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Such a clever idea!

I’m not much of a fan of idle games, but I can clearly see it would turn out a great one if you refine and expand it after the jam. My biggest problem was the very slow start. I believe the auto-roller should come in much sooner! But that’s it, haha.

Congratulations on your game! Great job :D

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I like the idea a lot! But I found it too hard to control the ball and the character at the same time, dodging and attacking. The controls can use some refinement, which would make the whole dynamic easier to perform.

Maybe you could do more like Katamari and have only the ball/reaper to control, just something like when you hook the ball and it got stuck on the reaper (that seems like a bug atm). Joining those as one character would make it a lot easier to manage! Just an idea :)

Death can die so 0/10 (just kidding! xD). Great job for your submission!

Awesome, so clever and beautiful! The gameplay is fun and very creative.

My only complaint is that I found it too hard to make it past the first level with 2 dice. To the point it got frustrating! If you didn’t need to get both dice at the same time, it would be much more feasible!

But overall awesome work! Congrats :D

Art and animations are just marvelous! The gameplay is fun with a lot of potential, but I got frustrated very quickly because of the luck factor, and gave up after getting stuck for a long time against two healers on my second battle :(

Anyway, it’s very impressive all this made during the jam! Super congrats!

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Oh my! I love it! So clever to make unusual dice faces to raise the difficulty!

All aspects of the game are awesome! Congrats!

The gameplay is frenetic and fun, but because of that I couldn’t get a grip and make strategies based on the next attack/dice power and barely could use the dice spells. So basically I was just attacking trigger-happy and hoping the monsters would die fast.

Other than that, I like everything! The art, animations and audio were working very well together. Awesome work!

So cute! Loved the aesthetics and the creatures!

As someone already pointed, I missed some other level of mechanics. The game fits well the luck and dice theme but the gameplay in itself is too simple and I couldn’t come up with strategies to avoid losing.

Maybe the creatures could interact automatically in some way to bring some interesting consequences. And then we could think “well, I’ll try to roll these now because I already have one of those and then something good (for me) would happen”.

Anyway, nice work! Congrats :)

Very nice! Loved the aesthetics and the side previews—even though it confused me for a considerable time. For me, the puzzles were really hard to solve; I felt I was always winning on luck.

But overall great job! Congrats!

Thanks a lot for playing and the kind words! Glad you like it :D

I’ll check out our game as well :)

Yeeeah! Thanks for your lovely feedback!

And yep, sadly we couldn’t implement the entire intended flow for the jam, which would be 15 levels. Well, perhaps we will extend the game! It’d be great if you played it in case that happens :)

We aimed for cute looks and vibes, so it seems WE DID IT!

Thanks a lot for your feedback ❤️

So glad you enjoyed our game! Thanks a lot for playing and the nice words 😊

We had 15 levels to include, but couldn’t! The last one was a charming ending to a sequence of more challenging levels. Sad they didn’t make it in :’(

But possibly there will be an extended version! So hopefully you get to check it out too :D

Thanks a lot for playing and the feedback ❤️

Damn, that’s a fine idea right there. Writing it down…

Thanks a lot for playing and the nice words!

So great that you liked it! Thanks for playing and the feedback!

So glad that you enjoyed the speedbumps as much as I have! And yeah, that’s an easy fix that would go nicely with an expansion of the game 👀

Thanks a lot for playing and the lovely feedback!

We actually had two or three mechanics designed, just as we had 15 designed levels to implement, but time went by very fast D:

But we are thinking to expand the game after the jam, so maybe you could check it out later if that happens :)

Thanks a lot for playing and the feedback. It means a lot ✨

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Thanks a lot for the feedback, yours warms the heart! Glad you enjoyed our more relaxed game :D

And I hope we continue it too!

Valeu mano! 😍

Thanks a lot, Henrique! So cool that you loved it ❤️

I wish that too! Maybe there will be more levels after the jam, who knows 👀

Thank you for playing! ✨

You’re amazing! ❤️

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it :D

Loved everything! Super impressive that this is a solo game made in just 50h! You are a legend.

Turns out sorting layers is outright impossible to fix when the clock is ticking and you could fail to upload a game if too slow xD

Thank you for playing, the lovely feedback and I’m glad my code protected you from the bugs dimension!

The collectables were really meant to be an optional thing for challenge. But yeah, didn’t make much sense without more challenging levels (we didn’t have enough time 😭) or an overall counter or something… Things we would solve in case of expanding the game! hehe

Thanks a lot for playing and the nice feedback :)

Oh yes! Now it worked. Thanks!


Awesome that you enjoyed it! And thanks a lot for the nice words 😊

Aren’t they? I think there’s a lot to explore from here 👀

Thanks a lot for playing and your feedback! ❤️

Thank yoooou! So glad you liked it 😊

Yeah, the isometric movement got us by surprise! We couldn’t even imagine a solution that would fit the jam’s time window. We barely managed to publish it in the end, so glad we didn’t try to solve it hah! Anyway, thanks for the suggestions, we’ll keep them in mind in case of a bigger version 👀

And yes, we also couldn’t stop to solve the sorting issues, but hopefully it didn’t get in the way too much (pun intended 🥁)

Thanks for playing and the feedbacks! It means a lot ❤️

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Yaaay, so glad you like it! Thanks a lot for playing * w *

YES! That’s exactly what we wanted with the rolling only over ledges: to make it more relaxing and easier to predict! Glad you liked it :DD

And thank you for playing and the nice words 💖

The side collection is primarily meant to be an optional challenge (like 🍓 in Celeste). We also have something else already planned in case of a bigger version, but for the jam we managed the first purpose.

The thing is, we couldn’t implement all the designed levels (only 7 out of 15), so we couldn’t get to a more challenging part.

Anyway, thanks a lot for playing and the feedback 💖

Yeeeah! Thanks, glad you liked it :DD

  1. The side collection mechanic is just an optional collectable meant to increase the difficulty a little (think of Celeste, for example). We thought of some more uses for it, in a meta gameplay flow, but we knew it was impossible to implement for the jam, so it’s something we would create for a (possible) bigger version.

  2. Yeah, overall, the game is easy! We like to create more relaxing experiences, so we normally make it very easy then scale the difficulty slowly. The thing is we didn’t have enough time to create more challenging levels, so it ended still very easy. We have 15 levels ready to implement, but the time was not forgiving with our slow pace.

  3. That was our approach to make it easier to predict and calculate when you are going to “land” on a correct win state at the end. Something that other similar games (in my opinion) struggled with: very hard to make simple levels because of this natural complexity.

And thanks a lot for playing plus the feedback! Really appreciate it and will take these in mind in case we develop this game further :)

aaaaaa thanks a lot! Really happy you enjoyed! And it may just have a bigger version out of this jam 👀

Thank you! Glad you liked it :D

Wow, look at the time! Spent more time than expected reviewing this game. Really enjoyable feedback loop and nicely themed! Congrats!!

The game kept crashing on my browser (Chrome), idk why :(

But I got to play enough to see it’s a very fun idea and great execution! Congrats!!