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Wow, thanks for videoing your thoughts while playing the game. Really gives an insight what you were thinking while playing the game. I can tell you that the health was the cross, next to the age and the heart was affection. You had to balance the heart and the food so the health goes down slower. I really missed a good tutorial to explain it but just didn't have time. Really appreciate you taking the time to create the video and provide feedback, I loved that I was straight after Liam's game in the video too!! Thanks man.

Thanks for playing! I agree it is definitely fast paced. The elements of wealth, body and mind are already there. Wealth in the money, body is the food and mind is the hearts. The life bombs take away food or affection (Heart) if you get hit. If they are too low, you lose health quicker. A good balance and you lose health slower, therefore live longer. A good in game tutorial is definitely needed but didn't have time for this one. Thanks for taking the time for detailed feedback, greatly appreciated!

Wow, thanks man! Greatly appreciated.

Wow, this game is awesome! I really enjoyed the silhouette feel to the levels but with the glowing red to contrast. The best thing was the polish to the movement and animations of the main character. It just made the game feel great to play.  Awesome entry!

Thanks for very much for that feedback. So glad you liked the balance and the Art. Ominous and Personal is awesome feedback!!

Cool 38 is pretty good. I'm so happy you liked the art! I was unsure if people would like it but I had fun creating it. It does need a good in game tutorial but I'm glad you had a bit of fun. Thanks for playing and providing feedback, greatly appreciated!

Awesome. Glad you had some fun playing! Thanks for providing feedback, greatly appreciated. 

I really liked this game. Great concept, awesome use of the theme and I really enjoyed the visuals and audio. The tutorial was great and really helped explain what to do (unlike my game....). In every area I rated this very high! Amazing entry.

Awesome work with this one. So simple yet I really enjoyed the game loop! The fact that it is one key also makes it perfect for mobile too. I can see this being expanded with different skins and ability upgrades to be a full fledged game. Awesome entry!!

Great idea. The growing and shrinking mechanic worked really well! I personally would have liked a camera perspective that was further out. Most of the time I was jumping, hoping I would land on something or see something. If there was a camera perspective that was larger, I could be more strategic about what size I was. This would give a reason to go larger to see more of the level too. Great work with this game!

Cool little game. The 2 colour, colour palate looked pleasing to the eye but I had trouble at first telling what was NPC and what was the enemy. The movement and jump controls felt responsive and not too floaty. I didn't mind the little story too, interesting but fun! Great job!

I really enjoyed the visuals of this game. I think it was a good choice with the camera angle too. You used the different stats very well to meet the less is more theme. It had some cool polish aspects too with scene transitions, UI animations and cool lighting. Very well done!

Sweet, makes me very happy you like the visuals! I personally like them too but didn't know how others would feel about them. Thanks for playing and providing feedback!!

Wow, really glad you enjoyed the music! I know what you mean about the top level. I really wanted to be able to drop down the platforms but just couldn't figure it out without the bombs dropping as well. Definitely a better tutorial would help too. Thank you for playing my game and providing feedback, greatly appreciated!!

Thanks man. Glad you had some fun playing. I definitely needed more instruction on how to find the balance. Greatly appreciate you taking the time to provide feedback!

Thanks for the feedback! I agree that some things are unclear to start. I'm glad you still had fun even though things were unclear. Thanks for playing and providing feedback, greatly appreciated!

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Awesome glad you  liked it! The platforms are stiff, they are just box colliders so maybe should've added a poly collider now you bring it up! I tried to get the drop down because it would've been good for this game but I couldn't get it to work without the bombs dropping too and just didn't have time to figure it out. Thanks for playing and taking the time to provide feedback!

Haha. Thanks for that feedback! Taking the time to go in to that much detail is greatly appreciated! It isn't well explained in game. I completed the game in 2 days because I had to work so just didn't have enough time have detailed tutorials or explanations other than the start scene quick text I added last minute. The heart is actually affection not health and the cross is the health. If the cross gets to 0 the game is over. If you have too much or not enough affection or food the health actually goes down way faster. So you have to balance the food and affection to live longer. You can't buy food without money so you also have to go out and earn money, where you can get hit by life bombs. That was the idea anyway and now that I type it, I probably should have just typed that on the start menu screen... I'm glad you did still find it engaging to play! I don't mind what you rate it, I'm just glad you played my game and had a bit of fun. Once again, thank you so much for taking the time to give that detailed feedback, I really do appreciate it!

