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No worries, thanks!

Hi! Thank you. I've already got the rudimentary parts of the game and it's playable, but I'd like to develop it into something more detailed before releasing it.

This project uses my font FrogBlock and isn't affiliated with MRMO.

Excellent! I'm glad you made good use of the font, and thank you for linking back, it's much appreciated :~)

Yeah Hombre totally carried the art for this whole project. I did the sprites for one bird haha. Thanks for the shoutout!

Definitely get some friends together on voice, planning your loadouts is so much fun.

hi! It's a filetype for the Analogue Pocket

Thanks, I'd really like to return to it one day

Thank you for your thorough feedback. I was sure I'd replied to your message back when it was fresh, so I apologise it didn't send. I'll need to take a look at Oracle of Seasons.

One of the main issues of the demo is that it isn't clear when a number is being used up, or what the generator is used for. This leads to people assuming random numbers.

When I revisit this concept I'll start with a much smaller area to ensure the idea gets thoroughly ingrained in the player's mind. Then I'll cement the rules of interacting with the RNG. The methods for interaction will change between towns.

The champion's number is based on the number sequence, but depending on where you are in that sequence means they'll ask for a different initial number - this is to ensure the player doesn't get the correct answer immediately by chance.

Felix is just wordplay on felis/felicity (luck).

Hey Jeremy! That's the intention, but we're still working out the logistics of fulfilment costs.

Ah snap, that's only the first part of the game too! If I remember correctly, the way you enter the room with the pot defines whether you can move it across the room. Still, you don't need to complete that part to continue onwards, it just gives you more health.


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Thanks for responding and handling the situation well.

Hello. A lack of response was not permission to publish a physical copy of our game. I've sent you a message on Etsy. Thank you.

Excellent choice 😎

Thanks, I appreciate that a lot!

A beautiful font. I bought it as soon as I saw it. Long live Somepx's fonts!

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Oh, sorry, I think I misunderstood - I was under the impression that the spritesheet contained all of the font. You have my permission to use those 12 chars in your repo's font.

Link me up when you're done, I'd love to see it.

Hello, sorry for the delay.

Yes, under the license terms this would be a redistribution and would not be within the terms of the font. I don't imagine any ill intent on your behalf, but once it's in an open-source repository the font's status becomes a little murky from a user point of view. If you have already purchased the font I can issue a refund.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Gotcha, thanks! I bought the full pack and really enjoyed looking through it as a collected artwork portfolio. Thanks for a wonderful set of images.

Thanks, I appreciate the suggestions. I really enjoyed pokemon tgc 1 and 2.

This looks great! Is there a set of rules that goes alongside these cards?

You're welcome. I hope you develop this one further, it is very promising B)

This game was disqualified because it ignores the rules of the game jam.

* 160x144 Resolution

* 4 Colours

* User input restricted to standard gameboy inputs

Cheers leafo, that's got it. I appreciate your time.

Hi! My game jam, GBJam-11, had some major disqualifications shortly after the voting period. The disqualified entries were relatively high-scoring and would affect the results of the scores. Please could someone retrigger the score calculation? I found no way of doing this myself.


This game was disqualified for using third party assets made outside of the jam (

I've taken a screenshot of your ratings before disqualification for your future reference.

I'm sorry to report that the game has been disqualified for breaking the rule about third party assets made outside of jam time. The game would've been valid if you uploaded the game without music.

Beautiful game. I hope you revisit it at some point.

I've taken a screenshot of the rating before disqualification for your future reference.

Thank you! Added!

Thanks! Added!

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Ah thanks, I didn't see it on the downloads list because it's hidden within a zip. I've added it to the list now.

You only need to upload the .gb file :~) For ease of use for people with multiple files, you can rename the file as "" and upload it on its own.

Thanks! I'll add it to my list.

Excellent! I look forward to making it :~)

I'll revisit it soon and have it completed. I'm looking forward to having a new project :~)

When I saw the game uploaded just before the game started I was enamoured with your palette and the design of the spider. It some how calls to memory games shipped with Windows 95. I've been recommending people play this one whenever I've been on call. There's just so much charm to such a little spider. The line drawing doesn't adhere to the pixel resolution, but pobody's nerfect - and I quickly forgot about this as soon as "Incy Wincy Spider" started playing.

A charming game only made more likable by the fun movement and the strange movement bugs that make mastery of it exciting.

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I've made a list of all the jam games that have playable Gameboy ROMs that you can put on a handheld!

I had to come back and play again after seeing it on the stream - I really enjoy the voice acting, there's something really charming about fully voice acting a game jam game. I really enjoyed making the parts of the spaceship too, but I was disappointed to not see the choices reflected in the final spaceship - but it's a game jam game, so the amount covered was really impressive!

Packed with the typical brotherly charm and skillful execution. I really enjoyed this. I felt the camera movement could've framed the action better (walking, combat). I really enjoyed the palette work and the tile art mixing and dithering.

I played this one on stream with El Hombre Lombre and Drummy LaFontaine and we were all amazed at how depthy and comprehensive it was, both for gameplay and graphics.

Wow, meanie. Are you saying a paragraph of text isn't enough extreme gameplay for you? :~p

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Managed to run the updated version. I can't help but wonder what the gameplay would've been like. I'm glad to see an unfinished game and that you showed the work in progress. Hopefully something to revisit after the jam?

I really enjoyed the concept of delivering pizza in space, that was fun.

I agree what other people are saying about the fairness with the items flying around/spawning, but for the limited jam time you've got a load of different hazards which act in fun and unusual ways. For a post-jam sequel I'd recommend looking into reducing mixels (mixed pixel resolutions), but there's not often time for that during a jam when you just want something to work.

The arrow at the top was perfect, it really helped me navigate around the space. I thoroughly enjoyed the art style and the world-building. (Pizza... in space? What's not to love?)