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Lol, I'm seeing that a lot about level 5. I will definitely try to streamline that one, lots of red herrings in it currently.

Thanks for playing! Designing levels was tricky, I had to do it incrementally by first doing a simple solution with few obstacles, placing more obstacles in to see where they could fit, tweaking the maze itself etc to make it all work together. I wish I had time to design more levels than I ended up making!

Absolutely terrifying cover image on this one. I had a lot of struggles with the controls- I wasn't able to reach any of the humans on the ice before they shot me. But the concept and the art are really solid- just needs a bit more polish in my opinion. Nice work getting something submitted!

Excellent presentation! I made it to the last level but was bested by that darn swinging weapon. This one is really cool. I had a bug where the hero kept prancing around on the Game Over screen- other than that, seems like a really polished experience. Great job!

The art is really cute in this! Seems like a fun idea. Eventually the boulder and adventurer both wound up trapped in the same area and I was unable to do anything. But the look of the game is really nice. Keep at it!

(Currently seeking out other "control the maze" games to see what people did with that idea)

This one looks really polished! Moving the maze feels good, if a little floaty. I will say though, the click-to-rotate-segments mechanic makes this feel a little too easy. It feels less like solving a maze and more like clicking along a path. You could maybe have some slots in the maze that don't have empty space in them? Or limit the movement of the maze so you can't float outside the area. There should be some limitation that prevents players from just click-navigating through the maze. But overall, nice job!

Looks like we both had similar ideas- nice! I searched for "maze" to see who else made a "control a maze" game. In your game- the camera being cropped close to the red dot makes this a bit confusing- it feels like I'm moving the dot, not the maze. I was a little confused about how the doors works as well and what the rhombus shapes are. You could probably add some more tutorialization. But keep at it- put some music in there! Congrats on submitting a game!

Definitely fits the theme! The spritework is really good, but you have inconsistent scaling going on (see Cluckle's sprite vs the cat's sprite, the pixels are different sizes). I think you could make the whole thing pop more if you had a more consistent aesthetic. Gameplay wise, the game is solid- since moving the character with the mouse directly makes it easy to dodge, maybe you could consider something more like flappy-bird style movement for Cluckles to make dodging more difficult. Nice job!

There's some nice art here- the fisherman sprite looks great. Using the oil barrel felt like a good discovery and swimming ~through~ the tire felt great. Sadly, my fish got stuck in the guy's boat in level 4 (I knocked the cooler out) and I was unable to proceed. But nice work!

Love the presentation of this. The bounciness, the 1-bit color scheme, and the fonts are all really cohesive. It feels really polished. The gameplay is really solid- I'm playing on a trackpad which severely limits my shooting ability- but I love switching from enemy to player and back. Overall this is an excellent entry. Nice job!

Thanks for playing and the detailed feedback.

  • Yeah, I had hubris about the performance of the web version. There's a windows download now. I was hoping that by having a web build people would be more likely to play it.
  • It definitely needs a lot of tweaking, the collisions are wonky as you said. I'm not sure about getting rid of it completely- but I will play around with it and see what feels better.
  • That's really good advice- I opted for "the whole world pauses" approach to dialogue but it doesn't need to be that way.
  • I've (hopefully) fixed this bug, thanks for reporting.
  • Hm- I could try tweaking air control a bit. I think locking you into momentum while in air should probably work. You're right that it is odd you can move around like that in mid air, I didn't even notice while testing these last few weeks since I started.
  • I want to find a balance between "hit a button to mount a ladder and slide up and down" and freeform BotW style climbing. The reason I'm not just locking the player to a ladder rail is because I want climbing to be somewhat difficult and skill-based- but maybe only for climbing something you're not supposed to climb. Ideally, people would be a little stressed about falling off a sideways ladder. That's a tough balance to strike so I'll keep tweaking.
  • I think there could be more context sensitive actions- like how an adventure game will sometimes allow right clicks to be the most likely/common action. But I don't want to scrap the intent system entirely, as I plan on adding a lot more complex systems where it will come in handy.
  • I was hoping people would try this in lieu of any other way of crossing that gap.
  • Totally fair- thanks for playing.

Appreciate your notes, I will play through your game shortly and provide feedback.

Thanks for playing. Good find on that bug- stupidly I had NPCs still able to create new goals after they die. I've fixed that and reuploaded.

The bug you encountered with the camera being tilted I think can happen when you get brigged twice in a row. I need to dig into it further. There's a lot of wonkiness around the security stunning and dragging the player.

And I'm really glad to hear you reached the rat! With limited playtesting going into this weekend I was a bit worried the jankiness would prevent anyone from getting that far. I appreciate you putting in the time.

Thanks for the tip- the current camera definitely needs a lot of work. I'll look into changing the rotation hierarchy- right now top level node of the player is actually not rotating at all and it is all camera. Making the player yaw rotate would actually help with a few things.

As for the game performance- I've unfortunately been limited to only testing on my machine which performed OK-ish in the browser. I've removed all directional lights but one to hopefully help with performance, and uploaded a Windows build as well.

Yep- I just changed it to toggle crouch on c. A good teaching moment.

You've got the bones of something really cool here- I love the UI and textures, really captures a specific era of games. The little inventory icons for items are excellent. Also, I was shocked when I tried out the debug jetpack and you appear to have modeled an entire planet, hah. Seems like you're off to a good start, I'm excited to see what comes next.

Thanks for playing!

