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someone call my wife!! new UPSQUID dropped!!!

awesome art/animation!! the mechanics have it feeling like a throwback to early cinematic platformers (another world, heart of darkness, etc) which i love. hoping y'all develop this concept further!

Just uploaded a new (hopefully fixed!) build for mac, let me know if it works!

cute game, love the spritework! the backgrounds remind me of genndy tartakovsky's work. 

also learned quite a bit about pangolins :) how could anyone cause harm to these little dudes??

Im a sucker for these kinds of ball rolling games :D its visually pleasing and so much fun! I dont really have any constructive criticisms to give here, so.. Great job!

Im gonna have to agree with Kadin's comment. Theres a lot of potential here, and i love the recreation of mode 7 graphics, but theres are some issues with conveying whats going on in the race. luckily, thats very fixable and not an issue with the quality of the actual game, and i hope to see it improved in the future! Good job!

This is a beautiful entry! unfortunately i had a hard time figuring out how to play.. It feels like there should be a tutorial, or more feedback on what you're supposed to do. Hopefully that happens, as i would love to come back and finish this game!

cute but deceptively tough! there were some jumps that felt a little unfair, but overall the game was fun. btw wreckenza's animations were soo good, especially her jump animation!

I love this little experience. these are the kinds of games i look for in jams - experimental, thoughtful, and simple. great job!

So cute! the level design was fantastic, and the difficulty was perfect for a jam game. Great job! My final score was 95700!

Woof, that was stressful! but in a good way ;) I had a lot of fun with this entry, would definitely like to see more in the future!

The water shader is my little secret.. jk, feel free to message me and ill explain haha

Soak City's tune is my favorite too, 01010111 really did do an excellent job!

For you? sure! just uploaded a linux build, hope it works!

i hadnt thought of making software for a jam, what a great idea :D its cute, it controls well, the palettes are nice.. theres really not much more i could ask from this! good job!

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very cute and funny entry, and a nice take on the fishing genre (mechanically speaking). ill for sure be coming back to this one to catch all the fish :D

what an awesome genre mix. the art, music, and mechanics are all on point too. such a great entry! this is the kind of game i would love to play with my friends online, i hope you consider adding it post-jam if youre planning on working on this further!

Nice submission! i see a lot of potential with using the grappling hook to launch into enemies. I would play a full version of this game on my phone :D

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Visually this game was wild! I did have some trouble figuring out how to play and what to do, but other than that, this is a nice submission!

Fun game! My only criticism is with the gun sound effect - Its too loud! Other than that, good job with your submission :)

Interesting take on pokemon. Always happy to see games that focus on non-violent gameplay. Also, having a guy named Melon who lives in Melonville cracked me up haha

This was a silly little game haha

There's so much potential here! I really like how it mixed the standard "gameboy style" adventure with tactical gameplay. My main criticism is the lack of explanation for how to play and feedback of how the battle is going  - for example, i had no way of knowing how much health either your characters or the enemy had. Other than that though, you did a great job!

Dang, this is fun! I couldn't beat it because im terrible, but im for sure coming back for more :D great job!

Awesome job! the palette was perfect and the story was engaging enough to keep me going. also i loved granny’s sprite, so cute!

What a cute, silly, and fun entry! I loved the music especially. I'd like to see a way to easily retry levels for a higher score. BTW my final score was 31 points :)

Nice!! First off, I gotta say that the sound effects are basically perfect. It made even moving a cursor around enjoyable :) The art was good, the level design was fun, what else could you want from a tactics game?

Between the palette, art, and music, i really enjoyed the atmosphere. i also like how combat felt like you were entering a standoff with each enemy, waiting for who was gonna shoot first. My main criticism is that i wish there was more content :) Good job!

I really enjoyed the game's atmosphere and animations! I do think that combat could use some added depth, with some sort of defense mechanic (such as dodging or blocking). Better feedback for when you hit an enemy or when an enemy hits you would also help in that regard. Considering the game jam's time constraints though, I think you did a great job!

What a great little subversive RPG! Loved everything about it, especially the comedy. Good job everyone!

I don't have a timeline for when it'll be done, but one of the devs are working on a pretty interesting autotile solution. We have an issue for it here on Github if you're interested in tracking progress :)

Ogmo saves its levels in a .json format, so as long as you can parse json files it should work just fine!

I believe it should be able to work with x86! We're still working out some sort of build process so we can make more builds (like for linux), but at the moment we only have reliable testing/building environments with Windows (x64) and Mac (all the current devs mainly use Macs).

In the meantime, and if you feel comfortable doing so, you could try building OGMO yourself - we have all the instructions here:

I had a lot of fun with this one. The mechanic is pretty solid, but there were some playability issues that might be easy to solve.

I  kept mis-guessing the distance the gator would launch through a nearby hoop.  a visual indicator if the mouse is in the gator's launch range would be great to prevent misfires like that. and when I was moving quickly, it was pretty hard to place rings due to the camera moving.  Maybe pausing/slowing the camera scroll while the player is holding down the mouse button and creating a ring could help with that?

otherwise, great art, mechanics, and submission in general! 

awesome concept, and great execution!

hey! i’m one of the developers for Mimic, and i would love for anyone to check out our game!

im also a blasphemous mac user, im right there with ya! so of course our  game has a mac build.

Ill look into it! Do you have more info about when it happens?

Wow! I've never gotten more than 54. Good job.