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These are great stories, thanks for sharing!

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I still play this every couple of months. I love it so much. The gameplay is concise and to-the-point and the art is so charming. Do you think you'll ever add music to it?

I love the logic puzzle of solving the murder and that it's fresh each time.

Still one of my all-time favourite games. I own the .gb ROM and play it on my gameboy. You should really upload the ROM here too.

Thank you! I'm so happy we could be a source of inspiration.

The humour is definitely from Ryan Veeder's writing, amplified by Lance's additions. They're both from the oldschool scene.

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NEW in version 2:


1x6 brick
1x8 brick
2x2 corner brick
2x6 brick
2x8 brick


1x6 plate
2x6 plate
2x8 plate
4x4 plate
4x6 plate
6x6 plate
12x12 plate


2x3 slope
2x4 slope
2x2x2 pyramid
1x2x2 slope
2x2x2 slope


1x1 plate round
1x1 cone
1x6 tile
2x2 plate corner
2x3 plate
2x4 plate
1x1 brick with printed eye pattern
1x4 brick with arch
2x2 brick round

Unbelievable! I can't believe this keeps happening. Thanks for your diligence. V2.1.1 coming up.

Thank you! The artwork is textmode which gives it that coarse, gritty feeling.

There are a lot of sneaky things going on through the gameplay which funnels the player into a very specific experience, including not-quite-random pathway generation through the doors.

Thank you! ~<3

I really liked the idea of lapping in a platformer. I feel like with a small amount of tweaking this could become really fluid. Trying to work out the right path and time the jumps was important, and sometimes I felt like my key inputs weren't hitting quite right.

The simple graphics really aid the narrow focus required for doing the laps quickly. Perhaps consider making the laps timed (without punishment for long laps) and displaying the lap time at the end.

A really charming game which was surprisingly challenging. Very pleasant to play through. I managed to unlock the bonus levels!

I really liked the animations in the game. I found a lot of acorns, but the camera view felt quite restricted and I was unable to find all the bells.

The music and sound was really charming and pleasant to listen to. The rocks were absolutely terrifying! I think it was the sound they made.

A lovely little game.

Thank you very much :~)

Goddamn these are so hot.

Thank you! :~)

My gut feeling is that it's because I've got two monitors. Maybe it's not measuring the screen space properly?

I liked the simple graphics and the gameplay was simple and straight forward. I think when doing these kinds of games you really have to be tight on the player feedback and the hitboxes. Sometimes the rocks would fall from above and it would feel like there's no way through. It's the little details which will make all the difference. Keep going!

I really liked the idea of mixing and matching the rooms!

There was a bug which made the platforming very frustrating - the camera would slowly and constantly turn to the right without any input. I had to keep jerking left to see what I was doing.

The idea of the key and the lantern were great!

I think the landmarks were key to being able to navigate - but the best way to play has been with someone navigating and the other person following the directions. I think this game would be improved with a large map that can be filled out with the trade requests for two-player gameplay.

It's a jam - It happens :~)

The frisbee/boomerang projectiles were great and I loved that I had cover to hide behind.

The pacing felt a little off - sometimes I'd be waiting a long time for new enemies to appear, or for the dialogue to continue. Sometimes the dialogue would continue before I'd read it. This would be a simple fix with spawning new enemies once the previous wave was dead and progressing the dialogue with a mouse click.

I also noticed that some graphics were scaled oddly - you should be able to fix this to turn off antialiasing in future builds, it'll make your art look much crisper.

I was really surprised by the boss fight - I wasn't expecting it at all! It was a great challenge and I managed to survive just with one health left! Really had my palms sweating. Excellent bullet hell gameplay.

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Oh I see! That was initially the intention. Unfortunately the game loop doesn't benefit long tracks as each time you speak to an NPC the audio will be interrupted, so getting a solid sting is the key. If we continue with the game we'll look at ways to make the audio more vaporwave. Cheers!

Loved this, a really thoughtful style of gameplay that fits the theme well. Very smart and I was surprised at how many levels were made!

The tiles made it difficult to play - I wasn't able to really see where I could go. I liked the idea of different classes!

What do you mean? What do you classify as vaporwave?

