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Woah dude, absolutely great game, it is a bit short but really polished, the controls feels neat, it's fun to move the character and to attack, the mechanic of losing damage in one attack and gaining in the other is really great and well thinked, the visuals, sounds and music are great. Really great job.

Really interesting concept, i think i won, the gameplay is a bit simple but i think that's part of the joke of being 1-d, good job.

Great game, the artstyle is a bit basic, the game design and story is a bit weird, i died sometimes in unfair ways but i achieved to beat it. Good job.

Dude, this is a really original concept, but the game is really hard, maybe cause the level is proc-gen, my lungs hurt, i only got one key. Still a good job.

Cool concept, the controls feels a bit sloppy and weird, some music would make it a lot better, the max level i reached was 15.

Great game dude! The music is neat and awesome, the mechanics are simple but really cool, i like the speed and to ambush-stab the enemies.

Really cool concept dude, the aesthetic of the game is really unique, the upgrades system is a bit dull but i still like it, but i see a big problem with this game and it's that there's no reason to fight the enemies, i ignored most of the enemies, go straight forward to the door and i achieved level 26. But overall it's a great job.

weird but cool game, it feels a bit weird to control and also it's a bit laggy in my potato computer but it's still enjoyable, cool minimalist graphics, i would like to have an option to skip the tutorial to not have to repeat it every time i die.

Great game, nice graphics, music and sfx are really awesome, but the enemies are unfair, they are really fast and have too much hp, the last level is really hard/unfair. still a great job, and i beat it.

Amazing little metroidvania dude, i like the sketch aesthetic, the controls feels good, the music is really great, the sfx are okay, the final battle is a bit simple but still entertaining, really great job.

Really amazing game, i like a lot the chain of choirs with focus in the speed, the music and graphics are really awesome, i did a speedrun after my first tun, achieved 8:55 i think. Great game dude.

Great and awesome concept, the artstyle is simple but cute, the music is epic, the sfx are okay, finding all the ghosts and killing them is fun, specially the big ones. Great game overall.

This game is weird but very innovative and unique, the artstyle is weird but cool and the music and sfx are good. Really cool mechanic of finding a balance i achieved 48 years in my second run. Great job.

Really cool and relaxing game dude, sometime the boxes with the door become crazy but it is a minor inconvenient. Really great puzzles, they were really interesting and unique. Relaxing music and great graphics. Really solid job.

Great game, i like that i increase speed every time i spend music, the visuals are a bit simple but still cool, the music/sfx are good. Some hitboxes of the blocks are a bit weird and the enemies are very basic but still a entertaining game.

Really cool game and concept, some levels were a bit hard but i managed to beat the game, Jimbo will always achieve his dreams. The visuals are simple but cool and the music/sfx are good.

Great game, it looks amazing, the music is relaxing, i like that the plants are the main focus of the game, staying alive and giving water to the plants is a very hard balance. Great job.

Great game, i like that the main goal is to balance the ecology, the music and sfx are good, the idea is really original, unbuilding the town. Awesome job, dude.

Cool concept, the game seems a bit simple, i like the music and the part where you decide if expend the money in dog's food or in son's food, it reminds me a lot to Papers Please, but i think there's a bug cause i always got the money spent back.

Really awesome game dude, the mechanic of losing speed/weigh/Size to later regain it doubled is really cool, and the square puns are really QUADRATIC. (Am sorry).

Really great game, amazing art and concept, last level was a bit tricky but i could beat it. Simply amazing game.

The original idea was to add two basic power-ups, one that multiply balls and the other that make the platform larger, but i think that i will not follow with this idea, i just wanted an excuse to make a breakout clone, that's why i joined this jam (and also to play and rate the games of other people.)

This is a very original concept, really cool to play, the artstyle is simple but still really cool, i feel like some music would be a nice touch, the upgrades feels very great and the ammo-farming mechanic is really cool, the only problem is that it becomes monotonous too soon, maybe some variety in enemies would make it better.

Cool concept, the graphics are a bit dull, the music is great, the concept is pretty original, really great job with this one.

Really cool concept, it was really entertaining to play this game, the artstyle is cute and the music is relaxing, the gameplay is a bit simple but still very fun, maybe some power-ups would spice up the experience, also i got this little error in one run, my high score was 93.

Woah, really interesting game, it's really cool that the ice block moves around all the screen, the penguin feels nice to control, my high score was 495, a really simple but amazing concept.

I beated it in 237.82, really fun and addicting game, the bats are really anoying, the graphics and music are great the concept is excelent. Really great game dude.

The character movement is weird, the controls feels anti-natural, the banana feels a bit too short-ranged, the graphics are okay and the music is great. It's a basic concept that could be a really great game if you can polish all the weakness that the game has right now.

Really cool concept with the robot, the music was great i feel the graphics a bit too overwhelming with that much saturated color, the levels are simple and sometimes the robot got stuck but still really fun to play.

Great small game, it is a bit hard to play but once you get used to, it feels very nice, the graphics are really simple but still look good, and some music would make it a lot better.

Really retro vibes from this game, it feels a bit slow at the start but it soon becomes a lot of chaotic beams and ships, really cool concept, the aesthetic and SFX are great but i feel like some music would make it a greater experience.

Really simple small game but really entertaining as well, sadly beating 2:44 is too hard, the best i could do was 1:31. Some fast-paced music would make it feel better, great job anyway.

Okay, i played the two versions and the Windows version felt a lot better than the HTML one, the problem with the HTML version is that sometimes the mouse make some weird movements and i feel desoriented with that. But still really great game.

Damn, it is a really hard game, i  couldn't beat it, still the music and the ambient feels realy cool and the depressing atmosphere is really a great touch for a retro game. Cool concept, it felt like "60 seconds" but with a darker aura.

The graphics are pretty interesting, the music and SFX are cool, the design of the enemies is a bit simple, the concept is great but the controls felt a bit bad, like the mouse was uncontrollable in some situations, overall a really solid and great game.

Nice little game, i felt the puzzles a bit simple and the graphics are simple too but still a really enjoyable game. Some music and some SFX would make it a better experience.

Really awesome concept, i like the CRT effect in the old world, i like the sinister ending of never escaping, the music is decent and the pixelart is nice, great game.

Damn, really great and amazing game, the music is really chill the animations and sfx are nice too, the concept is really simple but still enjoyable and entertaining, the only thing that i felt a bit bad was the last job (32 of each bread) it felt really tedious to made, maybe 20 of each bread would be better.

Really classic concept, it is well executed, the music is nice and the animation of the character jumping feels really nice. Great job.

Yeah, thanks a lot for playing and reviewing my game, i learned a lot in this jam, it was my first time with a team (Rydath is a really awesome artist). And yeah, you're right about the controls and the randomness,  the next time i will make a game this complex for a jam i will be sure to include instructions or a tutorial and to control a bit the randomness so there is variety. I didn't comment all the games (only most of them) but i played and rated them all.