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An Autumn With YouView game page

A magical being lives in this forest
Submitted by leafthief (@leafthief) — 2 hours, 33 minutes before the deadline
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wow, what a beautiful game. thanks so much!


This game is amazing! It made me actually feel like a child exploring the environment.


Wow! This game is beautiful in so many ways!


Cute game and definitely one of the most gameboy-like games in the jam! I'm also very impressed by how beautiful the world is given the palette restriction :D


Everything was great AND gameboy in there ! And th whole vibe this get it's so sweet and cool, a little bitter with the story but still so calm and attracting ! Hope to see more like this !


Cute game ! The pixel art is really good and the story is nice to follow from start to finish.

The fact of being inspired by totoro is cool, there aren't enough adaptation of the studio Ghibli in game ^^

Jam HostSubmitted(+1)

Lovely game with a well thought out palette. The art is wonderful.

I found a bug in the game that reset all my progress - I got the kite, then I kept getting a notification that it's windy. When I left the room everyone was back at the car as if the game had restarted.

I also felt that the journey to the postbox felt like a long way to go, and that there were some issues with the collisions inside the house.

Never-the-less, a really charming game which accomplished a lot within the jam time frame. The writing for the characters was subtle but believable, using environmental cues for story telling which I liked a lot.

Best of luck!


Very good game! Very cute art style and cute story. But i got softlocked once so i had to start over. Overall it was a nice experience.


Beautiful presentation, the atmosphere is really peaceful. Nicely paced storytelling. 

Great game, congrats!


I really liked the atmosphere and the story.  Cute pixelart, I really enjoyed the game.


Thank you for the kind words!

Lovely little game :D


Thank you, I appreciate it :)


This is such a beautiful and thought out game you've put together. Easily my number 1 for world-building and story-telling. This is a game that I would love to see more of at some point, great work.


Thanks so much for the kind words <3


Charming and cute! Kept playing for longer that I expected. The pacing is really good and kept me hooked for a long while.

Sadly I got stuck somewhere in the middle and didn’t know where to go anymore. There was an argument between the parents.

Anyway, really nice entry!


Thank you for playing! Have a nice day!


I love how chilled and beautiful this game is.


I'm glad you felt that way, that was my goal actually. Have a good day!


I liked so much!

I don’t know what’s I don’t like, but I know I liked so much things in this games haha, narrative, art, audio and interactions.

Studio Ghibli is a very nice studio!!! Good job!


That's nice of you to say. Thank you!


Where do I start... This game is really something great! Such a story in such a short time! The artwork is spot on for a gameboy style and I really enjoyed collecting each item with the little bit of text describing them. So extremely immersive!

I think did have a bit of an issue where I kept reloading by accident (looking for the inventory) and didn't realize it till the end XD

Here is a video from earlier today while I was playing it! :D

[An Autumn With You] Played By Carbs

Keep up the amazing work! Would love to see what you can do with limitless time!

PS. Forgot to mention that I really enjoyed the fact that this could be played as an actual gameboy game in an emulator. Would love to have something like this on a cart!


Really cute, atmospheric and heartfelt! And lots of attention to detail for Game Boy-style authenticity, too. This one is really something special.

Really loved what I played. I felt so close to this family. I was bewildered when I saw a spirit in the forest!!! Each item is so hand crafted and nice.

The main village theme is incredible. So simple but such a great home town tune.

I think I encountered a glitch unfortunately- somehow appeared under the gate and couldn't recover my game..! 


Oh no, I'm sorry you encountered a glitch. Thank you for the kind words. I'm happy you enjoyed the story <3


Beautiful game and story! I was so excited to play this! There's so much care in the story-telling and environment! absolutely gorgeous!


Awesome job! the palette was perfect and the story was engaging enough to keep me going. also i loved granny’s sprite, so cute!

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