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Submission to the BTP Game Jam #3
Submitted by Zelektron — 3 hours, 18 minutes before the deadline
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This game is really fun to play! My only concern is the lack of WASD movement.


I enjoyed running around with a massive sword. Making it get smaller with attacks was a great way to incorporate the theme and discourage spamming. I would've preferred a different control scheme. I found using mouse a bit awkward. Cute ghost sprite and cool song. Good job.


The Music suited your game so well. I liked how you handled the movement of the sword and linked it with its size. That must have been a difficult thing to code. the controls were really good as well. It was a little difficult to handle the sword but in the end, practice made it a lot easier. I think you should have kept the number of ghosts to a little less like 30 to 50 but still, the game was really great.

Please consider playing and rating my game as well. I would really appreciate it! Thanks!


I really like that game and the sword sprite is 👌, but the game needs checkpoints, the game is to long I would say about 60 Ghost would have been enought, because there is no innovation in gameplay, like ghosts that just can be damaged clockwise or counterclockwise. And the sword could need a little effect (glowing or something) when you reach the mousespeed to deal damage. I really really like that game I am a fan.


Very fun game, great art ant idea. But i think it's to hard to hunt 120 ghosts without dying.


I felt like a god slashing through all those feeble little ghosts. The sound is nice and juicy, the particles are spectacular, and the artstyle is cute and simple. I really liked this.


Great and awesome concept, the artstyle is simple but cute, the music is epic, the sfx are okay, finding all the ghosts and killing them is fun, specially the big ones. Great game overall.


Criticism - After a little while, the tileset started to look extremely repetitive.  If you had more time for art I would suggest making more tile variations.

Support - The idea is insanely innovative and the splitting enemy design really helped the sword mechanic shine.  Overall the concept and design behind this game were great!


That's the sword of someone who's overcompensating for something! Fantastic job on the particle effects especially when the ghosts die.


Fun game. I loved the music and the visuals. There is a bug when falling into an oblivion. You cant do anything after that. But for a jame game this is excelent work


The sounds, art, and music were nice. Gameplay mechanics were interesting. An overall great game.

(btw play my submission if you have the time :D)


Great music. Innovative sword mechanic design. Visuals are nice too.


Loved the music! It's a very creative mechanic that forces the player to remain calm when ghosts swarm you. Items that add variety to the gameplay could improve the experience a lot


Awesome Game! Always love holding a HUGE sword and freeing the world of those darn ghosts. The movement was clean and the level design was well done. The enemies and enemy VFX were cool. But I just really loved swinging that sword around the most! Well done on a great game. 


This was a really cool mechanic. Really liked it! Video review below:

24:22 - Ghost is more


I actually liked the core gameplay mechanic :) It gets a bit monotonous after playing for 5 mins. But still, it was a nice game.

I don't like anonymous votes, so here is my rating.

Keep up the good work!

Submitted (1 edit)

WOW!! The game is really polished!! And the fact that you have to swing the sword to kill the ghosts manually makes it super fun!!

5 stars well deserved, my friend!!


Found myself thinking how to use your music in my game, really liked. 

I enjoy swing the big fff sword, but running away  of the biggers ghosts blanding a little stick, oh man, was funny


I really enjoyed your game! I will just reiterate what other's have said. Health and checkpoints would have been helpful, but I still really enjoyed the game. Nice work!


Love it, nice graphics, nice implementation of the them, funny...


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