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Good Morning! You may be able to do this using The Tween Machine by doing a scale and position tween on each door, they would have to be on their own layers to do this but then could be merged down together again :)

Also you may need to scale down (start with the doors closed and then scale them down to look open) this way the tool has more pixels to work with.

It's a bit hard to describe in text actually 😆 and I'm not sure if it would look excatly how this looks but it would give you a basic animation to start refining! 😀 

Ayeeee! This looks awesome, your page has def got the scrolling as well 😆 

Thank you for your kind words, glad your enjoying the tool! 🥰

Good Afternoon! This has been resolved and patch in the Aseprite v1.3.4 :D Latest Aseprite should restore this back to working again!

This update should hit steam soon and hopefully all is well! Honestly amazing job by the Aseprite team, such quick turn around!

Yeee excellent! The team over at aseprite is already on top of this as well as of a few hours ago so we might even see a patch soon that fixes the source of this issue. I truly appreciate all that they do! As I said in a response they are doing gods work and we are blessed to have such an amazing program 😀

I just found out that 1.3.3 is where this is happening.

I'm guessing your on aseprite 1.3.3 that just updated a few days ago D:

It seems there is some major issues with transactions in 1.3.3, I've reached out directly to Aseprite this morning to see if there was an unnoted change.


Simply revert to 1.3.2 like so and everything will work again!

Sorry about this! Sometimes things are out of my control and it's inside aseprite itself. I'll be digging deeper in to this if there is something I need to change for 1.3.3 but so far nothing on the docs says there was a change :(

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SOLVED: Aseprite 1.3.4 patched in the fix for this :D

Oh your all good, honestly thank you for the heads up on this!

Did some digging in to this and unfortunately, atleast from what ive seen, You'll have to revert to 1.3.2 temporarily it seems transactions might be a bit bugged right now in the newest aseprite! It's pretty easy to go back a version see here!

I've reached out to aseprite to see if its something that changed or something might have been bugged. Will also be sifting though everything to see what I can find as well. Hopefully can get it fixed right away!

Omg you never downloaded this tool?!?!?! No way hahahaha Dude let me send you a key for goodness sake. You were looking for a this feature so I made it way back then 😆

I have just released my 8th Aseprite extension!! Introducing....

An undockable / floating color palette! Ready to be placed wherever you might need it :D

Huge shoutouts to Fazziesan for the idea and request on this one, be sure to check out her awesome live streams and pixel arts!

The tool is currently on sale though the remainder of September :D

Hope you enjoy this tool and it helps out,

Much Love! 


Ah sorry for the troubles! Did you ever get it to load correctly here? Perhaps using a diffrent browser might help, i know sometimes websites can be weird depending what is used 😀

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Ayeeee thank you so much for your kind words 🥰 

I'm glad you are finding it useful! 😀 and I very much appreciate your support!

One day I shall push the update that I currently have, it will clean up everything and put them in these nice tabs :)  Much easier to look at when you don't have to look at everything lol

Would also like to convert to an extension for easier updates and installing too! Something to look forward to in the future :D

Ah, Aseprite isnt on mobile. This is a plugin / extension for Aseprite.

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Oh, interesting! When i double click on the extension from my downloads folder it opens up aseprite  and jumps right to the little extention menu. I wonder if its not able to open your aseprite automaficly for some reason? 

Regardless though I'm glad that you got it working! :D Sorry for any confusion! 😆 

Let me know how it works for ya! Hopefully quite helpful 😀

Yes indeed! Its all packaged together for this one and can even be installed by simply double clicking the extension once you download it :) It will put all the files where they need to go. Its actually really nice!

I still need to update my other tools to extensions to do the same, it helps so much when I update to just double click the extension and it overwrites the files it needs to! So much better :D

Im not excatly sure how it works on the back end either but I sent you over a key which should allow you to claim the tool and add to your library 😀

Thank you so much for your kind words and gratitude! The tools take a lot of work to make so it's quite nice to see and hear they are being so useful!

I do have atleast a few tools in the works which I hope to release soon enough! So def be on the look out for those 😀

Appreciate all your support and hopefully this works for you!

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Hmm looking in to this I do see the purchase, it looks like it was a gift? You might be able to add it to your library by clicking the link in the email 😀 Let me know if it doesn't work though I can send another key if needed as you should have access. 😀

Love all that you're doing Bram 😀 

Haha yeah! I've been adding small features to this tool over the past few years :) Originally I released this back in 2019 I belive! Too many little things that I couldn't see releasing on its own so I just put them together!

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Ah shoot, my apologies, it looks like I might be using functionality that was added to the api in v1.2.31. Though if your able to upgrade to 1.2.39 this is the newest stable release at this point. Lots of bug fixes and stuff in there!

Oh awesome! That is pretty handy xD I supose if anyone is on an old version they can still use this but I'll make a note on the page here. Which version did they add that in?

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Thank you very much! Always appricate your EXTRA support on these my goodness! :) Please let me know if you run in to any issues or limitations! I want to def smooth things out if there is any in there xD

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You could have a sheet with all your dithering brushes on it and create a brush set, the only thing is with this tool the sheet with the brushes has to still be open in a tab for it to be able to grab the next or last brush when quickly swaping :)

Currently it doesn't save any brushes it just pulls from the sheet and creates the brushes on the fly as you swap through them, this also means you can change them at any time and it will keep the brush set intact and let you swap through them still with the new changes :)

I would love to implement saving and loading of brush sets though so you dont have to create them each time you reopen the brush set file, though currently it only takes a few seconds to select them. 

