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Submitted by Marxy 37 — 9 hours, 58 minutes before the deadline
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You found a really cool idea ! When i was a kid i played games like diner dash so i understood the premise pretty quick :D Its a shame that you couldnt add more minigames but i think you have learned a lot from this project. Like other comments say i did not get what to do in the minigame :d.

Overall i think it has potential to be a great game you should work on this after the jam to see what you can achive :D

Note : I would be happy if you could play my game as well :d


Glad you liked the idea!! I've never heard of diner dash before, i watched a gameplay of it and it seems like it's a pretty fun game, maybe I'll give it a go tonight!! (I don't think I'll work on the game after the jam though, but we'll see... :3)

As for the minigames, yes I'm aware of the problem. The minigame is unclear to the player, especially because I never explained how to play :C, probably you already found out how to play, but you need to keep the dots away from each other.

Of course, I'll play your game as soon as i can!! Thanks Your for playing my game and for the kind words!! (^u^)


I found the game a bit confusing, but eventually I figured out at least how to choose the right drinks. didn't really figure out what the circles minigame was. I like the idea of your game and I like that picking the right drink was more than simply adding up numbers to the right value.


The dots minigame was just a dummy test minigame i made in 10 minutes to make the minigame feature and work on the input for the minigames. I tought of the minigames as a cooking process for every ingredient that the player must not lose in order to make the tea (Example: pieces of peach are falling from the sky and you must caucht them in a teacup for the square peach), but sadly i didn't managed to finish the minigame feature, so all the ingredients have the same minigame atm :/

Thanks for playing my game!!! (^u^)


Listen to me, I really want to know how to make a tea, because I think that the concept has a lot of potential  and I think the texts are very funny, but I didn't know wtf I had to do on that circles minigame hahahahaha. Seriously I think that with some more time you would had achieved a magnificent result mate. Good job, I encourages you to keep trying!

Developer (1 edit)

Yeah, the game has this problem of being confusing and no clear... sorry for that '^_^

Ok, in order to make some tea you need to go to the customer (dots on the right), you rwad their order, tou go to the counter (big rectangle to the middle), select the ingredeint, you go on the stove (square on the right) you play the minigame (keep the dots from not touching each others, drag them with the moise) and tou submit the order to the customer

Yeah if i had more time i think this game would have turned out great!! Sorry for the late respone, but you caught me eating!! Thanks for playing my game!! (^u^)


Yes, I understood the steps to follow (and without any help :D). The only thing that I don't know is how to move the dots in the minigame, because I only can move the ones in the first square. And then suddenly sometimes randomly I get a prepared tea hahahahaha.  Maybe adding a gameplay video in the game page is a good idea for example (even if only for a next jam).


You're supposed to move them with the mouse... Now if you're saying to me that you can't move the dots in the other square... I think you have might have found a bug that i wasn't aware of... :/

As for the "sometimes tea gets gone randomly", i forgot to remove the cheat keys form the game, so maybe you press it while trying to figuring out the controls... try to make a random tea with 4 ingredients and let the dots touch each others, if the tea still manages to be done then you have one of them activated... (Restarting the game should reset the cheats)


I tried again and now I can move the dots, but the prepared tea doesn't appear inmediately. Something strange is happening I think.


Yeah, that is indeed strange... Obviously that's a bug, i'll try to fix it after the jam is over... Sorry about that :C


As a cooking mama fan, I was excited to play this game. It took me awhile to figure out what to do, and as others have mentioned it's a little confusing. But I think you got a really good idea here, and maybe with a little extra time to make the gameplay clearer, and to polish up the ingredient mixing  mini game, you'd have quite the fun little game. I'd love to make some tea!