This was awesome. The horror was subtle and slight - I got a real chill when I saw the dusty soil in the bed. I liked that the mystery wasn't solved difinitively - that really helped the horror factor.

My score was 9/10. I especially liked the photograph of the grandma with a basket of mushrooms ;)

The music and art were top tier and matched the writing really well.

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I wasn't expecting to be disemboweled!

I didn't understand at first, so I started moving around. Once I'd hit a crystal successfully I noticed that the lights at the top weren't like traffic lights telling me to get ready. Then I worked out that the items had to be grabbed in sequence. I really like the approach of having a tutorial by doing.

The audio really helps with the pattern recognition, and I came to rely on it in the later levels. I lost at the end because the crystal spawned inside (or just to the side of) my character and I broke my streak D~: Then it all went super fast and I couldn't work out the pattern.

Nice music, yeti felt weighty and scary. Ending was satisfying. Nice! More!

Thank you so much :~)

Sorry, I just saw your comment and looks like I didn't manage to respond. I looked into this at the time and couldn't find the error.

Firstly, does it work now four months later, and if not,  which browser are you using?

OH! And when you go to play, make sure you click on the game to make it the focus of the window. If you click away (or tab out) you will lose focus.

Thanks and sorry!

Thanks so much, and congratulations on finding the secret :~)

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I think I may be able to edit the PDF. Please do send me the google doc and I'll see what I can do to edit the original. If I manage it I'll send it your way!

EDIT: Made it. Let me know where I should send it.

I've been excited for darker forts since I heard of it last year. Having exhausted the original, I came looking for more.

Is there a version without the grey background? I'd really like to print and play!

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I love the assets and it's a good concept piece. It'll be cool to see more obstacles, like big gaps to jump over and a goal to run towards.

Beautiful tutorial! It really breaks down the units well. Your skeleton has a good presence - big and bulky and full of weight.

We tried exporting it last night, and it doesn't convert well. The code will need gutting and redoing in version 3.0 for it to be anywhere close to an analogue pocket release. Considering it took roughly six months to finish, we might be a while off from making a pocket release. That said, we're going to keep trying to see what we can get, and I've been looking over converting some of my other games.

I'm sorry, could you explain more?


Wow! JP in the metaflesh! Thanks so much! May I add this to the distribution?

Note: REXPaint has an issue where space (32) is blanked regardless of what you put into it, which forced my hand in that decision. Nowadays I just always assume 0 and 32 to be blank.

Always appreciate your support and interaction. Sometimes putting out content feels a bit like throwing things out into the void, you know?

I used to love illustrating my CSS/HTML with textmode back when I was doing web development. I put all the documentation into my code with carefully made flow charts. It really makes a difference to tie your documentation into your code.

I like your platformer, it looks very clean. When doing pixelart I usually crunch myself into a restriction to improve the output. Limited palettes, sprite size restrictions etc always help. This is my favourite tutorial too:

Nice dabbles! I hope to see more. DM me on Twitter(@polyducks) or Discord(@Polyducks#3597) if you make anything new :~)

I think Bats has fixed that up now :~) I gave him my letter spacing values, so that should make for a cleaner font.

I think you're right about condensing all that data into ASCII in one place. The only thing that isn't in the ASCII layout is the final char (255) which seems to be reserved for a null space or something. I replaced that with a line box character. Fingers crossed that doesn't misbehave!

Also may not be the right place to ask, but what do you use the fonts for? I always see you collect them.

P.S. I've also renamed the files to make them easier for web use and for referencing them in code.

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Bearror! I'm always glad to see you because I know my work is being thoroughly tested :~D

Hopefully the new character assignments work out better than last time now that I'm sticking to the ASCII format.

Good call on the WOFF/WOFF2. I've uploaded those for you and I've explained to Batfeula how to do the same. Let me know if you encounter any errors with those.

Also of note, I've updated the license with a second addendum:

ADDENDUM II - Converting content

* If you need to convert the font to another format (i.e. a .bin file), please feel free to do so to make it viable for your project - as long as it is not in violation of the above terms.

Thanks for your support of the project and for the thorough checking. It's always the biggest help.

Thanks for playing! The music was by Robyn