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Hey everyone, I've just made a few additions to my recent toolbar and figured I would share it with you guys! This toolbar dialog for Aseprite has some neat features such as:

  • Changing grid size based on selection
  • Quick button to create new sprite from selection
  • Extending the canvas / sprite sheet by a set size based on selection
  • Quick Outlines
  • Quick shadow (bottom right)

Have a look! Hopefully you find it as useful as I do and it speeds up your work flow even by a little bit!

Setting Grid Size From Selection & New Sprite From Selection

Expanding Sprite Sheet Size From Selection

Quick Outline & Quick Shadow

Agreed on the direction. You really have to pay attention to it sometimes. Maybe even just the tip of the triangle could be a different colored triangle and that could help?

Very addicting! Also like how the mechanics are taught to you then you  start using them which is great for level design!

Just noticed a bug so thought I would let you guys know XD In the new sell menu to get resources to update how much you have you'll have to hit next or previous if your still on that resource when gathering. WHOOPS! Will try and hot fix this later today.

I think so! There was many more things that I ran out of time to add, would def like to get at least some of the ideas in there!

Thanks for playing! Yeah I ran out of time, near the end we had a little bug where the game became unplayable so the last couple hours were spent fixing it that. I also had falling rocks implemented but they didn't feel right so I didn't submit with them. I also did mean to put some walls just outside the view so it wouldn't be possible to jump pass the bottom floor and fall forever haha

Very interesting game, I think it's the only stealth game in the jam so that is really neat! Took a sec to figure out that the bat would calm down if you stood still but we got the hang of it :D (Also you kinda told us that XD )

Wow... just wow. This game is pretty great! I'm pretty bad at the mini games and thinking fast but man def get the warioware feels! Love it!

Love it! The tutorial is pretty amusing especially when you "forget" how to play XD Music is fun! Game play is challenging and the graphics are well done! Keep up the great work my friend!

Love the innovative-ness of this. Never thought to do a system link style game with multiple cameras. This could work really well online if you were ever planing to maybe add that! Super chill music aswell :D Keep up the great work!

Pretty neat game! I'm really bad at judging where the bubbles are but it was quite fun finally getting the recipe done each time! Also love how the character points their little arms in the direction it's a pretty cute feature.

Very cool game reminds me of a few text based adventure games back in the day too! Question was there actually fuel somewhere? I wanted to escape that creepy town haha Keep up the work!

This game is def hard feel like there are some hidden moons in there, think I got about 7 or so found one other near the bottom but couldn't figure out what i needed to do to get to it. Also... SUPERJUMP! XD

This game is HARD D: Feels really good though! Found myself quickly restarting over and over when I died very addicting in that aspect! Would love to beat this Wyrm though lol The music is really pretty amazing too!

Loved the art style, was a bit confused on the clues though. Kinda ended up clicking alot randomly and getting it sometimes haha But really neat game!

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Very challenging felt like I was always crunched for time but it's a good thing keeps you on the edge! Had a little issue with some of the platforms when you jumped and were near a wall but other then that it was really a fun game! Also, the dissolving platforms are a really neat effect! Keep up the great work!

Really neat game! Love the call to portal... I mean that other portal game ;) at the end. I may have broken the game a few times though but its pretty awesome keep up the great work! Here is me breaking it... not sure what happened XD

Pretty sweet game! Bit of some control issues when moving left and right and may want to scale the view port. Textures and music were quite awesome!

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Thank you! I had some really helpful friends in chat that had used Godot before but we all learned soooooo much doing this jam. Was really a great way to get in to the Godot engine. Def enjoying the engine! I had rocks that were spawning in and falling but they were kinda buggy so I left them out in this build because it wasn't quite what it should have been. I'll probably keep working on this in the future and add more things we over scoped haha

Fun game with great design. Totally beat that boss in the first attempt.... Kappa

Really COOL ;) game with some neat puzzle aspects and some nice music! There was a few times when I had a power up and wasn't sure what it did or how long it lasted but other than that pretty neat! Keep up the great work guys :D