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haha yes, that's been a recurring problem :p

I'm not sure you can! To play the game you click on the splash screen in the browser. It does look like it blends in a little too well with the background. It's the big pixellated image with the words 'press spacebar to begin'.

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Showing the different mushrooms would've been great! If I ever revisit I'll have to plug that in.

Your end game experience will also change depending on the events that occur in the game - whether you get prickled by thorns, or stung by bees, what you do or don't know of your parents, or if you see the easteregg. I don't think anyone has ever seen them all. I'm not sure if anyone has ever seen the hallucination monster ending, and at this point even I can't remember how to get it :~)

Thank you so much for playing. I hope you enjoyed mixing the mushrooms.

Thanks! I passed on your comments to the rest of the team :)

This was worth playing just for the music at the end screen. I really enjoyed this - the characters were really well thought out and the gameplay was surprisingly different throughout.

The only thing I had trouble with was C skipping dialogue instead of speeding it up.

Really solid world building in such a short time.

The generated stories were definitely my favourite.  The game is in vanilla JS, which means I rolled my own engine. The stories are made up of four arrays - nouns, characters, verbs and adjectives, and each verse follows a predefined pattern like 'character, verb, adjective, noun' which gets selected from reach array randomly.

We had to be really careful that we didn't accidentally generate something rude!

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Sometimes the devlog worked and sometimes it didn't. It may be to do with pasting images from elsewhere, as I was able to launch a devlog without images the next day.

It seems posting devlogs is intermittently functioning. I couldn't tell you why.

I used everdrive, but it was definitely not the cheap option. It felt great to have it on real hardware, though!

I have a lot to say about implied worlds, but I didn't want to go too off track. There are a lot of techniques you can use to imply an extended world without having to create it.

You're welcome! Did you get around to playing? :)

Can confirm this occurs in both Firefox and Google Chrome - but only for specific games. I was able to make a devlog in a different game.

(My own bug report here)

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Hi! I get the error 'missing token' when trying to submit a devlog. Nothing else is highlighted and all fields are completed. I can't submit a devlog.

Effect was the same in both Chrome and Firefox.

EDIT: It was possible to make a devlog on a different game that I own. The problem is with this game:

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It can be really hard to find a good example, yeah. does a good license presentation in their packs - it's basically just outlining the cans and cants and the intention of the license (which is basically just 'don't share, do use in projects, do attribute credit').

The most important thing for me is just taking the blurb you've put on and saving it inside the artpack so it can 'survive' okay when isolated.

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Unforuntately this is due to the quest design. There's a quest towards the end of the game which can only be completed by killing 20 other players. The newbie zone is the easiest way to do this.

The players are otherwise quite helpful, so this quest seems to be detrimental to the playstyle and encouraging of introducing new players.

My best advice would be to try to negotiate with the players attacking you, or just log in at another time :/ (Hopefully when another player is around to protect you). The good news is that you don't lose much when you die and that the players will stop attacking once they reach 20, but I doubt that's much of a comfort when it means you have to sit out of the game each time you die.

Hopefully Sokpop adjust this quest eventually.

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An enjoyable game! I had fun playing with other people. There are players who are quite experienced and they take the time to explain what to do and where you can go, and that's a great feeling!

If there were too many people in a room, the spam of LOOK and other commands being printed to the console might get a bit annoying. Also maybe some error capturing to tell us when the server/internet is down to prevent the crash loop would be really useful.

I've got a lot of experience in MUDs and really had a blast doing the grinding and teamwork. Sometimes it's good to just have a little mindless grind at the weekend. Definitely worth the price tag. Thanks Sokpop!

(On a side note I'm really curious about the stack you used and what was involved in building the back end for this. I'd love to know if you could expand on that detail.)

EDIT: The sokpop crew just threw a party in the main town and spawned a dragon called Godfree. A bunch of people died in dragon fire but the dragon dropped diamonds!

A really nice collection of tiles.

The pack is missing a few things which would be useful for both you and the final user:

* A license .txt within the pack
* Your username attached some way to the pack, either as the title of the zip or within the license (or both).
* A link back to your project.

The license is always an encouraging part of the pack. If, like me, people are downloading the pack for future use, they'll want to know what terms they can use the assets under. Likewise if you put your username on it it helps with knowing who to credit. Last of all it's really useful for people who use your art to know where they can come back to and donate if the assets proved useful.

