This jam is now over. It ran from 2018-10-13 10:00:00 to 2018-10-20 10:00:00. View results

And the theme of the first ever BTP game jam is.... GAME DEVELOPMENT !
Make a game about creating games ! Or a game that allows players to build their own little game ! Or a shooter where you blast away at programming bugs ! An experience illustrating your game dev struggles ! An RPG where the party is composed of game developers... or a love letter to what inspired you to start making games in the first place !
It can be loads of things ! 
Just remember that game development is about having fun, so make sure you MAKE something YOU find fun and enjoyable to create ! That's the most important ! 
Alright best of luck !

Welcome to the first ever Blackthornprod game jam ! 

  • During this event developers will be challenged to create a game in 1 WEEK based on a certain THEME (which will be revealed  when the jam starts on this page). 
  • This game jam is RANKED, meaning that the game you make will be rated by me and the other developers having made a game during the jam.

  • Blackthornprod is a Youtube channel filled with game dev tutorials, behind the scenes and devlogs ! The TOP 10 games of this jam will be featured in a video on my channel where I'll review them and give in depth feedback !
  • The developers having made the 3 best games of the jam will be granted a special DISCORD ROLE inside the BTP discord server
  • Me as well a twitch streamer called YourBrother ( will be playing your games LIVE and giving you feedback!
  • But most importantly, you'll have brought a game to life, expanded your portofolio and improved your game creation skills !

  • Games featuring mature / sensitive content should have some warning in the description or when the game first loads up.
  • You can make the game alone or in a team (as many people as you like, just remember that the more team members there are, the harder it can be to get organized, 2 /4 people is best :) ).
  • It would be great if everything was made from scratch by YOU and your team mates during the event ! But if f you DO use music, art or scripts made by someone else make sure to state that in your game's description / credits page ! 
  • Submissions must be digital games. You can build it for any platform you like, preferably WEB, WINDOWS, LINUX and MAC :) . You can use whatever tools and game engine you like to make your game !

Games will be rated based on the following criteria :

  • OVERALL : after having played the game, how do you feel ? Would you play it again ? What is your overall impression of the game's quality?
  • THEME : how well did the game respect the theme of the jam ? 
  • VISUALS : is the game pleasing to the eye ? Does it have a unique, interesting art style ? Are the animations smooth and appealing ?
  • INNOVATION : did this game do something new and interesting ? Was there a unique mechanic ? Was the story original ?
  • THE EXPERIENCE : did you have LOADS of fun ? Or was the game emotional and epic ? How invested and engaged did you feel ? Did you play only a couple minutes or stay immersed for longer ? 
  • SOUNDS AND MUSIC : did the game have a unique and beautiful soundtrack ? Were the sound effects juicy and fun ? 

  • To connect with the Blackthornprod community, talk about anything game creation related and form teams make sure to join the BTP DISCORD SERVER :) !
  • If you want to learn how to make games with Unity, draw and animate or simply get inspired also have a look at the BTP  Youtube channel!