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Hey, I enjoyed and finished this one. I really like the music. The jumping sound was too loud but it was OK. I like the levels it's very relaxing! An improvement would be making the jump a bit more responsive(e.g. jump amount changes if space is pressed down). The art style is fantastic.

Great game, the level design is very well thought out.
It is really a very good design overall, it can come out as a full game!

A great entry, very nice effects, simple yet fun.  One thing to complain is not improving the player over time (as the enemies get stronger)

For some reason, it stuttered a lot in my case. But I like the graphical effects. Level design is nice for a jam.

Very nice concept, our game also uses a similar idea :D.  The game was fun and kind of addicting too. 

The only criticism I have is having better feedback on getting damaged. Other than a very good entry!

The grappling feels very good indeed. The level design is a bit wonky but great feel for the grappling.

Sound effects, while they're low in number, are good.

It has a good base, a game can be built upon it!

Wow, a very mind bendy game. This is really a very good use of theme! I hoped there was some "pastel colors" to differentiate a little bit more still the art is superb.

Please check our game! It has 8 ratings so far... Thank you!

Thank you! We will update it after the ratings, with slightly improved mechanics.

Hello, here's our game! It's a card-game, however it might need a tutorial. 

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Hello, you can play the game by putting the map cards(the ones with the crystals) to the plud sign, which will advance your story. 

Hey, a friend of mine and I would like  to make an HTML game with you, I am keen on making managment/simulation/4x games. I am primarily a designer but I am working as programmer in a game company. My friend is graphics designer and can create UI stuff.
You can check-out my profile, I'd suggest Downfall.

Thanks for playing and uploading your gameplay!

Thanks for playing! The game was a bit hard, sorry...

At times  I wrote "Jump" and it said jump is activated, but space is unresponsive nevertheless. When I enter "double" the problem disappears and I then I can jump. I played the jam version.

Idea is nice, it was a bit buggy about jumping.  It would be nice if we could combine the commands, other than double jump (double move -> dash, double push -> fire projectile etc.) The music is nice and soothing.

Nice work!

Hey, nice simple game you have here. I want to make you one suggestion that would make me play this game more;
The "loading" screen has to be faster.

Other than that it's a  betting game themed around game development and it also has some clicker elements in it. Sometimes I do not understand the amount of money I lost, but that was OK.

The random name generation works very well though, and you put fun names in it!

I would like to play this one again if you intend to complete it.

Cute little game! You can improve the basics like music and graphics, also add some more combinations. I'd love to try something like "element crafting" game with numerous combinations with a game development setting.

One of the few games I managed to finish. Great idea! Graphics and the audio complement each other nicely. Puzzles are generally well designed. My only problem is with the UI as there is no hotkey to change and I had to click very very fast to pass the bat & guard level.

You can increase the sandbox-puzzle aspect of the game with longer puzzles.  Nice work!

Thank you for playing our game!

Currently, we plan to provide some post-jam support for game-breaking bugs. However, depending on the interest these plans can change!

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Hey thanks for playing! We worked on it really hard and we glad if you had fun playing.

This is an interesting metroidvania take. The progression is good but, there a too many glitches which are game breaking(like stucking). If you fix that and add some basic coloring, it could be easier to play to the end.

Nice work!

I had fun playing this game! I managed to get 3 endings and it was hilarious. I mean I can't say anything is flawed in the game, because most of time the it feels so intentional :D

Technically, the walking is well implemented(audio and camera shake sync), I really felt I was walking in a 3D room. Extra congrats for that.

Great work!

A checkpoint system would be indeed very helpful to play this game. Also the platform placements are extremely difficult at times. I liked the game though the simplistic graphics were easy on the eye and I kept playing for a while (even though I quit after frustration).

The graphics, animation and music all fit the game well. 

Nice work!

This game has one of the most innovative mechanics I've seen through this jam. Very creative. This game seems finished and polished except the sound design part.

The animations are excellent in this game, the UI design is also very good. I think the base of the game is very well made and high quality. The achievement system works great.

I have some suggestions regarding on gameplay, maybe we should be able to learn our score and try to make certain combos(e.g. adjacency bonuses) so that we can improve how we play. 

