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A Snowball Puzzle Platformer Game!
Submitted by BlastLad, RossyRoo (@rosskingofgoofs), jayk nugget (@jayk_nugget), hexxagon (@paxibus), nathanHansen — 3 hours, 37 minutes before the deadline
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  • The cover art and credit art are absolutely adorable. The character sprites are super cute and charming and I love the story (༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ hugs). I know the game page comments are all about the camera and that is the biggest frustration with this game, but the mechanics (baiting snowball targets, snowman saves with carrot, rolling the snowball, moving platforms, crumbling platforms) you introduce are all great and introduced well. Camera aside, there is some really awesome stuff here, well done! --- This is a really cute, adorable game and the art is AMAZING! Totally adorable vibes, I'm a huge fan of how this feels/looks. However -- the camera makes it super difficult to play, as a lot of other people have said. --- 33/40

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Great work! I loved the look of the game and the art quickly drew me in to check out your submission. I really liked the "diorama"-like design of the levels, they reminded me of Captain Toad's level design. I agree with some other commenters that I found the camera to be a bit frustrating at times, especially when it didn't seem to travel high enough on some of the levels to clearly see where the player was jumping. Overall though,  I had a lot of fun and loved the little mechanics you introduced throughout the game like the targets and the giant snowball shield.


I really dig the simple art style, also the UI and the backgrounds of the menu are wonderful. As everyone said before, the camera needs quite a bit of polishing ^^. Also I think a subtle particle effect would make the jump more juicier. I like the fact that you can put a carrot on the snowman. I love the sound effect when you go down the slide, man it's those little details that makes someone love this games. Awesome, great work! 


Thanks for the play! The particle effect is a great idea thank you! (Good job with it in your game :D Looks real nice) . Thank you for the lovely comments on the smaller details! A "New Funky Mode" update for the camera will come down the line to improve the problems!

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

Wow, this is incredibly polished! The player character is absolutely adorable and his walk and jump animations are delightful. The cel-shaded art style and its pastel color palette are lovely, though like below commenters I had trouble with depth perception. Excellent 3D modeling work, though--absolutely everything is pleasantly plump and geometric! I found the controls a tiny bit slow and stiff, but I appreciate the laid-back pace of this game, and I appreciate that you didn't punish certain platforming mistakes by sending the player back to the start (though I kind of wish this were the case for the snowball!) Also, the music and sound are suitably soft and gentle--really nice.

I agree with below commenters about the camera locking up, but I still had a good time with this game, even though I got hung up on a platforming section and didn't complete the entire thing. Excellent work--this is wonderfully appealing and amazingly complete!


Thanks for the play and feedback. Thank you for the lovely comments with the audio the animations and 3D models! The modelers and composer did a great job making sure everything melded together! A small camera update will happen sometime in the future to address the primary concerns!

(1 edit) (+2)

The graphics are incredibly cute and the music was very nice as well. The camera is very difficult to control and makes it very hard to play it. Having to hold down the mouse button to move the camera while it also being inverted through me for a loop every time I wanted to change perspective. The gameplay/level design reminded me of Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker but with jumping, and I found it a fun design choice to rotate the camera to find pathways to traverse (when the camera cooperated). Also, shadows under the platforms would make for better understanding of depth for the player. I think the only thing holding the game back is the camera, and if it were fixed it could be an even more fun experience.


Thank you for the playthrough and feedback! A camera update will be worked on to address the problems! Glad you liked the music and premise!


I liked the graphics and sound design! The puzzles were fun too, the premise of the game also being pretty cute, set in a winter world. One issue I often ran into though, was the camera working against the platforming, where I would try to line up a jump, but the camera angle would occlude my character either horizontally or vertically. Freeing up the player character should fix this though if that's a route you'd want to take.

Fun game with neat platforming, nice job!


Thanks appreciate the response! Glad you liked the puzzles and world! I'm going to work on a 'New Funky Mode' Camera to make the primary problem better. Looking forward to trying out your game!


I love the art style. My only qualm is that the camera controls make it very difficult to judge depth on a lot of the jumps. Still one of my favorite submissions so far!


Thank you for the play and art style praise. I'm looking forward to playing your submission!