Thanks! Weird is good. 48 years on the second run is awesome! Glad you had some fun playing it nd thanks for taking the time to provide some feedback!

Some great things to love here. The movement and jump felt very responsive which really helped play through the level. The little jump animation when he moved was pleasing. The check points were a great addition, because I suck at playing games. I feel like the footstep audio could have been softer with a calming type BG music playing to add more to the atmosphere of the game. Awesome with this entry!

Great idea for a game. Who wouldn't want to play a duck with a hammer mining? The game just felt unfinished. It needed audio and some FX when the rocks were destroyed. It also didn't save the money from one round to the next, which made it hard to progress. Great start to a game!

Very cool idea. I thought this was very innovative! I liked the SFX and particle effects too. The tutorial was AMAZING!! Really helped understand how to play. I really needed something like that for my game. Well done, this was a great entry!

Awesome use of less is more. The gameplay was fun and I loved that running around aimlessly actually had benefits to the character. I'm glad I played long enough to see the boss burger. That was cool! Great job with this game!

This game was so cool! The paintbrush mechanic was very innovative and the art of the game was great. The audio I actually really enjoyed, with the cute bump sound and the BG music was spot on. I got stuck sometimes in bouncing loops because I suck at the mouse control. It needed a reset button or key. It did mean I got to see that amazing main menu and level select scene multiple times though. That scene is outstanding!!

Glad you liked it. You weren't the only one confused at first, many comments say the same thing. I obviously need more in game explanation. Glad you played it enough to think it's cool though! Funny everyone is commenting on the audio, I didn't realize so many people would like it. But, I'm really glad they do. Thanks for playing and taking the time to provide feedback, greatly appreciated!

37 is pretty good. Just for context you can't really get much past 60 even if you created the game (me). I didn't have time to balance it to 100, which would be the natural number of minds would base the age off of. So 37 is higher than you think.  Thanks for playing and for taking the time to provide feedback!

Fantastic! I'm glad you noticed the controls. I spent some time early, before the game was really anything trying to get controls I liked. I think it was BTP's tip himself of using GetAxisRaw() that helps. Thanks for the feedback and I greatly appreciate you playing the game!

Wow it's so awesome reading this feedback! Glad you enjoyed the art and music and yes that is my voice. I didn't actually realize so many people would comment on the SFX but I'm glad they are! Thanks for playing and taking the time to provide feedback!

Awesome feedback. I'm glad you liked the Art and gameplay. Indicating the bombs would be a good idea. Probably just needs a little particle effect preceding the bomb probably. Thanks for taking the time to provide feedback!

Yeah the blinking would have been a cool addition! Thanks for the feedback!

Awesome feedback. You weren't the only one confused in the first run through, more in game instruction was needed. At least it was engaging enough for another round! Thanks for the feedback, greatly appreciated!

Haha, I had to Google ASMR sounds. That's a rabbit hole I didn't expect to go down! Thanks for the feedback and I appreciate you playing my game!

Congrats on your first Game Jam game! I thought the battle system felt good for the short gameplay. Fat Bob's design just made me lol inside, I had to play it again just to see him... Yay OP bird!

That was awesome! The artwork with the house hold items was a very innovative idea. I wish I read the comments before I played, I would have discovered I had to be smaller to fit in the draw... Maybe a visual on the wall for that like you had done earlier may have been cool. Audio was very well matched and the jumping felt well designed. Great work!

Awesome Game! It felt very polished, almost like a completed game. The levels were very well designed. Easy start and then ramped up more difficulty. 

Art, audio, gameplay, all superb! This was a fantastic entry. Very impressive!!

Wow thanks for the feedback. Very pleasing to hear comments like that! I wanted to go down the platforms too. I feel it would make it a better game but I just couldn't figure it out without the bombs dropping down too in time. Thanks for taking to time to provide feedback, it really makes my day!

Of course, that would make sense. I'll have to test it out, thanks!

I loved the music and visuals of this game. The seasonal changes were awesome. I did struggle to figure out exactly what to do, but I still enjoyed clicking away because the scene was so beautiful. NIce work!

Thanks for playing the game and taking the time to provide feedback. Greatly appreciated!