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Cool game! I really liked the concept, although I think some extra gameplay mechanics and maybe a boss fight would really elevate it if you were to continue working on it

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it :D

Yeah I'll give it a go, I'm currently doing a uni assignment but I definitely will check it out before the rating finishes

Took me like 13 minutes (mainly doing the last level over and over) but I managed to beat it! Probably my favourite game of the jam, the level design and mechanics are SO good!

I'd love to see this as a full game honestly, I'd definitely play it

This is such a cool idea, honestly I just love music-based games too much

It's soooo polished, my god! Great work!!!

I love the idea that you can speed up to increase a score multiplier, but god I'm too tempted by it XD

The art looks so crunchy I love it! I was trying to think how it fit the limitation and then I looked at my screen and there was no ground because it was completely blocked by errors XD

The art style in this is so damn cool! The gameplay and upgrading and stuff is great too. Although I would've preferred shooting to be left click and right click for each side, rather than J and K

Really cool idea! It took me some time to get out of the start on the first level, but after that I really enjoyed it

Thank you! For the strings I just played around with the line renderer component in Unity.

I add positions to the line in code and then use the sin function to create the wave effects.

Also the colours are done by making a gradient in the script and then adding Time.deltaTime to the hue. Then applying that to the line renderer.

I can't believe the art in this game, the character art looks incredibly good!!! How did you manage to make that in a weekend.

I really enjoyed the gameplay too, although I would say that the AI moves a bit slower than I'd like.

Awesome take on the theme, pretty much what I imagine being a shepard is like. Only nitpick is that it's difficult getting sheep out of the corners, but overall great entry!

Awesome idea! Training an AI to fight based on how you fight them is really cool, although it is really slow at the start

It's such a funny idea to have an AI try to get you the highest score it can in golf. Although, it can be a bit annoying for it to just change the map. But I appreciate that's part of the appeal

Really cool game, it's really fun to try and control the environment. Although it's really tough to create a good balance between the two species because the predators just dominate.

Really cool game, I love the idea of an idea helping you platform through a level. Good level design and nice art, good job!

Awesome game,  quite easy to get the hang of and pretty addictive. Gives me strong veggie tales vibes too

Awesome game, everything is so well polished, I mean you even included remapping controls which is insane for a game jam game. Honestly nothing really bad to say, just a great game! Well done :D

Cool concept, the idea of hotswitching between shooting and moving is awesome. But I think the map was a little large since I spent more time getting to the tanks than fighting them.

Dear god... Easily the most fun I've had this jam, franticly smashing my keyboard while yelling at my mom that I don't want to do any chores, 10/10 *chef's kiss*

Awesome game! The idea is so unique and I love the whole matrix-y hacker style to the art. As soon as the ads started popping up it really made me panic XD

I loved my little robot buddy!

Really cool game! I loved the developer commentary, such an awesome idea. I had to mess around with the Unity NavMesh system a lot in my game too :D

It's really simple, but man it's so addictive. After every try I'm like "damn, I can definitely do better this time"

Thank you! That's a really cool idea, one of my friends suggested adding enemy ai ghosts that would try to push him into the traps.

I really loved the art, although it was quite difficult to get all of the viruses because you shoot and move quite slow

Nice game, although I think it could've used a bit more polish. But it's a game jam game so it's understandable

Thanks for the feedback :D Yeah I did have it that way before but it made the perspective a little weird because you were always in front. I should've used a shader for when you're behind something theres like an outline, but I didn't have the time to experiment with it.

Yeah the unpredictable AI is because of the way I set up the NavMesh component and pathfinding, so sometimes he'll try to go around a wall you're spooking him into, which I honestly just didn't have time to fix.

Then the same can be said for the hole not having a texture, the model I used didn't have the same UVs as the regular floor tile, so I couldn't get the textures to seemingly line up properly, so with only a couple hours left I prioritised other stuff and left it blank.

Thank you for the feedback, I completely agree with it, if I was to make this into a full game or if I'd had more time, I'd have tried to fix these issues.

Oh yeah I get the same thing, usually I make my games way too hard because I've been playtesting it for a whole weekend

Cool idea! It's a great idea to allow a bit of control over the player, otherwise it would be quite frustrating. But, yeah works great! Good job :D

My god! I loved this, it was an absolute roller coaster and I loved every single second!!

Honestly, I just loved this so much. Easy 10/10. I would gush more, but I don't wanna spoil anything.

Really simple game, but it was fun, having to avoid shooting your partner but also dodging their attacks whilst trying to help them makes a real good gameplay loop

Cute doggo, I can't believe you managed to do cutscenes and everything in just one weekend!

The movements and stuff is really smooth and nice, though I wish the movement were a little faster.

The movements and stuff is really smooth and nice, though I wish the movement were a little faster.

The pixel art is really well done and I love the idea. All I can say is I wish there were more levels!

The art is really cool! Although I will say it was annoying having to click on the robot every time because his sprite is so tiny, also my robot would occasionally get stuck. Also, like some other people have said I wish there were more sound effects to let you know when people want stuff.

The art and animations are absolutely adorable!!