  • Right now the compliment "system" is as bare bones as possible- definitely looking forward to fleshing that out. Not using stats means I have to come up with a compelling way to pass/fail these kinds of checks- should be a fun problem to solve. Right now the plan is to not have any numerical stats / skill checks, and only have equipment available to make things easier, i.e. some kind of lockpicking tool to lower the lockpick difficulty, but no lockpicking "stat".
  • Definitely not going to be browser only- I was glad to see it ran in the browser since I figured that would mean more people would be likely to play it. But the size of the game I ultimately want to make (something like a space station the size of a larger Deus Ex level) won't be browser friendly.
  • That's a great idea- I will add that.
  • Yeah, it is super clunky right now. I will play around with different control options for mounting and climbing ladders- I wanted it to be more freeform than on-rails since you can climb boxes, light fixtures, sideways ladders etc. But I agree right now it does not feel good.
  • I'm an idiot. crtl+w is a common hotkey for "close tab" in most browsers. aka "crouching and walking forward". The perils of testing way more on windows than html5, I guess. I will fix.

Again, thanks for playing, I really appreciate it. I'm planning on continuing to update the game and participate in more Demo Days to come

Wow. This feels great to play. The assets are phenomenal and the bubble gun is a really cool mechanic. I had a ton of fun just playing around on the farm after the tutorial level kicking and bouncing around- I think you're really onto something here. I don't have too much to criticize since it is already such a polished experience- just wanted to say great job and I'll be on the lookout for more.

Pretty nice music, I had the title screen up in another tab and was grooving to it.

I love FTL, this seems like a good interpretation of it. The spritework is awesome. Agree with what everyone is saying about the screen size though- I had to switch monitors to play it.

This is a really nice feeling game. I'm not very good at it, seems like I always end up with some nodes on their own little island. Highest I got was 96%. I think if you added some juice like a pulsing animation to nodes, maybe "beating" to the rhythm of background music, this could be a really cool relaxing puzzle game. Also, I'm not sure if it would work- but I think the controls could lend themselves well to mouse click + scroll wheel to select and rotate the rings. I think that could feel a bit more intuitive than the keyboard option. Actually, now that I think about it, this concept would be perfect for the Playdate system which has a crank. Some food for thought!

it’s actually Godot!

Thanks for playing!

We think the game qualifies as a roguelike since there is permadeath, randomized levels, and you build a deck of ability cards from randomized options as a reward for progressing through each level. As far as progress goes, you have your growing deck, the levels get bigger as you go, and more enemies / player pawns are added. Plus, there's the boiling pot of water which rises a bit after every level, until the inevitable conclusion.

Also, you can control the camera by holding shift and using the arrow keys. Apologies if this wasn't conveyed well- not moving the camera makes the game a whole lot more difficult. 

I'm not sure I really trust that candy man.

This is a nice dungeon crawler, if a bit simple (so far). I like the art, especially for the "bad apple" enemy. I am a bit confused about the mechanics- what is "Charging" for? It seems like it just slows down the pace of battles unnecessarily. Unless I am missing something, which I probably am.

It would also be good to get feedback about enemy health. I'm not sure how far along I am as I am kicking the enemy.

For the controls, I would suggest allowing arrow keys / space to confirm in the menu navigation as well as in-game. I'm using a laptop and it is bit jarring to open a chest, get the contents, and not be able to hit "accept" with space and having to reach down to my track pad to click it. Just a suggestion.

First of all- the animations are super smooth. They look great! I especially like the blur on the snake laying in wait when it pops up. The armadillo attacks are cool. Just overall the hand-drawn visuals look really good.

But I'm a little confused about where to go. I got to the armadillo and got crushed by it. And I am using 1, 2 and 3 to switch potions- I would expect there to be some visual indicator when I select a new potion, but it is hard to tell which one I have selected.

And I'm not sure if it is just my build, but I have no audio when playing.

But overall, this is a fun game. I think the difficulty could be tuned a bit, or I am just bad at it. Thanks for putting together this jam, by the way!

Well, the real reason that the items take up battery is because we didn't want people spamming the "drop spring" button since springs kill on impact. We decided against using individual ammo indicators for each item since we wanted it to be a more streamlined, arcadey experience. But if it helps, just imagine that when you are spawning a spring or a girder the ship is fabricating them with an advanced 3d printer that takes up a lot of energy.

Thanks for playing and thanks for the feedback!

We purposefully made missing humans only detract 10 credits vs 24/50 for harvesting them, additionally your score can never go below zero , so you should feel pretty comfortable experimenting with different items!

Also, genuinely not sure what you mean by "non-electric" items consuming battery... all items are being deployed by a UFO and would conceivably consume energy to use.

Nice one! I love me some picross, was curious how the numbering on the side of the problems would look on such a small resolution but your solution made sense and felt good to play.

Thanks so much for playing and for  the feedback! 

The “Go Home” item should have unlocked an item in your inventory that you had to then “use” to trigger the ending. 

Thanks for playing! We will be uploading a patched windows  build after the ratings period ends. 

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These are two softock bugs in the jam build! We are impressed you made it far enough to find them and I'm very sorry you've encountered them. We have them patched and a fix for these will be in the post jam release 

Happy to help!

This is helpful; thank you! 

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Thanks for playing!


Yeah, this is a known issue! Sorry! You can restart the game with "r". Will upload a fix when the jam's review period ends.

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You just need to make your viewport larger but make sure you keep the same aspect ratio of the camera. And scale it with   multiples of 8 to not distort the pixels 

Amazing art and vibe! I loved how everything came together so nicely to create a wonderful package.  You explored the core mechanics very well and level design was great!

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submissions are locked! but we will be uploading a bugfixed windows version as well when ratings are over

It's always a good day when the Fun Base crew stops by! didn't know you were streaming but I caught the VOD. Thanks for playing, as always!