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Thanks! Just completed the game and rated it!
Take some time to rate my game too if you can. I hope you have fun.

I think what makes your game important is how simple it is and still nails the platforming experience. Right now the game is quite basic but that's what it can be expanded upon. For example. The way your final boss worked was better than all the previous levels. Good game! The way you handled the theme and created something like this is great!

I played your game today and liked it a lot. You can find the comment I left too. Thanks!!!

Thanks for playing my game! I am extremely happy that you enjoyed it!!

Here is my first game. Hope you like it!

Ohhhh! Hahahaha! Thanks then🤣

Played and rated your game 3 days ago. 

Please take some time to play and rate my game. Thanks!! Cheers!!

Played and rated. What an amazingly creepy game! Damnnn!!

Oh, it was way more creepy than I thought. What an amazing and haunting idea. The atmosphere was just freaking crazy creepy. It was short but impactful. Thanks for this amazing game!

Are there 2 endings only or more?

Played and rated. Incredibly fun. I found it a little more difficult than I thought but it was just amazingly fun to play.

Thanks a lot for your feedback. I was thinking of adding something like that combined with a health indicator for enemies. Thanks for playing my game!!

Incredibly hard and incredibly fun! This game was just great. I had a lot of fun playing it. The weapons changing and adapting accordingly was super intuitive and challenging. Loved the pixel art too. Just freaking awesome!!

Thanks a lot! I need to work on the attack. I am learning a lot from the people here. The feedback is simply amazing.

Done! Simple and so freaking creative!!! Just amazing!!

I played and rated your game yesterday. Immensely creative. Tower defense meets Real-Time Strategy! Just awesome!!

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That's what happens when simplicity meets creativity. Everything looks clean and it's immensely fun to play. Great game! Just loved it!

Edit: The music was just awesome!!!

I played and rated your game 5 days ago. It's great. I just love how simple and yet enjoyable it was!

Thanks a lot for saying that! There is still a lot I wanna improve in this game but your kind words just make me more excited to work on this.

Oh my god!! Thanks for playing my game!!! It's just amazing. It was my first game. So, Your feedback gave me so much to learn. Thanks a lot for this. I am pretty sure that I have learnt more from this community and people like you in the past 2 weeks than I did in the last year.

You just compared my game to some of the legends! It makes me so happy😭. I wish I make anything like those masterpieces in my life.

Again, Thanks a lot! To see anyone having fun because of something I made is one of the best feelings in the world.

Hahaha! Thanks a lot! I am very happy that you liked it! This was my first game. It's just amazing to know that I made something entertaining for people to enjoy.

The original plan was to make a game where pacifist route was encouraged but I just felt like a little action would be fun so on 4th day, things changed. I understand the attacks don't give the game-feel I intended but I am working on that. The attacks should feel a little more weighty. Thanks for the feedback!!

Thanks a lot! It's my first game. It just makes me so happy to know that people are enjoying something I made. 

The feedback here has been amazing. These 2 weeks have taught me more than the entire last year did.

Leave a comment for me to play and rate your game!

Here's my game. Rate and comment if you can. (No Pressure):

Well, that was a great game! I really loved the simplicity of your 3D models. The concept was just amazing. I didn't understand at first. Then. everyone started giving me their cargo and I was like, Ohhhhhhhh. It was great. Btw, your instructions have "Q and D" written instead of "Q and E".

Please take some time to play and rate my game as well. I would really appreciate it! Thanks!!

I loved the concept and how you mixed different styles. Everything was 3D Except the running aliens. I wish, we could spend diamonds mid-game to upgrade canons. My finger started paining because of that :D. I enjoyed the game! 

Please take some time to play and rate my game as well. I would really appreciate it. Thanks!!

Your pixel art was so amazing! Everything radiated quality. This was some next level professionalism. I loved the game. Everything in the game was perfect (Except the waiting time of the customers. Man, they were rude. Everyone kept storming out and getting me fired. Or, maybe I am not a good waiter :D). But everything was made perfect due to your art. Just Amazing! Loved your game!

Please let me know if you have any resources to learn pixel art. 

Please take some time to play and rate my game as well. I would really appreciate it! Thanks!!

The game is simple and fun. Loved your pixel art too. I would say, the music needed to be changed to something less pitchy. The enemies started to attack without even being visible on the screen. So, I just kept firing and guessing where they were. What I did to handle that was to attach a trigger box to enemies and allowed them to fire only when the player entered the trigger box. Rest it was a good entry. Kudos to you!

Please take some time to play and rate my game as well, I would really appreciate it! Thanks a lot!!

Try to post the not buggy version once the game jam ends. I would like to see what you were going for.

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That was very fast and very enjoyable! Every time I lost, I felt like I need to play again and finish it. That was fun and easy to play. The only feedback I would give is that you can add some techno music to spice things up and maybe give a little time at the start as when the game starts, sometimes I lose within a second because of my mouse placement. Other than that, It was quite fun. Thanks for the game. 

Please take some time to play and rate my game as well. I would really appreciate it! Thanks!!

3 ?!?!?!? DAMNNNNNNN!!!!!

Well, the music and the low visibility kept me on my toes for the whole time. Great game!

Please take some time to play and rate my game as well, I would really appreciate it! Thanks!!

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Well, That was a completely different experience. So I am quite surprised and fascinated by this game. I got the D end. This should have taken a lot of hard work. Everything just felt ominous and wrong. The amazing atmosphere you created here was really worth playing. Thanks for the game.

Please take some time to play and rate my game as well, I would really appreciate it! Thanks!!

Wow! That was something really amazing to be made in just 7 days! Loved it! You really did an amazing job building the atmosphere and letting players play in it. Thanks for this amazing game!

I have played your game and rated it. It's amazing!!!

Actually, I designed it that way!

I thought it would be better to go "Jump jump jump" rather than climbing some ladder! It looks a little odd but gets the job done.😅

Thanks a lot for taking the time to give me some feedback and playing my game. I hope you had fun!

Wow! Absolutely loved this game!!! The graphics, the music, the ambience was just amazing! Seriously, one of the most enjoyable games I have played till now! Simply AMAZING!

(Sorry for the late review. I thought I already posted the comment and rating.)

Yes, a health indicator is really needed. The audio is just me making some weird sound and then editing the pitch. 😅 It was added at kinda last moment so didn't have much time. I would save more time for audio in the next game jam.  😅 

Give me some time. I have downloaded your game. Looks amazing! Would surely play and give a rating!!

Ohhh!!! Thanks a lot for saying this!! I love that game so much! To be even compared with that game is like a human being compared to one of the indie game Gods! :D

That was so great! Zooming in the light and highlighting the aliens felt so realistic. That was a great idea to mix and patch Real-Time Strategy with tower defense. Amazing game!

Please take some time to play and rate my game as well. I would really appreciate it! Thanks!!

Ohhhh!!! The game looks so good and I just wanted to play more! It's such a shame that I couldn't due to that bug. That was some amazing pixel art! Dude I wanted to jump on that enemy but the lava (T_T). I can see the potential. If not due to that bug, you would have submitted such a great game. Amazing!

Please take some time to play and rate my game as well, I would really appreciate it! Thanks!!