A final improvement would be an inspiration image to indicate how the tiles can be used. I'd recommend mocking something up in tiled for your terrain tiles.

Just my two cents!


Yeah, with the exception of a few bugs (like your X TREE bug), they're pretty much identical!

Thanks for noticing! How annoying. That'll be down to the engine's default behaviour for 'examine' looking for an object. I think that's why I created the 'look' command (that and accessibility reasons). Must be an engine thing because it looks like the message appears after you've examined the sycamore tree once. If I ever revisit the code I'll be sure to fix this, alongside things like 'listen/hear' and 'smell' text.

Good work on finding so many mushrooms! The ending changes under many different situations, not just the completion of the game. If you find no mushrooms, for example, or if you add different mushrooms to the stew, or if you don't find certain objects.

If I got your juices running for text games, also check out "Hunter, in darkness", "A dark room" and "Hoist Sail for the Heliopause and home".

Good eye!

No, they're similar but slightly different commands. Look is sort of an alias for examine but without the built-in engine functionality which can cause hiccups.

Thanks for playing :D

Very nicely made. The gameplay was smooth and the graphics easy to read. I really liked how quick it was to start the game again.

Exactly what it says on the tin; well done.

Interesting concept.

I think the walk could've been a better experience. Spamming the left click was quite uncomfortable. Even something as simple as matching key presses on the screen might've worked to give that little spice of variety.

Reaching the summit was nice.

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Nice work! Loaded this onto my Gameboy Color via Everdrive, my high score is 70. I ran into a few issues.

The movement seems a little stuttery - the jumping movement specifically seems to be very stuccato, and it's not possible to duck (pressing down results in jumping).

I enjoyed the graphics and the way the highscore was implemented. The gameplay was not as faithful to the original as I would've liked - jumping results in your character teleporting into the air with a gradual fall. There are flying enemies which appear as frequently as cacti - you just don't jump to avoid those.

It's impressive that the game got ported in the .gb format, but I would hold off on a hardware release until you've tweaked the feel of the jumps. In the original, the duration you hold down A changes the duration of the jump; ducking was used to avoid low-flying enemies.

The main, most glaring issue which makes this unpleasant to play is the lagging frames. The cactuses seem to randomly speed up and slow down on each frame, and because there's reduced control over the jumps it makes the difference between a high score and frequently dying on the second cactus.

If this is an issue with the gameboy hardware, it could be addressed with gameplay by making it more forgiving.

Thanks for reading!

A tasty group of fonts with really unique characters. Making fonts at this scale is famously difficult.

Monospace fonts are my jam.

An interesting experiment in UX. I liked how the audio told me the pieces were 'working' and progress was being made. It made the inputs feel really satisfying when put alongside the visual feedback.

I felt the story could've been less misty and random - maybe a direct goal instead of a series of short vignets which had no importance to the next.

The text was satisfying and I felt it moved at the right speed. Maybe a persistent title element for each room would've made it feel less ephemeral and given an idea of where the player was at any one time.

The combat had a fun layout. I expect it would be more fun with some sort of inventory system.

I look forward to seeing where this goes. As an experiment it made me interested in the author's other work, and I definitely need to make short experiments like this myself. Looks really good in the portfolio.

Thanks so much for your comments, we really appreciate it :~)

We had a lot of fun in doing this game. Working on it over three days was really intense!

Great work Chris and team. I'm looking forward to the new features!

Thanks a ton! This was made with the default gbstudio palette before 1.2 was launched. I'm looking forward to trying the new palette options!

Thanks a lot Mk :)

Thanks so much :D

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Disclaimer: parts of font are cannibalised from my own font:

Thanks so much! :D

Fun story - I left this in an open tab and left my computer for a while. When I came back, it was stuck on 'I' and it was playing out of my headphones. I was hunting everywhere for a mosquito and found it a short while later, perplexed.

Wonderful tool.

What modifications did you use for this one? I really liked the ghost illustrations which came up :>

There was something very comfortable about this game. I really liked walking up to the tower.
How long did it take to make?

I like how the textures made it look like it was decomposing as it rotated. Super grim message.

I did it! I think I got everything. I got the good ending, the bad ending and the battery ending, as well as the shameless plug. The kitchen counter made me smile.

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Yay! I did it! I wasn't carrying the camera but I took the photo anyway :^)

I didn't realise I had to drop the candle to light it, and that took me a while to figure out.

Thanks for the clue, that was really fun and I liked the artwork

Congratulations to the winners of the prize!