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nice game 👍

I love the art of this game and I liked the simple but fun gameplay, I just laughed when the blue and green monsters fought each other ^^. Great Experience.

Nice game,  I liked the art and the suspenseful music aswell the story, keep it up! :)

I liked how the exact keys was pressed down, as I pressed them on my keyboard, such great details! But you really should work on your music though ^^

Please more of these games. It was amazing, the narration was great. I loved it. Phenomenal Story, great concept. Keep it up!

Nice game, I kinda get the concept that if you loot to much unnecessary stuff you die, but Its too unforgiving, I think there should have been an option to throw loot away. Nice Idea that the coffee restores health. The shoot sound kinda gets annoying for me after a while. But overall it´s a hard and great survival game :)

Hardest Boss Fight I had in my life! ;) jk The art is minimalistic, but beatifully crafted and the game is well put, the only thing is with the unskipable cutscenes, but you already know ^^ Nice game :)

Great game! I sadly got cornered by these compiler errors haha.

What a nice first game there! I mean, my character should have a sixpack by now after the 50th wave running back and forth haha. The only thing is, that I think I can't win in this game, it goes like forever haha :<

Nice game! It feels really great to dash into a horde of enemys and feeling that impactful responce through camera shakes, real satisfying.

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Ohhh sweet :)  Yeah there is alot of content still left :D


After the second Boss, Astaniv appears and tells you that you opened the entrance for him to escape his game world, so you have to catch him by running back, shooting through the enemy hordes and reach the beginning room of the game, touch the exploit crack and you get teleported to the final Boss Astaniv :>

Yeah, I think the problem with the controls and wall-stucking lies with the resolution of the monitor or the web-browser, but I'm not sure.

Anyways, Thank you for playing my game and the nice feedback :)

Thank you so much for the nice feedback! :>

Thank you so much for playing it :)

Awesome game!  Nice graphics and the music is beautiful, The characters are well balanced and their gameplay feels different and real good. That skin changing is a nice feature ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

If you want to try my game out :

I would totally appreciate it :)

It has really great visuals, the walksounds of the character kind of compensates the lack of music, but the game still feels too silent. But overall it has really great content, I liked the variaty of bosses and enemys. Awesome game!

Awesome art, awesome music, it needs more gameplay though.

Great Game, I like the style it suits the vibe of this game. The Dark Souls death sound is a nice touch,  especially because you will die alot in this game haha. 

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Thank you for playing my entry :)

And yes, a mouse is recommended, you have to be able to spam the button ^^


really great game, I'm totally digging the style of this game. I liked how you have to puzzle through it, with the "push" mechanic. The only minus is that the double jump makes the normal jump kind of redundant. The death counter and the dark souls theme fits totally this vibe. And as you see at the Screenshot, I died... alot. I got stucked at this level. Before I submit my Rating, I wanted to ask you about it.

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Hey, thank you for trying my game out.
I wanna it to be a good experience, so I want tell you how to do the puzzle, so you don't have to miss the story I made.
If you want to retry, I would truly appreciate it.


You shoot on the counter-lever then go right and up to the other lever , shoot it, then go down and right, then through the error-wall. You have to be quick, the error wall closes when the counter is at 0.