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Enemy ControlView game page

Control the enemy position to reach your goal
Submitted by Creational Labs (@CreationalLabs) — 39 minutes, 31 seconds before the deadline
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Amazing puzzle design, really challenging (in the good way of course).  Simple gameplay, but hard to master. A very original idea, incledibly well polished, etc. Definiltely is one of my favourites. My only complaint is that I think the theme is not very present in the game. I know that "less enemies more chances of survival" but at the end of the game I think that is "more enemies, more chances of success". For me, this is a little detail that prevents the game from reaching perfection. Greetings dude, I am delighted to have played it!


Really smart puzzles! It has a simple design yet the animations for the movements and the sounds make it look like a really polished game. It doesn't feel like it was made in just a week. Solid entry and I applaud the innovation put into this



Really cool puzzle game! It was difficult but really fun. Also, really good audio design for the game to enhance the puzzle mechanic.

If you would like to check out my game, I would be stoked.

Great job!


That was a good puzzle. It was a good choice to not have any music in the back. It really helped in concentration as well as enjoying the game. I liked how the difficulty was set. It was difficult but just enough for us to enjoy solving the puzzle. I loved the simple yet clean art. This game was really polished as well. Thanks for submitting this. I really liked it!

I would really appreciate it if you could play and rate my game as well. Thanks!!!!!


Very fun puzlle game!


Very different puzzle game. The mechanic is very clever, as are some of the puzzles. Difficulty curve was a little uneven. I finished a few levels with enough remaining turns to make me wonder if it was intended solution, while others took me repeated tries. Good job.


That's a definitely a wonderful entry. I had a lot of fun with this really creative and engaging gameplay! Lemme try to be helpful somehow.


Hmm actually it might be the part that I had most problems with. It might be just me, but I really struggled with noticing the theme in the game (I mean that no matter how I've played I felt that not much is influenced by the way I play). Sorry if it's because of me being blind >_<


Oh you did an amazing job out there! It might feel very simple, but you made that simplicity truly elegant. You've chosen great color pallete making everything clear and well fitting, made that little effect of squares floating up and down in a pretty way adding a lot of life to the environment.

You've made a nice transition between levels and your UI is beautifully done (love those little info boxes, you even put ideal amount of information out there) Great job on that!

Actually there's not much I can recommend here, maybe you can try to play a bit with postprocesses (be careful as they are pretty rough on webGL builds), like adding things like: chromatic abberation, little bloom, vignete or grain. Just some loose idea, you can tweek with the values to try something that would really fit your game.

Another thing might be adding some life to some things like enemy spawn, or death. You can try creating some particles that might fit into the style.


Oh your game is great in that scope too. Never seen something like that before. Easy concept but makes for a really good game. You can easily try to add some additional content like maybe some: portals, keys etc to make place for more variety of maps.


Sounds were pretty good, but you can try to randomize pitch by just a little every time you play the sound, so that it doesn't get too repetitive over time. I really missed some relaxing, calm music in a background, it would feel really good. Music is really important part of the game, so it's good to not forget about it.


As I've mentioned earlier, gameplay is easy, but creative and requires a lot of thought at further levels.

Great job on that.

Game Design:

Game felt really good, from the very beginning to the very end (I really appreciate that heart at the end, it really satisfied me beating all the levels). Difficulty level progresses really well (maybe I would just add 1 level between 1st and 2nd with difficulty between them, as it takes a little time to fully understand mechanics of the game, but apart from that rest of the game was great.

Thank you for that lovely submission. That's another amazing game from that jam :)


Hey Manus thanks for the kind words and the criticism, this is an awesome review. I'm glad you had fun with the game.


I am convinced your game belongs in the top 10 of this game jam. I love everything about it, and this type of game is exactly want i want to be able to make. 10/10 would recommend!


Oh Kdpx thanks for the kind words, you are very generous. I'm glad you enjoyed the game. :)


Great game, like the idea and gameplay!


Cara, adorei o jogo!

Fiquei perdido no primeiro momento, mas logo depois q me entendei achei sensacional de verdade ^^

Good job!!!




Good game. Theme is present and visuals are good. Had good time playing it 


Awesome Game! It felt very polished, almost like a completed game. The levels were very well designed. Easy start and then ramped up more difficulty. 


Great game, the level design is very well thought out.
It is really a very good design overall, it can come out as a full game!


Never seen a puzzle concept like this. It was quite interesting.

And the levels are thought out, designed properly.

Here is my rating. Keep up the good work lad!


I like the simple, yet effective design, puzzles seem pretty balanced to me. Sound compliments the style. Solid submission, good work! No music, but i, to be frank, don't feel the need in it for that game.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

love the minimalist elegant style. Great entry




Simple but pretty cute little experience thanks to the solid clean presentation and simple premise. Sometimes it could feel a bit accidental to complete the level, but it was a fun time.

- Favorite part was trying to dodge and manipulate the enemies to go down paths that would let you jump past them. It kept passing a turn engaging in a way too.
The presentation was nice and simple, the wavy-ness of the platforms wasn't overdone but gave that touch of character to the environment as you tried to win each level, and the end screen wrap-around was a nice finish. 

- A small thing but some levels started with an enemy countdown on 1, when others showed you could start the level with an enemy already on the board. Maybe you just didn't get to adjusting those, but it would have been good if any level that had the 1 turn spawn just had 1 less turn + enemy on the board, so you didn't have to do that first pass turn every time.


Great game well done. Very polished and the implementation of the theme was fantastic. I loved the way the platforms were bobbing up and down. It was also so cool how you had to get the enemies to line up in a certain way to give you a path to the exit. 


solid entry i loved the idea and the connection to the theme! 

i encountered a bug that made the enemy move into me and not kill me

but didnt kill me


I simply love it. Pretty, minimalistic art and nice difficulty. :D And sound is very fitting.

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