Man, even though i can't really call myself a fan of it (i think i played only 1/2 title of the series), i love cooking mama!! It was also a inspiration for this game!! =D

I'm sorry if the game was confusing, l agree: The game needs a better explanation and a lot of polish, to be even considerate as close as playable. I hope it didn't left out of your expectation too much because of it... :/

Thank you for playing my game and for the kind words!! Go make some tea!! (^u^)


I like the concept. I definitely see potential in this game and how you might be able to extend the idea further. Great effort! ^_^


I'm glad that you liked the concept!! Thanks for playing my game!! (^D^)


concept is good. but visual is quite bad. btw I think this game will be better.


I don't think the visual is that bad :/ I think the game has worst problems than that... (like being hard to understand and confusing)

Still, thanks for the feedback and for playing my game!!!


the concept is fine, but the gameplay is confusing,  in my opinion  it's too complex , too many ingredients and stats.      btw keep going ,not finished is better than not started :)


I can assure you that this will not be my last jam, for sure!! I love partecipating at those!!

I don't think that the problem is really the amont of stats (but it might be, idk really :/), rather the fact that they are not well presented and explained to the player. If i ever decide to continue this game, i'll do some experimentation to see what is the actual problem. Thanks for the feeback btw!! (^u^)


Seems like an interesting idea but, as you said, over-scoped. I highly recommend figuring out a basic gameplay loop you can complete in a day for a game jam, then expand on that so that you can get it done.

For example, in my game, I made sure to complete the ability to pick up and throw boxes and create a container to throw them into. Once that was complete, I could expand from there.

Don't be hard on yourself about not having art. That's fine. What's more important is clarity. Can the player know what stuff is? Text indicating what stuff is, controls, and other gameplay essentials will go a long way with art. You nicely color coded a few things in game just with circles, squares, and different colors.

Great job getting this submitted for the jam. Hopefully this'll just be another step towards you learning how to manage scope.


Wow, thanks a lot for the hint on scope management: i'll make sure tu put them at good use (or at least try) in the future!! (^u^)

As for the graphics, when i said ugly looking (I'm assuming you're referring to that) i wasn't really referring from a art perspecting, but i was looking at the project as a whole, and i was meaning that the game didn't turned out as i wanted (especially to the minigmaes part), and therefore i don't like it very much. Clarity should definitevly had been my main focus at the time, altough i have to admit that having a graphics would had been nice too (i'm not saying that the game is ugly, it's quite nice actually). I'm sorry for not explaining myself propelly :C

Thanks for playing my game, and for the kind words!! I hope to improve in the future!! =D


It sounds interesting from your description, but I could not figure it out lol. My guess is you ask what someone wants then you click the ingredients to match what they want, then you go to the little square to mix them and then take it over to them but it did not seem to do anything :(

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

It all right, but when you go in that little square to cook the tea (not mix) you also need to don't lose the minigame(s), that means not letting the dots touch each other. Thanks for playing my game!! (^u^)


hmmm. When I click 'e' in front of the little box the arrow above it goes away and nothing happens for me.

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Ah... That's the wrong box... (We were talking about two different boxes xD) The box where you're supposed to go after you selected the ingredient is the furthest on the left... 

Sorry for the misunderstanding :3

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

lmao. "how would you like your tea?...oh ok well I think it looks good in the trash!"

Should have had that visual in-game :) 


Something unique. Going in that craftin/combining direction is not something I've seen in here, so you definitelly stand out. 
The game was very confusing, sadly. I found the ingredient combining a good bit strange - two things coming together would be the ingredients mixing? But then when I have more ingredients that's different things mixing together? Not sure if I should do anything on that screen or just watch the circles go. I can drag them, but I don't know what that changes?
Just a bit weird. And then it takes a good 10 seconds for the teacup to appear in my hand - which makes me think I've done messed something up. I did however like the ingredient recipes and the special properties - good job on the writing front :D

I'm not an artist myself, but having some visuals, some very simple graphics for the different ingredients would also help give the game a nice level of worlbuilding - adding on top of those great descriptions you wrote. 


