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Welcome to my game. You will have to "code" in it, so I hope you enjoy.
Submitted by SMAEL — 15 hours, 2 minutes before the deadline
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SOUNDS AND MUSIC#1261.2961.296
THE EXPERIENCE#1261.4071.407

Ranked from 27 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Idea is nice, it was a bit buggy about jumping.  It would be nice if we could combine the commands, other than double jump (double move -> dash, double push -> fire projectile etc.) The music is nice and soothing.

Nice work!


Could you explain what problems did you face with jumping ? Also, did you use the BTP submission, or the full version of the game ?

I will be working on some more advanced commands in future.

And thanks for the reply.


At times  I wrote "Jump" and it said jump is activated, but space is unresponsive nevertheless. When I enter "double" the problem disappears and I then I can jump. I played the jam version.


First of all, sorry for not responding, I didnt get a notification nor checked the games site.

Second of all, yeah, I can explain the problem why sometimes buttons would not work - If I am right, in the Jam version, I used OnKeyDown instead of OnKey, thats why it may not be responding. Also, I have made some changes to program deciding whether you are on the ground or not. It should be working all right in the Full version.

Just to clarify, that I have not made any changes in the full version to the jam version, check my devlog saying what changes were made. Only bugs were fixed, and some "cheating" was erased as well.

Thanks for the response


GOD cheat


Shhhh :)

Deleted 1 year ago

cool idea, visualizing text would be a nice add on, sound were on point. art style was very nice and consistent. perhaps add some more commands for variety or make some command have special interactions when used together. overall really nice game. 


I will be working on all text showing on screen.

The idea of some commands together having better effects, thats cool, I will look into that.



Interesting idea!

Try to display what the player is typing, it would add a lot to the game experience. I think the game would be very challenging if the typed effect last only few seconds. The idea of typing very fast exactly what you need to get through an obstacle sounds very cool!

Keep it up!


Good point, will look into displaying the text, that will be done in no time.

With the commands lasting less time, I might try it when doing new levels further into the game, ahich are supposed to be harder. Or some challenges. 

Thanks a lot


Great Game, I like the style it suits the vibe of this game. The Dark Souls death sound is a nice touch,  especially because you will die alot in this game haha. 


Thanks a lot :)

That was the reason I implemented the sound effect.


Nice game, I laught really hard the first time I died and a listened to the ds sound, good job.


Thank you very much :D