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That so awesome ! I really love it !

That was so sweet and peacefull, the drawing style enhance the mood and the dialog fit perfectly! Thanks you for making such a sweet game

That's so nice and soft and warm (warmfull? so much warmness ? I do'nt know how to express that) 

Thank for trying this little experiment ! I hope to see you soon on another space trip ! Good day

If someone enjoy playing this...

Then, it was worth it !

And thank you for your comment !

Thanks to you for making such a good jam ! I only take a three days for it, so it's a little cheap, but it was a great experience, thanks to you !

Quiet and calm, it put me in a comfy zone , I really like it ! All the little detail (I discover very lately that you can press the right mouse click) and the art set up a good mood. It's alive but not too dynamic (and I really like the color scheme)

Really cool game ! Like, all the idea works well, it's stressy, we want to make it, the father is really scary , and the story work perfectly with the gameplay ! Nicely done !

Thanks ! I hope I could had a few more mechanics in the game, or at least a goal, but I didn't have the time (the "click to grag" had a stupid bug that I take 20 minutes to fix ). But I'm glad that the ambiance works well ! Thank you !

(I love so much that trail renderer... Like, it is exactly what I wanted to make for my games... )
The principe of the game is fun, and even if it's quick, the bouncy collectibles who grow more and more is very mesmerizing ! It catch the eye and work ! (I never win but I appreciated it anyway)

Really calm and cool ! I realy love the depht on the stars and the overall mechanics 

what do you mean ?

Purely awesome ! Intuitive, immediatly fun, with a lot of good idea, some tricky LD very rewardfull (maybe too much difficult too quickly; but it's a jam game, so, kinda normal) I really love to swing that guy and die and die and die and then succeed ! That was both fun and tricky for the mind, so, very likeable and lovable ! 

It's a game made for a jam (so 48h only) so, yes, it have some major bug who happen very frequently, but I can't upload the correct version (jam's rules) but I will try to make a better-bugless-wellwritten version of this game ! Promise ! 

Thank you for the feedback ! 

I will probably make a better version of this game and re-write the dialog (it's the debug dialog, not the good one) to make this game more fun and add more surprise !

Don't worry : it's mostly because my computer are garbage if it was slow ! 

Thanks ! I'm glad you like the dialog ! (They are the debug dialog : we didn't manage to have time to implement the real one , but shhh it's a secret)

Thanks ! I know it's not super innovative but the mixed between VN and pokemon style fight mixed so well that we fell for it and wanted to give it a try (that and the main plot which I really love !)

Pretty cool, but (maybe because my game is too slow) I didn't stick to some sign even if I had click , and that make me rage multiple time... but the feeling of speed and to see the entire decor going even the place you alredy pass, it was really fun ! Like a super mega cool rollercoaster ! I really like that part ! And too bad for the leaderboard panel who didn't show at the end... 

I really love the art style and the idea to stick people to car, but the game is really short, unfortunately (I take some times to understand that I can move too, sorry...) and the demon going for my friend is a really cool and welcome idea to change the flow of the game and make the player re think how he is playing : it's cool ! 

Even if some ideas are really great (time slowing down when charging) the timing after shooting and the pattern of the enemy shootings make the game difficult and nearly impossible to do it in a "beautiful way". Like, you can"t do it without getting hit, or just smoothly dogde the bullet then get some others, it's kinda miss because they could have been a really good flow for this game but it's a jam game and it's already impressive to see this amount of work! (and the cover is just awesome, and the music is good)

It was awesome ! Like, really neat ! Only the end was ... well, anti climatics ! (I checked your comment to be sure it was the end, 'cause of the name of the room !) But I really love all the idea and how they were brought (especially the sword and the 3 blob ! I love the momentum of this moment !) . And also the silly detail, like the first map with a key who have a shape of ... a key. Like I said : I really love these idea

A cool game, the flow when the combo start is pretty weird, but with a friend it's getting much more funnier and random ! Unfortunately, we never do more than 4 hit but,well, it's good tou!

Very cool and executed well ! I had hard time on some levels but it was really cool ! Great job!

Thanks for the feedback ! I know about the grammar, we want to take time to rewrite the story but time flies in a jam >_< I'm not an english speaker so it double the task ...
But I'm glad you take time to play our game ! Thanks you !

I like the mixed of feeling between the sensation of empowerment and and the absurdity who is just funny ! Even if the game is really too short, I like the idae and it make a great joke game 

After a long time (like 3 days), the linux x86_64 version of the game is release ! I hope it work well ! (I'm the developper of the game) 
I hope you will enjoy this little moment of calm from this game, good play !

A very good game, enjoyable graphism. It kinda sucks that the shot is bug (I press the bar, I aimed an dthen I release and ... no projectiles. The sound of it, the animation, the spear disapear in the hand of the hero, but no projectile trhown.)

PS : I didn't reach the end, how do you destroy is hand under the wheel ?

A really great little game immediatly fun !