today... and after almost an hour I had done it! I beat the game :D My lil' Craw had achieved greatness... though hes probably got some debt now XD

This game was so challenging but the feeling of beating the bosses was so great! The music was actually really catchy and the writing from the possum was both so helpful but also very funny. I laughed every time I saw him peace out off the screen "Run along Lil' Craw"!

I really enjoyed the fact that this game had a tutorial in the beginning. The extra damage from catching the weapons was a great touch and could easily be something you might miss if not told. Having the player actually have to do the action before letting them loose is very smart.

Here is the video from earlier today :D Warning I struggle a lot but had a lot of fun XD

[Blue Bayou] Played By Carbs

Features I would Request:

  • Show the player that dashing  can nullify damage perhaps in the tutorial section? ( Took me way to long to realize that that was a thing.)
  • Maybe add a combo of some sort if you catch the weapons multiple times in a row. (This might be exploitable though but would be super rewarding if your doing well)

Great work on this one! I will definitely be following your progress on this and other projects!

PS. Thank you for stopping in to the stream today! Much appreciated!!

PPS. The snake worm laughed at me >.>

[Nothing Worse Then...] Snake Laughing At Carbs XD XD

Playing this game really brought me back to when I was younger playing the little vertical scrolling plane shooting games! But something about it being a giant bird really refreshing and felt like a whole new game.

I really enjoyed seeing how far I could get while dodging all the enemies attacks and watching the bird flap his wings!

Here is a little game play video from me earlier today :D

[TÉFRA] Played By Carbs

If there is one thing more I would like to see it would be a score! I would battle my friends for a hi-score any day in this game!

Overall I really like the style of this game and would love to see more! :D

Love the way you handled level design! Show the player a mechanic, let them use it a little, then challenge the player and then maybe even mix mechanics! Very good way to lean you players in to each level!

This game feels like one of those classic Gameboy puzzle platformers. With great little animations and very fun power ups. The wind one was my favorite because I loved tossing enemies around while also having a really nice double jump!

I ended up playing your game for a solid 40 mins today XD Was so committed to compleating it! But I accidently hit exit in stage 5-1 D: Not realizing that the icons were the password and maybe I should remember them a little to late I decided to call it there but I had a really great time with the game!

Here is my game play video from earlier today! :D

[Acabra Dabra] Played By Carbs

Puzzles and a bit of challenge meets cute little animations! Can't wait to see more, keep up the great work! :D

A gameboy game about a game boy and his gameboy games :P

Really enjoyed this game. Also the fact that the game size is super tiny blew me away!

I think hands down the most fun was going around and reading all the carefully crafted dialogs for all the intractable! Well done. Also I saw the toilet paper joke how current... hahaha

Here is a video of me playing your game earlier today! :D

[Finding Your Childhood] Played By Carbs

Also you mentioned this was your first full game jam game, great job! It's very difficult to get a full idea let alone a full idea in such a short spawn of time! I think you did very well!

This gave me all sorts of Zelda vibes and I love that! The boss music was so epic and I really enjoyed the little puzzles (Even though it took me way to long to figure out XD ) Also love how this game ends with the quick cut. I say it in my gameplay video but I'll also say it here, It makes me want MORE so badly!

Here is a little game play from earlier today! (I had a bit of a derp at the puzzle but the AH-HA was well worth it!)

[Pelican Quest] Played By Carbs

Put me on the waiting list for all the content! Can't wait to play more!

This game is so beautiful! I agree with everyone I would love to see even more!

Where do I start... This game is really something great! Such a story in such a short time! The artwork is spot on for a gameboy style and I really enjoyed collecting each item with the little bit of text describing them. So extremely immersive!

I think did have a bit of an issue where I kept reloading by accident (looking for the inventory) and didn't realize it till the end XD

Here is a video from earlier today while I was playing it! :D

[An Autumn With You] Played By Carbs

Keep up the amazing work! Would love to see what you can do with limitless time!

PS. Forgot to mention that I really enjoyed the fact that this could be played as an actual gameboy game in an emulator. Would love to have something like this on a cart!

Had a really good time playing your game today! Really awesome to see such a great idea come from a great game! The fact that you also built this to work on a gameboy blows me away! Plus you've got some really nice building blocks here and can't wait to see more! :D

My only fuss about the game is shooting can be hard to switch directions quickly with out running in to the enemies in a tight spot XD

But overall very awesome!

Here is the game play from today over on my gaming channel :D

[The Binding of Isaac: Game Boy Edition] Played By Carbs

Keep up the good work!!

Had a great time playing your super cute game! Loved the palette options and the animations for the boat looked very great with all the little mushrooms sailing along :D

I played your game earlier on my gaming channel if you would like to check it out!

[Fungotchi by Munro] Played By Carbs

Can't wait to see more for you! Keep up the great work :D

PS. Also check out this clip... let me know what you think hahaha

[Clip From Twitch] At least It's Cute XD

Thank you so much! Im glad you enjoyed it so far! We will be continuing to build on to this and hope to complete the full idea  :)