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Equal parts Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing and endless fantasy brawler.
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  • The concept of this game is super unique and I love the mechanics. The artstyle is extremely cohesive and it works amazingly. I like the different enemy designs (maybe the spear goblins could've had 2 range?) and playing the game is simply fun. I was compelled to play multiple runs and had a blast doing so! I wish their was more progression in the rounds/the shop was implemented, I think that would absolutely take this game to the next level and take it above and beyond. --- I had a ton of fun with this game, I played it several times! I thought the concept was super unique, and feel/presentation was just amazing and super cohesive. I definitely feel like the leaderboard + addition of a shop would be very motivating in terms of replayability. --- 34/40

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Super interesting concept! Made me have to relearn my typing skills again ;) (on that note, it could definitely be one of those educational/typing games if you wanted to go that direction!)

Some minor things I have noticed though, was that the movement felt super janky, especially if i reversed the direction of movement, or if the keys are spammed, the character goes super fast. Also, during one of my runs, there were three skeleton enemies spawned on the right side, one in each lane, which made it impossible to dodge. Those are just nitpicks though, and overall I thought it was a super fun game, and once the leaderboards are developed, i could see people be competing for the top!


Thanks for the feedback! Yeah we definitely have those bugs on the radar, movement is a big fix we're going to be pining for and I have also been a victim of the dreaded triple skeleton :')

We've also gotten some feedback on possible educational value too, which we think is really cool and potentially a fun avenue to go in!


Definitely one of my favorites so far. I like the graphics a lot. It's so well polished too. I think the scoreboard is bugged though. But in overall the game has potential, I played till the witches and the walls came. I don't know if it's in there, but what if some keys have thorns on it and if the player walks through them, the player gets hurt.


Oh man, that's so great to hear! Thank you! But yep, the scoreboard is bugged lmao. It still displays scores in order! It just... doesn't actually show the scores lol.

To your thorns idea: YES. Originally we were going to have a wizard variant that set keys on fire, but we had to scrap wizard variants in the end, since their AI requires a fair bit more work than the other enemies.


Very interesting concept! When I first read the description I thought it would be like a typing game where I just need to press the key to attack, not press a key to move a character to then attack. I felt disconnected with the character at first because I'd keep thinking wasd to move but it was literally any key to move. The voice and overall sound design really adds to the polish of this game and it was a lot of fun. I imagine the coins being used for something else in later builds.

If you wanted to add different difficulty to the game consider using the number rows or more special characters! I think that'll make for some fun variations and move spaces. 

Enjoyed the game in general it was refreshing to play.


I feel ya. ngl, it's surprisingly hard to describe this game without visuals. I faced that challenge when pitching the concept to the rest of the team, so I 100% get the confusion on your end!

The number keys are yet another victim of scope lol, since we were gonna use them for the shop. Items would spawn on the keys in-between waves (waves used to be much more distinct) and you could buy them using gold coins.

Appreciate the feedback!


Super fun! The gameplay is great! I really like the skeleton enemies, they're adorable and their bones make for great attacks to dodge. My record is wave 29, 5:10.

The whole design of the game is great, everything is super appealing to look at. Also shout out to the programmer- I can't fathom coding a game like this.

The voice acting is great too, the sounds are awesome.

(I wonder how you could add progression to a game like this? Maybe you use the coins you get during the game to unlock new skills or costumes? You could add a skill that happens when you click the key the knight is already on -  like a whirlwind attack. And maybe the shift key could do something too- like if you hold shift and press a key you throw a projectile towards that spot.)

Great concept, great execution!

Developer (2 edits) (+1)

You the one who put ABC for your leaderboard initials??? Since that's the score nobody can beat rn lol

Hard agree. Carsen and Arjun are both god-tier programmers.

Yes to all of that. A bunch of those were part of the og concept: a charge attack, a shop system, a dodge roll—you get the drift.


Definitely helped loads to have a partner-in-crime for programming, but we thank you :)

We definitely have a ton of ideas for progression with extra abilities, weapons, all that jazz. We wanted to get some of it in for this version, but alas, that is the story of game jams!


This was a ton of fun! The movement felt a teensy bit clunky at times, but the core gameplay was very intuitive and the voice acting was a really awesome touch

Developer (1 edit) (+1)


omg the movement, yes. We were shooting for a smoother lerp when moving from key to key, but we had to scrap it for more enemy variety. Glad you had some fun tho!!!