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Thank you very much! Like the post said this was about 3 weeks ( a few hours per day) worth of work and building alot from the ground up. I do take alot of pride in trying to make sure the experience is as clean and flexable as I can. I also like to add alot of error checking in so the user will know if they didnt make a selection or if something needs to be selected or whatever needs to be done for it to work.

I have seen a few export layer scripts floating around but I figured out a different method to do my exporting which allowed me to support more such as excluding empty layers or exporting a smaller sections with my shrink wrap feature.

Again thank you for your kind words and for making a post! It's always so amazing to see! 😀 Let me know if you have any questions I'm always here to help! I hope you get some great use from these new features 😀

Absolutely! Your quite welcome :D Many of the features came from friends suggestions and features they wanted to see and use so I also didn't know I wanted some of these till I got them in and working and now I'm quite excited to be able to use the features xD

Let me know how you get on with the new update! Hopefully it saves ya some time and is easy to use! :D

Also thank you for leaving a comment it's always great to hear from everyone!

Block, Do you mean like this perhaps?

Export Slices Example

This will be in version v3.0 :D

This was fixed in 1.3 beta2 or beta3 I forget but been working like a charm since :)

Had a blast bringing your assets in to engine Kebb! Can't wait to see some more objects to splash around the ship :D

For anyone out there wondering how it works together check out this clip from yesterday once we set up the kit in Godot :) Tons of fun once you get set up!

So cool man. Could def see this being useful for building out a ship! Reminds me of FTL a bit but also I could see this being used to building out some maps for space adventures too. Pretty awesome man!

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Technicly you can select a license if you want when you upload any project on itch so really up do you. Personally I've not ever picked a license on any of my jam submissions mainly because they were just very small versions of what the game might be but this being an asset jam I guess that's diffrent lol

There is the possibility that we might do a part 2 were everyone uses the kits that were submitted to make some levels. You can select to opt out your kit when submitting though if you don't want your kit to be used for that. Specifically put the option in incase anyone didn't want to have their kit used for any reason :)

Up to you I guess on the license when you upload the project as submissions usually take a itch project page link I belive. Also should note it's under the Metadata tab of your project page to set the license its a bit hidden though you could always supply a license on the page and in the project files too!


I would most likely go with Creative Commons for the assets unless you want to keep them as your own then the all right reserved seems to be an all in one license to keep it to your self I belive. 

Personally most of my game projects and tools are just filed then under ARR just incase I plan to expand on the idea in the future and release a full game from the jam versions much like my current project.

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Hello Yackus,

Ive been told that all are free to join the TGD Discord

Come on in and hit that kitJam channel.

No official theme! So yeah make what ya want to!! There is a thread with some theme ideas if your stumped or what to put some ideas in there but your not required to follow any set theme :)

Sorry for such a delay! The Linux version has been worked on but I'm still having some big issue with the main mechanics of this.

There is some more info in my post here:

I do apologize for not being able to get this working quite yet though I'm trying to make it work.

Here is a few theme and ideas I've just thought of:

  • Pirate Adventure
  • Steampunk
  • Space
  • Underwater
  • Castles
  • Desert
  • Abandoned
  • Cityscape 
  • Miniature
  • Nature

Feel free to comment below with any questions you have! 

Always here to help so don't be shy and ask any questions you may have :)

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Use this thread to post any optional theme suggestions that you may wanna set is a wanna set for yourself or other community members  During the jam, there is no official theme for this jam , but if you want the extra challenge or perhaps need a little inspiration here it is!

 If you do use a theme be sure to mention it here as well as in the question when submitting,  it will be very interesting to see what types of themes  everyone may come up with!

Awesome! Thank you :)

Good afternoon Ansimuz :)

Would I be able to use your tileset assets / examples of scenes that could be made as an example for an upcoming KitJam we at TuconGameDev are running? Looking for some pixel art examples to show what a 2d Level Design Kit might look like.

Great work btw!

Your welcome! Thank you for the reply! Awesome looking forward to creating some nice over world maps! 😀

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Wow these over world tiles are great!

Quick question what is the license for your assets, can they be used in commercial projects? Be modified etc?

I've tried multiple versions of Linux and I can't seem to get my application to open. This again is running it through the windows 10 installs of Ubuntu. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong because it should just work but yeah. Sorry for the delay on any updates for this. I've been slammed at work so I haven't had time to work on it, usually only on the weekends is when I get to dev and this past weekend I just chilled because work had been so rough.

But I would like to get to this so I haven't forgot about ya!

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Good to know! I haven't been able to get my hands on 1.3 so I haven't been able to test this 😆 

I belive its because the dialog boxes for toolbars are now floating so they are not constrained to the main window. I did expect 1.3 to break some things for sure so I'll put out an update once I get it downloaded :)

Is the beta on steam or are you using a private build?

Also let me know if anything else breaks as this will be stuff I could fix in the next update 😀

Edit: Oh it looks like it is on steam! Excited to check this out this weekend :) Very pumped for the new features!

Yee! Your welcome! Thank you for bringing it to my attention! 😀

Now you can make the nice smooth animations again 😆

This update is now out :)

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Oh gees yup I see what is happening. I must have broke this in my last update. I will get this fixed up today!

