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This game is awesome and I really really hope it gets made into a full game. My one issue is that it's a little too similar to undertale in some areas, but other than that I love it.

It's hilariously easy to use

It uses the standard Universal Fighting Engine plugin for Unity.

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I made that post back when hating on yiik was cool and I thoroughly regret it (turns out the game is pretty cool)

I played this expecting it to be awful like all the YouTubers said it was. Turns out this game is shockingly good and I'm super hyped for I.V. :)


The camera isn't moving.

I can't wait to see where this game goes.

I tried to fix it in the new update, hopefully it works.

you should check out the new update

I'd rather die

pretty epic ngl

I liked the video! I have no idea why the ai was acting so derpy though. I may have to look into that...

this is so sad


good point

Why was week 4 so insultingly easy?


Please keep going I love this.

well there goes your professional attitude

lol what. everyone knows that alt+f4 instantly closes an application.

I think winrar is required to unzip this, even though it says it's a zip file. This happens due to my stupidity when it come to compressing files.

that's odd, do you have WinRar?

yes, parsec is required for online play though.

how is it cryptic it's common knowledge to pretty much everyone else I've talked to.


I beat the final challenge with no problem, I don't think it was supposed to go like that.

Great game! This reminded me a lot of Overcooked and Crazy Taxi. I don't really have any complaints.

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This was my second jam. My friend made the music, I did the rest.

If you don't want to read the description, the controls are arrow keys, z, and x.

I added no dialogue in cutscenes for the theme

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I'm almost at 40 ratings!

So I played the unofficial build, and I found that you can mash the attack button to stunlock basically every enemy in the game and kill them in less than two seconds, which kinda takes away from the damage mechanic. I loved the art though.

I made an effort to make this game much easier than my last game jam, but I guess I still have work to do.

It's an enraged demon pig, which don't show up frequently in the game. You can run back to where the first duck was sitting and kill the demon from there.

I loved the particle effects and trails, but the lack of sound effects was a bummer. I also feel the game would've been better if it has aquatic ambiance instead of that music. I'm going to be honest, the music was painful, it didn't match the game at all, and it didn't loop properly either. Other than the sound problems, I liked your game.

I had fun with this. Seeing all the things that I could use as a trash bin got a laugh out of me, I just wish there was another level.

I had a hard time identifying objects like the apple, coffee cup, and knife. I feel the low poly artstyle doesn't benefit this kind of game, and the camera angle doesn't help either. I do like the concept of this game, and hope you improve it someday.