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I really liked it, although I'm pretty dumb so I pretty much guessed every level XD

Is that the first jumping level? Because I've realised it's a little close to your max height you need to hold the jump button and then double jump at the right time, but yeah I want to change that jump to be a bit lower

Thank you for playing! Pretty much my entire Saturday was just working on the menus and options, gave me an excuse to put off level design lol

Yeah sorry like I said I don't have a Mac so I couldn't test it, but I'm glad you managed to get it working anyway. Thanks for playing!

Fun puzzles, finished the whole thing. I liked how you started off simple and then added on more mechanics to make it harder, the dialogue was also really funny!

Cool game, really clean and well done for a game jam game, although I wish the humans would move a bit faster from the get-go

Really liked it, it's pretty similar to mine (3D platformer about infecting stuff and using their abilities), but it feels different in that you can control them a lot more. I liked the art and I thought the controls and stuff were smooth, well done!!

Cool little survival game, I don't think I'm particularly good at it though

Congrats on your first game jam!! Really fun and juicy, incredibly polished for a game jam game, well done!!!

Probably my favourite game of the jam so far, it was pretty easy but it was just fun watching my little dudes destroy everything!! Congrats on your first GWJ and on making a great game!

I couldn't figure out how to get out of the first room. The voice acting was really good though!

Really unique take on the theme, I really liked the idea of picking which units to infect from the battlefield. Also yeah the graphics are INCREDIBLY polished for a game jam, nice one!

The controls are a little weird, but I had fun just flipping around!

Really cool submission, feels like the beginning levels of Spore or something, really liked it!

It controls incredibly well nice smooth camera, great little shooter

A surprisingly chill game for a jam about parasites, really liked the little  minigames :D

Such a cool take on the theme!!

Love the 2D - 3D mix with the graphics, looks real cute. Fun little survival game, well done!

Really liked it, the parasite designs are cool and it fits the themes and limitations really well :D

Not too sure what it has to do with parasites, but it fits the limitation really well and it's a fun puzzle g

Cool game! I really liked that you took the time to go through tutorials and explain the mechanics, that can be difficult to do in a game jam, congrats on your first GWJ!

Love the cute graphics!! I wish the player was a bit faster though, couldn't outrun some of them

What a friend!! A good boy indeed

Damn, I love Dr Mario, this was really well made plays well, looks good, congrats!!

Awesome game, similar idea to mine but 2D, made me think I should've added a flying squirrel. The level design is really well done and it controls well, well done!

Love the audio and graphics in this, unfortunate that I have no friends to play with :,(

Cool game! I made a vampire survivors like game for my last Wild Jam too!

I already have, I can play it on my end so it should be on

Cool game! I really liked the concept, although I think some extra gameplay mechanics and maybe a boss fight would really elevate it if you were to continue working on it

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it :D

Yeah I'll give it a go, I'm currently doing a uni assignment but I definitely will check it out before the rating finishes

Took me like 13 minutes (mainly doing the last level over and over) but I managed to beat it! Probably my favourite game of the jam, the level design and mechanics are SO good!

I'd love to see this as a full game honestly, I'd definitely play it

This is such a cool idea, honestly I just love music-based games too much

It's soooo polished, my god! Great work!!!

I love the idea that you can speed up to increase a score multiplier, but god I'm too tempted by it XD

The art looks so crunchy I love it! I was trying to think how it fit the limitation and then I looked at my screen and there was no ground because it was completely blocked by errors XD

The art style in this is so damn cool! The gameplay and upgrading and stuff is great too. Although I would've preferred shooting to be left click and right click for each side, rather than J and K

Really cool idea! It took me some time to get out of the start on the first level, but after that I really enjoyed it

Thank you! For the strings I just played around with the line renderer component in Unity.

I add positions to the line in code and then use the sin function to create the wave effects.

Also the colours are done by making a gradient in the script and then adding Time.deltaTime to the hue. Then applying that to the line renderer.

I can't believe the art in this game, the character art looks incredibly good!!! How did you manage to make that in a weekend.

I really enjoyed the gameplay too, although I would say that the AI moves a bit slower than I'd like.