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nice game. great art and sounds. perhaps up to liveliness of the environment by adding some movement when moving through the grass tuffs. on some points the jump doesn't seem to work correctly. some sloped point the character gets very shaky when just walking or speed up at highly increased acceleration. minor bug where its possible to throw the box out of the map and not be able to continue. overall very nice atmosphere and nice to play. difficulty of the jumps makes u want to continue.

cool idea, visualizing text would be a nice add on, sound were on point. art style was very nice and consistent. perhaps add some more commands for variety or make some command have special interactions when used together. overall really nice game. 

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nice game, the repetitive obstacle made it a bit less, after taking 3 death in programmer level all obstacle where learned. and fairly easy to overcome. the art was very simplistic but nice, also very consistent art. overal level design where nice but having more consistent difficulty curve would be a great improvement. perhaps a difficulty setting to make it slightly more difficult would be a nice extra if you continue working on it, levels were extremely easy except for programmer one which felt like a good baseline difficulty. as for the character jump you might want to take a look at better jumping tutorial atleast for the increased gravity on falling downward as the jump felt a bit floaty. all in all a good game, keep up the work

no problem, when to jam is over you can reupload all files, if i have some time ill check the game out than for some feedback.

i fixed sticking to wall/platform by adding a physic material with 0 friction to its ollider, may not be the best or correct fix but certainly does the job.

movement felt a bit fast and unprecise, nice idea to bad it wasn't worked out further

couldn't play the game cuz it lacked unityplayer.dll and crashhandler

menu visual are nice, consistency of in game art is consistent, but lacks consistency with main menu art. the game also lacks in explanation as in what to do or accomplish. and would need an f4 reset after a few moves which didnt really relay any info. also music was pretty decent.

very hood game, sounds was on point and atmospheric, art style fitted really well and was very consistent. game controls felt good and easy, wal jump mechanic felt a bit clucky and hard t oget used to. perhaps a more visual like in hollow knight would do the trick in relaying better when you wall jump. as for the lamp would be nice if te state you left it in would be the same when you use it (more a quality of life).  and for laptop user a mouse is a must due to unity and input.mousebutton(couldn't walk and shoot at the same time otherwise)

game was nice, sound was okay aswell, perhaps adding a dash or ducking mechanic would help improve the feel of involvement the player gets. as for animations the player animation and flames where quite nice. maybe add some particle effects in places to give the world a more lively feeling. 

when jumping the left and right movement feels very fidgety and quick, while during normal walk it feels normal, after a jump character can get stuck at side of platforms if you move in the direction of the platform. character art was quite nice ass was the jump. overall a nice game

game lacks purpose or instructions, art and sound was decently done.

nice game, very polished. sound fitted in really well with the cute art style.  furthermore the art style was very consistent. as a minor bug i encountered myself when programming. unity input.getmouse doesn't function correctly when using a touchpad on laptop, cant move and shoot at the same time( not your fault but in case you didn't know). overall a very good game.

nice graphics and idea, the character sprite was nice, the visual for jumping fitted well, would have been nice if some sounds were added. further more the idea of using visual studio as the platforms was nice and idea i had early on aswell. as for the execution the art was slightly inconsistent either making the visualstudio text a bit more cartoon-ish like the character or the character less cartoon-ish. this would have helped withoverall  consistency, the  game was quite nice although the platform text and red lines under them were a bit small for me to reliably read. 

art for the game looked good, the jump mechanic felt a bit float for what seemed a real world setting, would've fitted better in a space setting. sound for the game were nice although the main menu music and in-game music somewhat clashed. for the level editor it felt really nice and was easy to understand. perhaps look at instructing the player a bit more as to what is needed for a level to be valid as it was somewhat annoying to have to leave because it didn't put in a start or end location. furthermore it would have been nice i you were able to load in a previously saved level in the editor. all in all a nice game

Was a bit bummed by not having any sounds so that’ll defintely be something i’ll have to put some time in for a next jam,  much appreciated 

very polished and good game, blast to play. beginning with no upgrades available movement and collection seemed very hard and frustrating but after a speed upgrade or 2 the game starts to shine more. very well done.