I've figured out what the issue was.  It was so small but a real bugger to find lol 😆

In lua the "or" operator works a bit differently then I had though. With some of my math related to horizontal shifting and vertical shifting I had used it like so:

If direction = "Left" or "Right" then 

<Math stuffs here>

But it should have been:

If direction = "Left" or direction ="Right"  then

<Math stuffs here>

See how little a difference this is but because both Left Right and up down do shifting it was shifting extra causing the issue 😆


I will put this update out today and this will be working in all directions again 😀

Update 1.1.4 this will be fixed so be sure to grab it when its up 😀

That would be amazing. I'm pretty sure most if not all functions should work with out much tweaking though when I exported it yesterday I'm not sure if I have the correct file format so I'm going to try one other setting. That being said it could be correct and I was just unable to get my linux install to pick up on it and open it through the utility I tried to use.

I might end up firing up the old virtual machine software in the end and seeing if that works too. Long term it would be nice to be able to test and debug before releasing 😀

I can try and shoot you over a private build with the debugger attached so if anything pops up it could be notted. I belive I can also create a log file dump from this aswell so that could be handy too :)

Sorry for my inexperience with the platform. I've only really delt with headless server stuff via terminal  and ftp file share systems 😆

But this is good it means in the future I would be able to support Linux which is an amazing platform so I'm glad you pushed me in that direction even if it might cause a bit of a headache getting set up hahaha

Oh gees that's not good xD I wonder if I broke left and right when I fixed up down and diagonals D:

I will take a look at this today when I get home from work :)

Any chance you could send me an example?

The only thing I can think of, if I didn't break something recently, would be that the ratio between the canvas size and the # of frames might result in a funky math leaving an extra pixel shift or something at the end. Also might deleting the last frame fix this for you? Any extra information on size and what's inputted in to the toolbar will help debug 😀 and fix up more quickly!

As a triple check if you could let me know what version of the toolbar and aseprite you are using aswell that would help a ton too 😀

I'm super glad your finding it useful btw! It's honestly my favorite of the tools that I've made so far because you get instant smooth results and if you don't like it you can undo in one quick step and try again 😀

Thank you for reaching out too! With out it its much harder to find issues 😆

I'm actually installing Ubuntu as we speak :)

Just so I can test this out before hand!

It's def a few steps doing it on windows but it seems better then it use to be with the only option before being a duel boot. Now you can install it directly on to windows and just grab the gui via an application!

Still have a but to set up but I'll comment again as soon as I figure thing out!

I can most certainly try! However, I might need to have you test it because I don't have Linux installed currently so I would be unsure if all the features worked properly :)

Thanks Legends! Just you wait till the next update ;)

Sorry for the delay!

I think that I might have found this issue, was it happening only on up down or diagonals? Left and right was okay or was it also happening on left and right?

I just uploaded an update which fixed some stuttering issues hopefully this was the issue you had!

Let me know if it's still doing it after you update :D

Awesome! I'm glad you were able to get it installed!

Let me know if you need any help!  Or if anything is broken haha xD

Hmm this is quite strange! I wonder if it's because I didn't set the operating system for the download? Are you using the itch io launcher or just downloading from the website? It should show this when you click download now :)

Yeah! I'm glad you're finding it quite useful!

Would love to see what you create with it :)

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Awesome! We are currently working on an update that will fix a few major issues and also adding in level progression :) Hoping to also include the start of skills aswell haha

Going to download this and try it out in the morning :D Looks so cute Vault!

Hey that's pretty cool.. 👍 hey that's pretty cool... 👍 hey that's pretty cool 👍

Thanks vault! Appricate you playing our game especially on stream it was invaluable being able to see what you were doing or trying to do and reacting :) We ARE super excited to get this to a full release :) I will be making a page for this game probobly this weekend where it will continue to be updated as features are added to it :D

Thanks for playing our game Mottzy! Really appricate your feedback as well :) Def plan to look at speeding up the shopping experience and I also did have this very idea of having little items apperer above the townsfolk heads to some how add to the strategy of the game and make if feel a little less random. Perhaps the icon would show and they could all line up then you use your skills each turn or something but yeah still working out the details for sure haha Want to make it fun and skillful moreso then a game of chance you know? Thanks again for the kind words it means alot to us!

Thanks for playing the game FatWed! Really appricate the feedback. I did remember you mentioning the press A text which I can def see now its pretty rough to see haha I totally forgot to fix that D: Should def be easy to fix though just put some dark color around it or behind it perhaps.

About the speed of the townsfolks and how long it takes. We do plan on having either a skill (passive or active) that will speed up how quickly the towns folk will be noticing and wanting to shop which will be nice when you get additional turns/ transactions. (We are actually going to redesign the ui for the turns and make it less arbitrary by having it be a stamina bar and have chunks come out each transaction too! This will make it feel less arbitrary and make it easier to have skills effect this stat! )

Really like the side scrolling shooter style with plenty to dodge but also the added difficulty of staying a float! The giant laser beam is a great touch too! Well done :)

Appricate you checking out our game! Currently we have only planed having the sliding arrow for the mini game where the darker color is the buyers price (lower) and the lighter color is the shopkeepers price (slightly higher) but what would you have in mind if we added more to it? Def interested for adding future complexity maybe as the game progresses! :D

Thank you for playing our game and glad you enjoyed it! We have much more to come for sure! :D Be sure to follow for more updates as they should be fairly soon! :D