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Super Fancy Factory ManiaView game page

Build a steaming machine that generates games on its own! For #BTPGameJam
Submitted by SaltyThor — 14 minutes, 53 seconds before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
THE EXPERIENCE#52.2752.275
SOUNDS AND MUSIC#62.2002.200

Ranked from 40 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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I liked this one. Wish there was some indication as to what combination might unlock more stuff. Also an indication of what selections we have made so we don't go back to check. 


Very stylish and polished. Not very "game-y", in that you're kind of just unlocking things to make things sillier, but I had a good time playing with it.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Great job on this one! I enjoyed playing it, even though I didn't get that it was more about getting funny names and achievements. The design is probably the best thing about this game. Everyhing looks so stylish and alive! The sound design was not as good, but that's because you didn't have time and skill for it, it's ok. Btw thanks for posting your post mortem, it was interesting to read, and I really think it'll be helpful for beginner devs. Nevertheless it's a pretty nice game :)

You can watch my playthrough at

Also be sure to rate my game too


Thanks for streaming my game and reading my post-mortem!


This is amazing and really fun! This doesn't feel like a gamejam, it really is impressive how polished and well thought out everything is. I read your postmortem and it makes it even more impressive. The only downside is that it's not really a game :) but that doesn't make it less fun. I think the mechanic can be adapted to a more puzzle like approach. If there was one thing I would have like is a few more crazy shapes with longer and more annoying to handle "forbidden shapes", if you know what i mean? Most of the shapes are very "blocky". Amazing job!


Thanks a lot for this feedback!

Indeed, it's more a "toy" than a "game" ^^

Working on a puzzle-like challenge is one of the first thing to do to improve this game. This idea of crazy shapes and why not crazy grid is really cool! 


Brilliant animation and art, the menu screen was fantastic and very polished hard to believe it was made only in one week, personally i dont play this kind of genre but i can understand that this game can be a hit if you continue developing it! well done!


Thanks a lot for this cool feedback!


This game is great! It may lack challenge, but it's fun to generate those game names! The art is incredible, polished and well done, as well as the animation. I readed your journal, and I would love to see a future version of this game, there's so much potential for it! And I'm impressed you did this by yourself in 5 days, good job! 
You said you don't know how to make music, but the one in this game fits perfectly.
Congrats on your entry!


Thanks a lot for this kind feedback! :D
I'm  very happy you enjoyed the simple fact of generating strange games! 


Top 3 of the art + animations in this game jam. Innovation and theme are on point. Really liked it to unlock all the parts. It would be cool if the assembly of the parts was a bit more difficult, maybe by having to manage ressources or maintaining an energy flow. But your game already has tons of content for just a week. Thanks for sharing your game.

Your post-mortem is also a good read. 

One thing that bothered me: If you leftclick on menu items while having a machine selected places the object in the world. I tried to remember the hint from the beginning to use ESC/right click to deselect it, but it happend anyway.


Thanks for your feedback!

Indeed, challenge is something I have to work on if I want to get this game any further.

And I knew this bug but unfortunately I didn’t find the time to fix it ^^’

And thanks a lot for reading the post-mortem! :D


Great art and animations.. Probably one of the best of this gamejam..

Really good job, congratulations :D


It's a extremely polished,extremely fun game.I loved making unusual combinations of games.And even remaking some.It's hard to write a comment for this game because it's just pure fun.

Also my favorite creations:


It looks awesome, just super cool.

I really like the whole system, but have to ask, cause I cant believe it - did you really make this in just a week ?

One thing you could make better - when you are building a machine, and you go to achievements, and then return, the machine is gone. It would be really nice if it stayed there.

Anyway, if you have time, check out my game as well:


Thanks a lot for this feedback!

Of course, everything was done in a week! I had a lot of free time last week so, yeah, working between 6 and 8 hours each day on the project helped a lot. 


I didn't play this for very long, but I was amazed by the variety of machine parts and the sheer number of achievements, and really achievements, in a game jam game? Wow! This was great, even if I didn't play it for very long I was able to make such masterpieces as "The Retro Pirate Climber : chronicles", and of course "The Amazing Mess From Outer Space", and who can forget "Mega Revenge Of Mess Dungeon: Universe", which obviously takes place later in the timeline than The Amazing Mess From Outer Space. Anyways, I liked it. Good Job.


Haha dude, this comment is pure joy for me! Thanks a lot!


That was awesome:) !! It fits the theme of the jam brilliantly, and has some fantastic art and animations !

There's no real puzzle or challenge involved but it's still a pleasure assembling this little game from all these moving machine parts ! 

Well done :) !


Hey Noa! Thanks for this review!

I knew from start that the lack of challenge was an issue in my game. Unfortunately I didn’t find the time to design a solution. I put the effort on humour and “juiciness” instead, but it will definitively become my main focus if I decide to continue this game development!


A RPG horror game with three sequels! Procedural game name generation works really cool with the parts added. And the graphics work great. Looks really polished good job ! :)


The animations are excellent in this game, the UI design is also very good. I think the base of the game is very well made and high quality. The achievement system works great.

I have some suggestions regarding on gameplay, maybe we should be able to learn our score and try to make certain combos(e.g. adjacency bonuses) so that we can improve how we play. 

Currently it's more like a turn-based Tetris which offers little challenge. (From the screenshots I thought it was a Zachlike game) Maybe the grid is too big from the start, just clicking through the different menus to add components (which are quite beautiful menus to click btw :D) can overwhelm after a while.

Overall I think it has great UI design and art-style and it has a huge room for improvement. which I find as the most valuable thing for a jam game.


Thanks a lot for this review!

Challenge is indeed an issue in my game. Unfortunately I didn’t find much time to design or implement a solution. If I decide to continue working on this game it will without a doubt the first thing I‘ll do.

This idea of combo is also very interesting! Adding a whole new layer of gameplay with “game quality” in addition of “funny name generation” would make a great improvement!


pretty nice


United Engine 🤣

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