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ROOK RULES: Straight Forward Gaming

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I can't get the game to play in the web browser, is there a download?

what?! I must've missed the memo LETS GO!!!!

im so glad you got to see the video, happy you liked it. if you do happen to do this lemme know because I be the first person in line to try 

I'm going through itchio games that I have found a liked to playthrough through out my game jam playing. elf mail made the list as a really good "just chatting" game, it's really good and I like it 

YO! i really liked this game lol I just wish there was a volume control 

other than that, I love it

are there plans to maybe get this game twitch integrated? like maybe viewers can use their redeems to have their messages turned into letters on screen or have them be the voices of the pigeons as the players scares them off when running past them 

great game overall I haven't played it since the GameJam but coming back I can see why I liked it 

gonna be making a video on this soon I just wanted to share that I got this score

I was really excited for this one, although it seems Redgar ran out of time. but it LOOKS like its going to be REALLY good in the future

"was really looking forward to booba crab" - Rook Rules

no im kidding, but I do like the calming nature of this game 

I did it \ 813

I like the "cheating" mechanic where when you box yourself in the adventurers teleport right to you lol 

I like the "cheating" mechanic where when you box yourself in the adventurers teleport right to you lol 

they dont say hello here

right... 2016 wants there meme back. for everyone else reading this if you Digimon had a black circle with a cross through on their portrait 🚫 this means they're blocked from evolution. 

There are items in the shop that can be unlocked via the medal challenges I forgot which ones exactly but they also give you one of those anti evolution items for free. DO NOT GIVE IT to your Digimon unless you don't want them to evolve but also to remove it is 150,000

where's like the evolve button, I can't seem to get goblinmon to evolve

it there a button for full screen 

I want to the next update for sure :D when we get the shovel or pick to break rocks. loved the tools

I randomly found this game while downloading others

really cute game all together, I did find that buying (10) chicken feed gives you hay but then also you can't have more than 10 of each feed. 

the only thing I would love is stacking items, so I could sell more at a time. I wouldn't mind having to run back to the boxes to deposit things (I haven't needed to use the storage yet) I think with stacking I would want to buy extras of items

good game though, threw 3 hours in that I didn't even notice because I liked the day to day routine of the game (got the shears, LOVED IT)

oof was the sound UP THERE, I thought the models were really good but I honestly has no idea what Iwas doing 

I thought this was good. the goal was clear, I could tell the difference between me and the enemies. I just couldn't figure out if I won 

I thought this was good. the goal was clear, I could tell the difference between me and the enemies. I just couldn't figure out if I won 

I know everyone is talking about the driving controls, I had problems too

I agree, the statue got me like super GOT ME
I really did think at first the game was going to be just the creepy atmosphere and it was going to be all in my head that would make me scared (I dont know what genre those games are but I do think the length is what makes that statue SO effective)  

this was excellent! I like the switch between being a ship and switching into a crane game to get the chests/ treasure

i also liked the character design but I couldn't seem to get the combos to work with gamepad or with mouse 

I thought it was good, nice 3d platformer 

I thought it was good, nice 3d platformer 

very cute, super clean really liked this one a lot (the flat part of that wooden bridge under the first jump doesnt quite work, the player just falls right through)

didn't even NEED the map, game to good to pause 



YES and kepp the oceans CLEAN 

shout out to WATERFLAME, that music was DOPE 

5 star walking animation

BRUH 10,10 I'd play this game post jam 

oh sweet! If you see them again let'em know i said thank you for the mention


oh heard! I'm glad you found the VOD! sorry if the energy was a little low when i got to your game I was super happy to see it was a "collect the pugs game" but also liked the 3 lane running game (I dont know what this genre is called, but I really like games like yours) 

loved it 

(how did you find me if you don't mind me asking )

I did, the game was very cute and the story was being told well

I was playing it in browser so I bet that's why it felt super slow to me 

but yeah I though it was a great job overall :D 

my pleasure! I like text adventures and this one being THE DANCING QUEEN one made it all the better