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i love that parallax industrial background! really great music too. had some very strange physics encounters with walls, but also had a great time :) thanks!

wow, what a beautiful game. thanks so much!

wow, great game! the swipe feels so nice, and i loved that beautiful dusty/smoky effect on the boss. thanks!

hey, fellow skate game maker! i really loved this one, even though my whole roll of film came out terrible (pretty true-to-life, actually). I loved the sense of place and character you communicated. Loved those scribbly pixel art  shadows, silhouetted backgrounds, & chill chiptune pachabel's canon.  Thank you!

woah, i really enjoyed this little thing! the controls were super hard for my brain to internalize, but in a way that i really enjoyed. simple and really interesting, one of my favorites. thanks!

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Super cool concept! Love the character and the main idea here. I think the physics or the level design could use some tuning so it doesn't feel so difficult right from the start, but I still really enjoyed it! Great work.

Thank you so much! Yeah those combos start to become super satisfying, right? Glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks Case! Really glad we could achieve the "uno mas" effect haha. Appreciate the kind words :)

thank you so much Ogaiht! there's definitely more coming :)

thanks, Bokonon!

i admire marvin's tenacity for sticking it out in this v dangerous and barren "garden."  ^_^ i loved this game! really fun, super difficult. I wish the music  was a little longer and more varied? I think especially because it's a rhythm game, that one short song got pretty insistent after a while. Otherwise, really awesome work. the moment when I picked up the lawnmower was a really fun twist, and it made me excited for other possible roguelike mechanic expansions :)

hey thanks sheepiedog! yeah, we need to re-work the speed at which your score catches up with itself, i think it gets really confusing sometimes. 

ahh, thanks so much for this comment! that's exactly the experience we were hoping people would have with that high-combo reward animation :) :)

congrats on your first game! i loved the laugh-out-loud surprise of the moment when I came to the first wall jump. really impressed with how well you implemented that mechanic. thanks!

thank you! yeah, there's definitely a tension moving forward of how simple to keep the input. we're sort of excited about trying to keep building it up without adding any more buttons, but who knows. maybe the draw toward THPS-style trick input will be too great :)

great fast-food palette! and fun game, aside from the brutal speed with which i sort through my sling-able foods. i rarely landed on the right one, but it made my roleplay as a thoughtless terrible teenage snack attendant all the more immersive. thanks!

wow!!! i am not nearly hardcore enough to be good at this game, but I did manage to finally beat ol' ory. there's so much personality in all of your animation, music, and dialogue. really really loved it, one of my favorites in the jam. thanks!

hey thanks dim3! yeah, we're talking expanding this and wondering if mobile makes the most sense. we'll see!

woah, great spooky game!! I love how the reloading mechanic makes for some really tense, timing intensive puzzles. one time i got killed by two enemies  back-to-back and it played the death music twice, which felt appropriately punishing, haha.

thank you!!

wow, this game is absolutely incredible!! i had so much fun getting to the end ^_^ wonderful concept, great puzzles, lovely color and sound, just amazing. my favorite of the jam so far. thank you! -Luke

full marks for answering the question: what if the hand minigames in NITW had the guts to let me make a sad sad sandwich for mario himself.

such a joy to be this v heavy locked-out cat for a while. thanks!

Gorgeous colors, wild water physics, great music and sound. I disappointed trixie so many times, lol. I got a bug (web version) on the second level where the bottom 2/3 of the screen were just solid orange, never could get it to fix itself (tried exiting, restarting, no luck). Still super fun though. Thanks!! -Luke

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Hey, thanks for playing, Thejaspel! Yeah, the scoring balance is pretty wonky until you start making combos. And totally, those pits especially can be a bit hard to spot as they zip toward you. Thanks for the feedback!

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ahh, thanks so much for all your kind words, AJ! we're definitely hoping to expand on this :)  we had so much fun making it.

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Very cute little game! Loved the music and palettes. Gameplay is very simple as is, but there's potential for some fun depth down the road if you keep working on it! Great work :)

so simple but SO FUN. perfect game to just kill some time with, i love it :) great work!

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Man, this game is brutal! I keep getting destroyed by the first couple enemies lol. Gonna keep at it though!  Wonderful job with the gameboy feel, the music and art are really nice and the movement feels great. 

LOVE the dialogue and story! Great little game boy game you made here.

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LOL you beat the game my guy, nice work! 

Nah for real though thanks for the heads up, definitely an oversight on our part! Will get this fixed for the next update :)
Thanks for playing!!


Nice little laid back platformer! Fun animations and sfx. Dash controls felt a little counter intuitive to my brain, but otherwise I really liked it! Congrats :)


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"Git gud, scrub" - the birds while brutally bonking ur head

Haha thanks so much for the kind words, and thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it ^_^

Thanks so much! I am stupidly proud of that spinning game over board, glad I could mesmerize you with it :)
Oh, and the birds are fine but yeah honestly they deserve the trauma for taking  -100 points. Jerks.
Thanks for playing!

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Wow!! Super impressive little metroidvania game. Dodging bullets and moving around obstacles takes some precision and patience, but it's very rewarding and keeps you coming back for more. Finding secrets was a joy. All around just a really satisfying game to play. Loved the sfx and music, and wonderful pixel art.

This is a gem for sure. Fantastic work :)


holy hannah this game is so good! so many incredible details, the little pixel trails arcing through the air, the depth of the junkyard car-piles, great music & sfx. amazing work! 

Extremely dangerous elevators, will be filing an OSHA report. Loved all your super-constrained details. Thanks!

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I couldn't get your game to install :( but i love the look of all your v good main street ghost shops!!

EDIT: Brother number 2 has a Windows computer and was able to play :) wonderful pixel art! Great work!!

Hey, thank you!