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I loved the cute little kittens :D

Very impressive visual effects and graphics. Great use of colour!

I enjoyed the humour, but sadly I lost my finger :(

great story and art. The battles felt a little bit grinds at times but finding out what happens next kept me going :)

I loved the animations and vfx!

Brilliant artwork!

I love how chilled and beautiful this game is.

I love the authentic look and feel! Top notch gfx too!

This is seriously impressive and most importantly fun!

Some of the character art in this was really impressive!

I wasn't great at this but I was enjoyable to play :)

Some really nice sfx and graphical touches in this game, great job!

I love picros and I loved playing this game :)

This really adds something new to Tetris, it reminded me a lot of Bombjack which is no bad thing, plus I loved the music, very catchy!

I felt bad accidentally bombing all the little houses, but I guess that's intentional!

Incredible effort. I'm amazed how fleshed out this is for a weeklong jam.

I could totally see this selling on an actual Game Boy

I was terrible at this, but it was certainly fun.

I love the art and how creative this is.

I was terrible at this but it was fun to play :)

I love the art! It's like Guitaroo Man meets SotC.

I love the idea of this.

So simple and fun!

I love how meta this is :)

I love the dog pixel art. The wall jumping mechanic was a bit too challenging for me eventually. The music is great

This is fund! It reminds me a lot of Jumping Flash on the PSX

I adore the pixel art. Top marks from me!

I loved the humour in this game! Plus the sliding puzzle was fun.

So the microtransaction money is going to charities that help people out of poverty?

I’ve seen that someone else has asked the question on why this is mobile only, I would be interested if it wasn’t. Also I wouldn’t mind knowing why ads micro transactions and other money making criteria are used to judge the winner? If I was playing a game I wouldn’t see these as positive qualities at all. From the outset it looks like this jam is designed to generate revenue rather than make great game. Judging iPhone games are going to be difficult anyway because of the way Apple requires an annual developer license. 

Lovely little platformer with very challenging gameplay. I would love to play a version of this with a larger display and slightly more polished gameplay. Great potential.