Sorry if the game was that much confusing to you!! I should had invested some time in making a tutorial and explaining the game!! :C

Those dots you see on the oven screen aren't some ingredients mixing together. They are a minigame (and right now is the only one) where you should avoid that the dots (They have no meaning. They're just dots) touch each other for X seconds (10 is for recipes with 1 ingredient, it increases by 5 seconds for any more ingredients. Yeah the values is way to big XD), otherwise (unless you have activated a cheat) you lose the minigame and you have to restart to make the tea from scratch. 

About the visuals for the ingredients, like many things, i was planning to do that but i didn't managed to do it sadly :/

I'm very happy to hear that you find my game unique and that you like those descriptions!! Thanks for playing my game!!


Yeah, there's no way someone would just "figure out" they have to keep the dots from touching for a given time - especially if it's not a fixed value. Throwing some tutorial-ish text in there would help a lot, though ideally you would want to explain that in some graphic/visual image.


Yeah, that's probably what i should had done...  :/


Once I understood what I was supposed to do then I really liked the concept of the game. I think if I were you I would just take out the minigame altogether. If you managed to finish it then I'm sure it could have been a really great entry and I think it's great that you still submitted but I don't think including the unfinished minigame really adds to the experience. I can tell from what you've written that you learnt a lot from this jam and you should be really proud of that!


Thank You for playing my game and for the kind words!! (^u^)

To me, the minigame part felt like a core concept to have at the time, because i thought "More mini games to handle at the same time will motivate the player to use less ingredients. Plus less ingredients = more easy to do, right??", but now that some time has passed and i read the feedback i think you're right: i should probably had get rid of the mini games altogether and scrapped them. If only i knew at the time that it was so hard to code them... 

As for the "it doesn't really add to the experience" part, since my games are often unfinished (more than i like to admit, sadly), i prefer to just uploading what i have at hand at the moment without thinking about it, rather than just getting self-conscious about it and cutting a feature, or even worst, not uploading at all,that can maybe be fun just because it's unfinished and/or i don't like it. So often i get in situation like this one, and that's why :/

...aand Hey!!! Thanks for actually taking the time to read my experience with the jams!! From what I've seen, the people that have actually took the time to read it aren't that many!!


I like it really cool, but as everyone is saying its a little confusing, over that its a good game :D


Still, Thank You for playing the game!!


Hey, although the concept of this game is interesting, it is definitely not my type of game but i can see that you put in effort :) I had some issues starting because i did not know what to do ;p For example i did not see what ingredients i selected and that made it a bit confusing. Some visual feedback of what is happening and a tutorial would have made this game more enjoyable :) But good job on making a game for the jam :)


Thanks for the feedback!! I wasn't aware that not knowing what ingredients you had selected was a problem (and, to be honest, i should had seen that one coming... :/)

Yep, I Agree: This game needs a good introduction/tutorial and proper feedback (visual and audio), because the one i added right now is definitely not enough... :/

Thanks again for the feedback!! And of course for playing my game!!


It was such a hit and miss for me. A tutorial was definitely needed but I would say that I am an idiot in any game where I have to manage stuff. I can see that whatever your idea was, it was much more than what you submitted due to the time constraint. It reminded me of an indie game called coffee talk. would really love to see this completed and maybe with some pixel art aesthetic. :D (Sorry, I love pixel art a lot.) Thanks for submitting it. The best part is that when I read the comments on your game. Everyone being a game dev can see what you were actually making. Just wow! Thanks for submitting your game.

I would really appreciate it if you could play and rate my game as well. Thanks!


Thank you for taking the time to write your thoughts and feedback!! It's always a pleasure for me to receive and read a comment like this one!! Thank you!! (^u^)

I fully understand why you felt the way that you did!! Many things are missing from this game to make it playable (a proper tutorial is just one of them) and for that reason the game feels confusing as it feels!! I think that you shouldn't feel like an idiot imo because that's just my fault for not explaining  well enough how to play, definitely not yours for not being good: nobody is good if they don't know the rules.