Perhaps I could add on a feature were it would save all the brushes in to the default brush dropdown though? 

Uh oh! Any chance you might be able to send a gif or video so I can see what's going on?

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Oh you don't need to compile the tool/script in to Aseprite just needs to but put in the scripts folder that comes with Aseprite is all. (Asuming that your compiling aseprite in the image you sent? Along as you have a good build and it generated the folder)

Just download then drag and drop the script in to the folder in and restart aseprite and it should appear in the scripts menu option 😀

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Okay so you have downloaded the lua file from here?

And copied it to the scripts folder?

And it's not showing up in aseprite or it's not in the scripts folder at all?

I just double checked and all downloads here should have a lua file first one is for windows specifically.

Sorry for any confusion! 

Hmm let's see, which version of aseprite are you using?

Does it have the option under File>Scripts>Open Scripts Folder?

How are you trying to open the tool?

Trying to think of what has gone wrong here 🤔 

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Very strange! Which file did you download? I belive they are all lua files for each of the operating systems. Just need to place it in your scripts folder to use :)

Oh Excellent! This is great to hear! I'm glad you were able to find my tools 😀 Let me know if you have any troubles! Slice and dice those sprites! 😆 

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Ah it does not! Unfortunately I've gotten a bit busy so I've got a few projects floating right now. I did also hit a bit of a snag with the maskByColor functionality (Which would make the automated over multiple frames) which apparently is being fixed in a soon coming version of Aseprite. 

However if I find some time I could def put together a version of this that does single frames in the mean time and make note that it will process multiple frames once that api issue is sorted out.

I'm quite excited about this tool as it will be super handy to have but the holidays have been crazy both at home and at the desk job so trying to find time and energy has been difficult.

Hopefully your holidays are going well though and I will try and get something together as soon as I can! 😀 Sorry for the wait!

Automation is always great and time saving :D

Sure thing! I noticed you were on Twitter so I'll send you a dm 😀 Would be intrested to see what your looking for and if I could help out 😀

Hmm odd the user erased their comment but I'm not sure if this is what they were looking for with swaping to the foreground color?

You can also swap colors like this while using the brush tool here. And even easier swap colors by holding ALT and using the mouse wheel!

Absolutely! :D I've just thought of something though I've not sat down at my pc yet. Can custom brushes be used with the dynamic brush settings?? If so that would be huge!

Hmm yeah def something to look in to for a future update. Although I won't be removing / replacing the random toggle as its quite useful for object placement. If I could figure out a way to add in the new features they would be extra and not a replacement 😀 The technicality of swaping between brushes while using it might not be possible but def something I'll look at and if possible then adding random rotation and scale might also be possible too.

Hopefully something that can be done though!

No worries at all Fluury! This would be a nice addition if I can pull it off xD I'm not sure how it will act if your holding down the left click when it switches brushes but I can def look in to this :)

I'd be intrested to see the brushes that you are using to toggle between, I'm asuming they would be more like paterns then objects in that case. Maybe even with varying opacities? 

I def could see this being powerful with a random rotation interval too. Would be like many custom brushes you find in other programs xD My only worry would be to see how quickly it could adjust the brush on the fly but I can put it to the test to try and push it to the limit like I did with the swaping xD I was pretty surprised how quick it was swaping between brushes.

Here is a little video I posted when testing the swapping just in case quickly swapping needed to be done

Fast Brush Changing Video xD

But yeah could be neato to add a feature such as this. I've not played with having a function fired off at a set time interval nor do I know if it's possible but I can take a look!

Absolutely! I'm glad that you were able to find this then! Let me know if you have any troubles at all :) Also would love to see what you use it for too :D

Thank you Grymmjack! I hope you get some good use from the tool! :D

Thank you very much! Like the post said this was about 3 weeks ( a few hours per day) worth of work and building alot from the ground up. I do take alot of pride in trying to make sure the experience is as clean and flexable as I can. I also like to add alot of error checking in so the user will know if they didnt make a selection or if something needs to be selected or whatever needs to be done for it to work.

I have seen a few export layer scripts floating around but I figured out a different method to do my exporting which allowed me to support more such as excluding empty layers or exporting a smaller sections with my shrink wrap feature.

Again thank you for your kind words and for making a post! It's always so amazing to see! 😀 Let me know if you have any questions I'm always here to help! I hope you get some great use from these new features 😀

Absolutely! Your quite welcome :D Many of the features came from friends suggestions and features they wanted to see and use so I also didn't know I wanted some of these till I got them in and working and now I'm quite excited to be able to use the features xD

Let me know how you get on with the new update! Hopefully it saves ya some time and is easy to use! :D

Also thank you for leaving a comment it's always great to hear from everyone!

Block, Do you mean like this perhaps?

Export Slices Example

This will be in version v3.0 :D

This was fixed in 1.3 beta2 or beta3 I forget but been working like a charm since :)