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This is a really pretty game. I struggled playing it for the first time, but from what I understand you must use the QWEASDZXC keys to move and point your friends in the direction of the way to leave. You  can make signs to make the process a bit more fluid too. Is that right?

Thank you for playing :~)

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That was so good! I was shocked how much was going on. I thought you'd like to see my notepad notes and how I wrote down the symbols. I kept losing because I confused the eucalyptus and the lavender three times in a row -_-

I really enjoyed the story and the music and sound effects at the start were INCREDIBLE. The art was really cool too and the combination made me feel really immersed.

I was a little confused by the instruction of drawing of the pentagram because it had already been drawn, and at first I thought the finger was the sacrifice that had to be added after the incense was set alight. Eventually I got it. The X disappears when you make the finger sacrifices though and it took a lot of clicking around before it came back.

I really enjoyed the puzzle of laying out the runes, it took me right back to my old online text games.

Excellent world building. Thanks for the game!

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Sure! As long as it meets the rules of the jam any interpretation is welcome.

See games like Faceball 2000, or my own GBVR for an idea of how gameboy games have been interpreted in 3D before.

Incredible, and so packed with character!

This bug usually happens when you try to restore a screen from an empty stack.

Yes, that's fine. See the jam page for specifics.

It is! You don't need to create a functional ROM for the gameboy - you just have to stick to the simple rules of making it 160x144 and four colours. There are a lot of people who have used GBJam as their first jam - I'm one of them!

That'll do it! Probably learn about margins and padding too.

You'll definitely want to apply to the admin to get the CSS unlocked for your page first.

After that, you could either take a look at w3schools to pick up the CSS skills - or my design/coding skills are available to hire if you want to email me to discuss what you need via my contact form here:

How will you delete your post if you die? I hope you find a good team!

Thank you so much, that means a lot to us :~)

Hi! The simple answer is that I used CSS, which you have to unlock by asking specific permission from the admin. See here:

The more detailed, actual answer, and the one that is less appealing, is that it took several weeks and ten years of professional experience writing CSS and HTML.

This is not an appropriate post for this forum. The forum is for discussing the game jam only.

Feel free to make one reproduction for personal use - we'd love to see it! To cover ourselves: you (whackonaut) can make one reproduction as long as:

* You don't publish the files used to make the reproduction or give them away to others
* You don't distribute the finished reproduction to other people and
* Include the copyright information on the box (Mudwarriors (c) Ryan Veeder, Lance Campbell and Ben Jones)

With all this recent interest I'm going to take a cursory look into making a short physical production run of Mud Warriors - I'll post a dev log update if I find something.

This isn't an appropriate post for this forum. Please don't list unrelated games on the GBJam forum.

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No, remakes and demakes can't be made for this jam and will be disqualified - they use third party IPs. Apologies, we had this in writing once for the jam, it seems we've lost that. I'll add that to the page.


No. The jam hasn't started yet. You may only start in September when the game jam starts.

Please continue to build your game - it's good practice - but it won't qualify for gameboy jam. Feel free to start again in September when the jam starts! :~)

The jam hasn't started yet. You must wait until the jam starts before you make your game. This is why the second theme is announced at the start of the jam.

That's a great question. I wonder if it'll convert well from keyboard to D-pad. I imagine it'd be very pretty.

Thanks for the idea! I'll put it on the list.

Especially haunted!

Wow, thank you. That means a lot.

Thank you so much! We're always glad when we hear how much people enjoyed the game.

We'll be running a kickstarter for our next game, Excelsior, later in the year. We're still working on polishing the demo right now. If you follow my itch account I'll make an announcement when it's ready :~)

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Yes - from the rules "Use the same control limitations as the GameBoy (D-pad, A, B, select, start). These can be mapped any way you like."

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The screen (the playing area) should be 160x144 pixels only. If you haven't already, you should read the FAQ and rules to avoid disqualification. I've updated the page with more pictures to help illustrate.

Do you mean for the whole screen, or for the sprites?

The usual button mapping for GBJAM is Z for A and X for B (or X for A and C for B). Then you use shift/control/space/enter for select/start and the arrow keys.

For the jam entry the game must be free for people to rate it. After the jam is finished you can develop it more and do what you like with it!

Wow! What a great tool! Thanks Kacper. I imagine you can do the same for the run cycle, you just make it follow a single pixel.


Sorry! I tried to keep it as lowkey as possible haha. We've already done significant work on the demo, so you shouldn't need to wait too long until the next not-quite-a-release announcement.

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Post the cool art you make with the font here!

Thank you for posting it here! haha

Thanks for your patronage Lumpy! Be sure to post the video here when it's done!

The controls must match the number of inputs on the gameboy. You can use WASD or arrow keys for the D-pad. You cannot use the mouse, for example.

The FAQ is on the main page and answers most common questions. This jam has only one moderator, and it's me - so please be kind with my time. If you're unable to find an answer in the FAQ, or parts of the page seem unclear, feel free to make a post.

That'll be exciting!