Yeah, i had many plans for this game but between that there was somewhat of a time constraints, a poor planning, a lack in motivation (because game dev wasn't going as smoothly as i wanted to be) and an overall big scope, (and maybe other factors that atm I'm ignoring) the game turned out like it did. I'll try to scope better and make a better game next time :/

I  didn't know before that game, but I've gotta say i can see the resemblance from the two. I don't think I'll continue working on this game after the game (most of my games ends up like they entered the jam, at least), but if I'll ver decide to continue working  on the game I'd love to learn and make some pixel art for it!!

Yeah, i was pretty surprised too about the kindness and support of the comments that this game received. I'm usually pretty negative when it comes to my games and this one was no exception, so i wasn't really expecting this much from the comments... I'm just happy i was proven wrong!! =D

Again, Thank you for playing my game, Thank you for the comment and Thank you for the nice words!! Playing your game it's the least i can do to to show my gratitude!! (^u^)


I think it could've definitely used a tutorial, I got the concept and understood what I was supposed to do pretty quick, but I couldn't really figure out how. But it's a cool idea for a game, kind of like those food games where you have to manage a kitchen and make sure all the customers get their food on time :)


Yeah, i agree: the game needs a tutorial, because as it is it's pretty hard to understand. It's a shame i didn't managed to implement it... :C


I kinda knew how to play. If you'd have made a tutorial to explain controls and the concept a little better, it definitely would've helped. Overall it is an interesting idea and definitely has potential.


Thanks for playing my game!! A tutorial, lile many other things, was originally planned, but i poorly planned my game, and that combined with an overall big scope, sadly made most of the features i wanted to didn't made the cut :/


I think the idea was pretty good with mixing tea to balance it. I tried different ingredients but it never was the right effect. And what exactly was the 4 fields with 2 dots that met each other? sometimes i held a square. sometimes not. Very confusing. I was just button mashing and clicking like a madman and sometimes a yellow square came out.


haha, yeah that's totally my fault for not explaining how the game worked... sorry for that :/

To see what is the right special effect you have to, well... read what special effect a certain ingredients gives (there isn't really any other way sadly), and make sure to put that ingredient first, otherwise it will count you as a failure. And make also sure that the balancing is also right

The dots you're referring to, from how you're describing them it seems like you're talking about the minigame(s) that you need to complete for making the tea. Well, i was intending to make multiple minigames but in the end i didn't managed to do it and now all the minigames are the same: basically your job is to make sure that the circles never touches each other (drag them away with the mouse), otherwise you lose and you have to start the tea process from the start

As for the square, it's the tea you've done... Probably the reason why sometimes you was getting the tea, and why sometimes you was not it's because you triggered one of the cheat keys while button mashing...


its has a good theme in it but i dont know how to play it


Thanks for the feedback. I actually already answered that in MouthHole Games comment, but in short: You move with WASD, interact with E, and your job is to listen to the customer request and select the right ingredients from the counter and go make their tea. (Again, if you want more detail on how to play, please check the answer i left at MouthHole Games. I'm too lazy to rewrite it rn >u< )


Nice idea and prototype, has prompted me to go and get some tea... haha.

Hope you can find the time or a teammate to achieve your vision next time! :)


Haha, yeah... Go get that tea and stay hydrated, boy!!

Thanks for playing my game and for the nice words!! (^u^)


Hey, the game does not exist but the concept is there. And I actually liked the concept. It fits the theme.

Try to scope more responsibly next time :) Or find a teammate, that always helps too.

I don't like anonymous votes, so here is my rating.

Keep up the good work!


Wow!! That is a high rating, considering that this is just a prototype and all!! Really!! Thanks a bunch!! :3

Yeah, scope managing is a thing that i always struggled with!! I'll try my best to scope better in the future... Yes, maybe finding a team can be a good idea!!

I'm glad you liked the game, even if it was just a small concept!! Thank you for playing my game!! (^u^)

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