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Very solid jam entry!!

Having two distinct characters tethered together is a pretty complex mechanic, and you managed to get it working nicely.

The second level is a bit overwhelming, and could use some streamlining iteration. 

The clap/wake up mechanic seems like a remnant of some more complex systems that I'd assume you cut to focus on polish. Not getting dragged into scope creep takes a lot of discipline, congrats!

Thank you for playing!!!

An update with fixes and more content is on its way. Thank you so much for playing! 

Of course your cat goes on space adventures!
The question is... what weapon does he choose, and why is it always Spread?

Thank you for playing!

Thank you so much for the kind words!

I pressed buttons trying to build the first block, and accidentally went out to space with a 0 block ship. Then an enemy crashed into my non-existing ship. 😊

Once I got used to the controls, it was a great building experience.

Beautiful looking game!

But please change the button mapping to not use the Ctrl key. I accidentally hit Ctrl+W, closing the tab while I was playing.

Really cool game once you get used to the controls. Congrats!

This is a nice resource gathering game!
It'd be cool if the placement of the resources gets randomized when starting a new day.

Nice presentation, congrats!!

I love how freeform the block pushing mechanic is. Being able to grab and move sideways is something more games should implement. Nice puzzle design and presentation!


Normal enemy bullets were a bit confusing at first, since they zoom in like using orthographic projection. But I guess if it used perspective like the player bullets, readability would be even more clustered.

It's a very ambitious game, and you already achieved a nicely presented arcade experience. Congrats!

This is a case where I wished the GameBoy hardware wasn't so restrictive. I want to break more things!!!!

Nice concept, lovely character, looking forward to breaking more stuff!

The movement mechanics are quite unique. It was super satisfying when I was able to plan ahead and kill several enemies in quick succession (except the times I bumped into a wall and got killed).

Nice presentation too, congrats!!

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Super smooth and fun experience. 

I noticed you lock your movement and free aim when holding fire. I would've locked the firing direction and allow strafing instead. It'd add some aiming finesse, and allow you to dodge bullets wile attacking. It'd change the vibes of the gameplay a lot through.

Excellent presentation, especially the music. Congrats!

It'll be a bit challenging to find free time to update the game, but I'll get there eventually.

Thank you so much for playing!!

Thanks for playing!!

Excellent level design. Mechanics are introduced in a clean and concise way, and they escalate nicely. It's super satisfying to set off chain reactions with fuses (a little screenshake to emphasize explosions would be nice). 

Impressive work, congrats!

I was going through last year's game source, trying to find how I solved the health UI. At some point I realized not only was it faster to fire up Aseprite and draw damage sprites, but it also resulted in a cleaner look for the game.

Thank you so much for playing!

Ooooh that might be it. When they push each other, they might be also shifting their Z position, and eventually getting out of the way of projectiles. You may have saved me from hours of debugging headaches, thank you so much!!!

That pesky non-colliding asteroid... each time I wanted to repro that issue it would just not happen. And when someone else tried the build, it did show up... that bug is mocking me.

Thank you so much for playing and for the kind words!

Yes, the original idea included a lot more weapons and enemies, but had to be cut. I plan to work on a post-jam update to add that variety, eventually. Thanks for playing!!

Extremely polished game!

The weapon was nice and creative. I would've introduced enemies in places with low ceilings, so the weapon bounces would make it act like a conventional weapon, and make later encounters happen in more open areas, forcing players to dance around enemies.

Awesome game, congrats!

I found myself not being able to work on the game for most of the week, so I had to simplify everything to deliver something decent. Turns out simple is still fun.

Thanks for playing!

I never imagined playing as the alien monster would be more tense than playing the humans. Nice atmosphere!

Nice presentation and very smooth arcade action, solid entry. Congrats!

Excellent presentation and gameplay. So much polish in so little time, amazing!

Thank you so much for the kind words!

Nice and simple arcade action, love it!

Nicely presented too, the white outlines would make everything very readable in a GameBoy screen. Good stuff!

Now I know what getting lost in an alien planet feels like. Nice presentation, the intro was awesome!

This is the most refined and streamlined tower defense I played in a long time. Super intuitive and polished. Excellent game!!!

That was fun!

The stun state might need a bit more visual feedback, it felt like my controls were unresponsive at times until I realized I was getting stunned. Other than that, very solid entry. Congrats!

I'll invest in variety for a post jam update. Thanks for playing!

There's so much environmental storytelling here! It was awesome to unravel the protagonist's past, very well crafted story, congrats!

It takes quite some time to get going into a decent challenge, difficulty pacing could definitely be faster. But it's a solid little game, looking forward to see how this game evolves in future updates.

Thank you so much for playing!

I had to cut back on a lot of content, including enemy types due to time constrains. But there's plans for a post jam update.

Thanks for the feedback!

Congratulations! 🌌🥛

Beautiful music, it made this short little adventure even better. Loved the ending!

Nice game, but the control mapping is not ideal. Dashing with E to the right usually resulted in me releasing D, then falling to my doom. Cute main character!

I love the chill vibes and atmosphere, until you have to make tough choices on what to stock. Lovely and intuitive game loop. This quite the tech achievement too, congrats!

It's impressive that you managed to get so many systems working on such a short dev time (space trading, cargo management, flying). Very solid entry, congrats!