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I liked Mawth the most. That's some heckin good writing.

This was very comfortable and it's a great demo of the possibilities of bitsy.

Can confirm I also got this bug.

Congratulations on releasing an early build, that's half the battle! I've been following this development remotely through the narration of my friend and found it really interesting. Your choice of image source was great.
I look forward to playing the full game!

Sorry, just realised they've added the font styles to bitsy now!

I don't get it.

What did you use for the text?

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I should probably start thinking about a cohesive story instead of just drawing for the sake of drawing haha

As it stands it's just about a block-person that eats houses. I don't think you missed anything.

Thanks for the feedback :)

Thank you!

Thank you so much! Hyohnoo did a fantastic job of the palette as always, and separating each sprite into its own four colours worked out really well to make distinct elements for interaction. Can you believe that RB actually made the character voices with the bottom of a mug? It all came together really nicely :)

Cute is definitely the word to describe this game.

Aww, that's a shame. At least it gave you motivation to start something. Look forward to seeing what you make - post it here when it's done!

Full comic viewable online here (at the game page).

I really like the concept of your game, but moving around using WASD and SPACE as well as the mouse for the camera feels a little awkward. I keep falling into spikes!

I really like your graphics, well done! :)

Really fun, new mechanic. I can't seem to get the tiny bunny hops right to build up speed, so for now I'm stuck on level 5.

Really nice 1bit graphics!

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The coughing of the pink blood subsided after the first week. I've just submitted our jam and I wanna die. It's sapped all my life force.

That comic is super cute!

I'm working in a team with two other people - one on music and one on art. I'm writing code. The plan is to hash out a game idea, then we split into our paths and make assets / code, hopefully meeting criteria as we go.