Currently it's more like a turn-based Tetris which offers little challenge. (From the screenshots I thought it was a Zachlike game) Maybe the grid is too big from the start, just clicking through the different menus to add components (which are quite beautiful menus to click btw :D) can overwhelm after a while.

Overall I think it has great UI design and art-style and it has a huge room for improvement. which I find as the most valuable thing for a jam game.

A nice game with simplistic nature.  One of the few I actually managed to finish. You could work more on effects and other little thing which can make it feel more game-like. The gravity seems a bit off and you can probably increase the difficulty a bit. Nice work though!

Thanks a lot, this means a lot to us :)

Thank you, we worked hard for getting the art-style. 

And yeah what you discovered with Василий is a bug that needs some ironing :) Maybe in a post-jam version though!

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Make a planing game about nuclear physics, or a role-playing game about the life of a KGB agent or a point and click game about a workers life. Make any kind of game you like, as long as it fits the People's Committee of Game Developments agenda.

You are tasked to develop a game in a socialist state. Your game has to be well liked by the party, and the people. Pick workershardwaregenresthemes, and propaganda that will uniquely shape your game. As your options for these categories are limited with what the party has to offer, try to form the best combination. Earn titles that give you unique improvements for your newer games, and try to make better games as the expectations grow larger. 

This game is submission for Blackthornprod Game Jam  2018.

Have fun! Game Page



  • Doruk Hasdogan -Art & Design-
  • Ece Seyrek Hasdogan -Art & Design-
  • Yarkin D. Cetin -Programming & Design-

Musics are converted to 8-bit using GXSCC from Katyusha and Kalinka MIDI files.  MIDI files are from Fernandao S. Neto and Jacco VdB

Fonts are Buran USSR and Kremlin.

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Hi, we're sorry that our game is complicating at times

The purpose of the game is to run to right and get to the next level. (Maybe we could make this clear with an arrow?)

You can shoot aiming with mouse and reload your weapon. The reloading can be done by "R" key, however you have to time it to the beats in the song and unfortunately this sometimes does not work  as intended.

 Also we have two runes, first one(which is toggled by "Q") is simple as it is a slow-mo toggle. The second one is a bit tricky and we did not have time to program a proper tutorial for it. 

Basically, you activate the second rune with "E" key, and when it's activated you'll see 4 runes on the ground, and a beam will spawn on them one by one. If you hit "E" key again when the beam-highlight is on top of the runes on the ground, they will be lit and be activated when the rune reaches the end.

Also both runes drain your sanity, and the second one needs full sanity to be triggered as it is a powerful rune.

Hope this helps and you give our game another shot!

Have fun, 


Thank you for playing our game, I know the game was a bit hard, while developing we got too used to the controls but forgot to think about the new players. There is a post jam version which is a bit more easier and less buggy!

Hello we're sorry to hear that you could not complete the game because of the issues. We were unfortunately unable to reproduce the bug, so I am not sure what went wrong. We'll release a bug fix patch soon. Thank you for playing and your feedback!

Currently playing too long without restarting the game(by refresing or reloading) can cause an issue, maybe that's happened?

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for the report! :(

Any of your resources dropping below 0 causes game to end. (Also zero planets i.e. no planets with blue tag). This seem to happen rather abruptly, I plan to add indicators to inform about the cause. Also look out for buggy cards heh...

They're just abstract resources, some cards need research e.g. terraforming to generate population growth, which in turn can increase your total score.

Total score is calculated based on your endgame population, prestige and planet count! (Also how long your empire lasted)

There are no deep mechanics in this game (at least in this version) you are trying to manage your resources and cards are your choice. Sometimes bad stuff can happen(like rebellions or economic crises) but that's it you try to push through!(I know that this might be dissappointing but it was a jam game which I only spent the last 50 hours or so. The game if you will is in an incomplete state. I plan to release a post-jam version where everything is bit more explained and choices are lot more meaningful.

This was a challenge for us, it was the first time we did pixel art, and well we did not excel at it. We couldn't find a musician, and code pretty much became a spaghetti after all. While we had to lower our scope, we still were able publish a game in a somewhat polished state, of course there are bugs but they're not game breaking.

It was fun, and it was sleepless overall.



Sorry for the  control problems, unfortunately I forgot to think about other keyboard layouts. It is a lesson and I'll consider in my future jams. Thanks for the heads up!