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This is a really interesting tool! I'll share this with my 1bit friends :D

I like how this breaks from the normal dialogue format

I really enjoyed this one, it felt nicely fleshed out with the drums! I know you're trying to go for the Minit look, but I feel like north/south sprites would really help with knowing which direction you're facing.

Turning the car red was a big surprise!

Very very cute haha. I like how punchy your spritework is!

This is adorable, I really liked the use of the alien text :D

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Gosh this game is adorable. All the puzzles were well thought out and most eventualities were considered (I tried to break it). The music was great and the art was very enjoyable :) I made a sandcastle!

very cool :D Ping us when you've got something to show off!

Thanks for sharing your solution, I'm sure it will be useful to other users who run into the same issue :)

I shouldn't expect an alpha channel to cause an issue with an imaging API - I imagine that would be a big problem. It might be worth issuing as a bug to tcod on their git repo.

The png is exported at 4bit by default (not entirely sure why) - though looking into it I could probably crunch it down to 1bit. I'm not sure if that will remove the alpha channel or if that will have a negative impact on other implementations.

How did your experiments go?

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PROS: drawing tools are very accurate, would be fun at a real-world LAN party demoscene event.

CONS: I don't like that it automatically assumes my name from my Windows login name. That makes me really uncomfortable for something with online access.

App is LAN only and the constantly scrolling background can't be turned off. Barf.

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PicoCAD eat your heart out. What a great way to embrace the mistakes! Only feature I'd like to see - make the cursor white when it's on black like the original etch-a-sketch. When the shading gets complicated one can lose their cursor!

I wanted to make it viewable from all angles with something to see each time. Unfortunately putting a mesh inside the house made everything z-fight. I would've liked to put little eyes back there staring out!

Thank you, it was really hard to get that right haha

Thanks! I was trying to get this weird aesthetic with the moon nestled in the tree branches, I guess it didn't come across.

Wow, the hand is so well modelled! What a huge scene too

Thank you so much! Baking in shadows by hand is really challenging haha

I really like how you made the legs. It feels like a storybook illustration!

Yes, sorry for getting it wrong. When I checked I only rotated it and saw cubes, I didn't check the actual mesh work or the save data.

I didn't realise that it's fixed to 8px on the textures. I've really been struggling with the rounding issues. I had to give my textures padding so that they don't clip!

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I've made a small LEGO duck, but the z-index issue really shows up. I'll ping you on twitter when I post it tomorrow - I don't want to be distracting visitors to your page with unrelated images. Thanks for the inspiration!

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haha no way - did you really deform all those shapes to remake cubes!?

EDIT: holy crap, can confirm. You need to put this pinned to the top of the description. This is almost massochistic dedication.

Wow, excellent use of those limitations - especially the coffin!

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P.S. I downloaded the model and checked - it doesn't meet the spec for the extra limitations (only one of each primitive). You should mark this as 'no'.

I was wrong, it totally meets spec for limitations. All the things I thought were cubes are warped other shapes.

I really like your skybox. I kept struggling with my own models to get it large enough!

Simple but effective, really like your texture choices.

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I really enjoy the complicated simplicity of this one. Wonderful. The manual really sells it. I should try building a few of my LEGO models in picoCAD!

Using planes for the smoke really makes it look alive. I really like your slopey roof.

Lovely and absolutely stuffed with character. Great work!

In this case, make sure there is credit in the game as well as attached to the font file itself. If you're including the ttf in the git repo, title it something like "kitchen-sink-by-retroshark-and-polyducks.ttf" with the license.txt alongside in the same folder. This way, players and people looking at the source code will know the attribution. Thanks for asking, we hope you enjoy it! :~)

Thank you so much, I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

Thanks for that :) I've given you a shoutout in the changelog and the about file. New versions of the TTF and the character map have been uploaded.

OHHHHHH I see! Thanks for the explanation. The X character appears above the previous character like a 2 in a square number. Yes, okay, I can fix that. Good suggestion for the replacement too. I'll put out a log when it's live.


Thank you!

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Thanks for letting us know!

Is it that specific character (U+036F) which causes the issue? How can I avoid that in the future? Would moving it to a different char resolve the issue?

Yes, thanks for checking with us :)

As long as there's a way to look up where the font originated from, people playing games made in Adventuron will be able to find the font. (Perhaps an indication in the source by naming the font file "Kitchen Sink by Retroshark and Polyducks" wouldn't hurt)

Thanks for including our font!

Great! :~)

Generally speaking, follow the rules for copyright, don't infringe on other's property or reuse logos, character names or assets and you should be fine. One of the big no-nos for LEGO is recreating the minifig. That's very core to the identity of LEGO.

Nice one! :D Thank you for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed it :~)

The battle system was a difficult balance of combining different screens and sprites, but well worth it. The team has been discussing adjustments to it for a revised version with "fairer", quicker combat.

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Great question!

First off, I'm not a lawyer, so my advice comes to you purely from my own understanding. I do not provide this advice with any warranty and cannot take responsibility for any legal issues you may or may not encounter. That said:

As long as you don't claim them to be LEGO bricks, you should be fine. They could just as easily be depictions of LEPIN bricks, MEGABLOCKS bricks or Wilko's offbrand LEGO-compatible brick. (Though we all know that LEGO is the superior plastic construction block).

Thank you!

I can't quite remember. It may be a setting in, but I also remember changing the default CSS so that the content scales to the screen differently than the default.

That was a lot of fun. I especially liked the crossword puzzle and being able to just bark as I went around.