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I just uploaded an updated version of the game.

I added a small hole besides each rock to show in which direction they can be pushed. Also, stamina is mentioned when you get dash, and should point players towards the next recipe.

Thank you so much for playing the game, and for the feedback!

There's a combination of plants that gives you Night Vision. You can return to those places and properly explore. 

I should've added a lit cave entrance to convey it's actually darkness.

I always wondered how Jump King would feel with walljumping, now I know.

Really solid game, nicely introduced mechanics and well presented overall.


Really solid game, the seed mechanics are very intuitive.

Nice presentation too, congrats!

This is pretty much the definition of "easy to learn, hard to master".
Tight controls, nice challenge, good presentation. Great stuff!

I'm glad you liked it!

Thank you for playing!

Hi! I took your suggestion of making the character a bit faster, and updated the game.
If you or someone else wants to give it a go, it'd be great to hear your thoughts: 

Very cool concept! 

It was a bit hard to track which parts I had available to make new plants, looks like my inventory was too full with options off-screen. Lovely characters, and the game loop is easy to learn.

Excellent work!

Nice concept, it's amazing that you got a legit GB rom as your entry, congrats!!

  • Close your left eye
  • Tilt your head 45 degrees clockwise
  • Lift your gamepad/mouse, place it between your head and the monitor
  • Done!

Results may vary.

At first I felt this kind of game would be better for a non-jam scenario, where you can take your time and experiment at your own pace.  But it's great to see there's curious players out there enjoying the discovery process.

Thank you so much for playing, and for the kind words!

Nice minigame collection.

Something that could help a lot would be brief titles for each one, like Wario Ware. It would help players understand the objectives quickly.

Nice work!

Super simple but very polished. 
The second level certainly ramped up the challenge!

Good stuff, congrats!

The projectile trajectory of the big plant makes this game feel very tactical. Throwing seeds behind the zombies after slowing them down takes some practice, but feels pretty cool when you pull it off.

Really fun, nice presentation. Congrats!

There's a night vision potion you can craft after visiting the mountains to the right (after making a strength potion). That makes the cave explorable.

I'm sorry you stumbled upon that lab bug, it's so frustrating when the entire experience can be ruined by a tiny detail like that. I'll be patching the game after the voting period ends, it'd be great if you have time to revisit the game.

Thank you for playing!

Very clever puzzles. Introducing the mechanics one by one felt great, nice escalation.
Nice presentation too, congrats!

Nice concept. A couple of ideas:

- Make the interaction (grab/drop) use only 1 button
- The bullets give little time to react, make them approach slow at first (so we can see them), them make them gradually faster

It's a solid idea, well executed. Congrats!

It was quite the challenge to get used to the air control and inertia of this character. Good thing there's a wall jump.

It'd be great if the player respawns directly, without that menu, since I ended up dying so often.

Anyway, awesome solid game. Congrats!

Very cool concept, and nicely executed! 

I did stumble upon guards a couple of times, so I had to be really cautious to make it to the elevator. Instead of using a "life bar" that depletes, it'd theme it as an "alert meter" that would fill and spawn more guards if full.

Awesome game, congrats!

I like the mysterious and minimalistic approach, very unique.

And a well polished experience, congrats!

Beautifully written, fun, and the perfect length. 
And it's a GameBoy game, that's awesome.

This is certainly an ambitious project, lots of stuff to do. 
Enemies are very bullet spongy, and it's really easy to get in trouble by just sprinting around. 

I eventually got into the rhythm of firing arrows, but the enemies felt a bit overwhelming pretty early. Solid game overall, congrats!

I chose No. 
10/10 would No again.

For real, I love the overall tone, the attention to detail (the blank screen between intro screens is VERY GameBoy), and the presentation. 
I would've gone with fewer, more polished levels, but what's there is a lot of fun anyways.

Awesome game, congrats!


A good chunk of the first day was used to figure out how many rooms were needed to fit all the plants and environmental situations. I used the bare minimum to keep things tight, and also to make it in time.

These puzzles are pretty hard! I love it!

Point and Click adventures is certainly something I haven't seen often on the GameBoy. 
Very solid entry, the hose puzzle was really cool! 

I agree. There were plans to add the current inventory to the pause screen (below the map), it was just copying elements from other screens, but I wasn't able to add it in time. 

Thank you so much for the kind words and for the feedback!

Very smooth and polished experience!

Excellent presentation, animations look great, and the whole thing had nice pacing.

Nice work!

Having a constant time limit keeps the pace nicely. Now, sunbeams could refill your HP faster, and maybe act as checkpoints. Also, having a boss fight on a jam game is a luxury, congrats!

I'm using Unity, and sprite renderers do have that parameter too (I just forgot to make the number in the player sprite a lot bigger). And yeah, room transitions need a bit of a pause, adding that tp the post-jam list.

Thank you so much for the follow! A good chunk of my other games are also jam games, so they're pretty short. 
Thanks for the feedback!!

Beautiful game! 

So cute, polished and content complete. A very well crafted little experience. 

Very interesting system, I love the physicality of the seeds. They're a bit hard to position for puzzles, but overall nice and fun.

My first instinct was to grab the lower plant side of the bud like a ladder (kinda like the vines from Super Mario), and then I fell. Then I tried to stomp enemies.

I guess I've been too conditioned by old games. Once I adjusted, it was really fun and challenging.
A bit more invincibility frames would help a lot.

Really cute and solid game, congrats.

Thank you so much for the kind words. I spent an entire day figuring out how to streamline the gameplay, so it's not cumbersome for the player and a nightmare to code for a jam. The crafting might be a bit limiting and simplistic, but I was able to keep the environment tight and connected to compensate.

I'll fix all those details eventually, thank you again for playing!

One of these days I'll give GBStudio a try, I'm tempted to port some of my work to the real thing. 

Anyways, thanks for playing!

Very enjoyable game, I managed to survive all the waves. It was quite intense to water the plants constantly and deal with the ants. Really well paced, excellent presentation.

Very solid entry! 

I love the concept, specially with how many options the village shop gives you to switch attacks around. Excellent presentation too.


Excellent game! 

Very streamlined system, it would've been great if there was some sort of highlight on the action menu when we're not in "moving around" mode. Excellent presentation overall. Definitely revisiting this one as soon as it's updated with the map.

Nice work!

Thank you for playing!

Oh, no worries, I left the tab open and had to go out for a while, that's why I took so long.