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Hello there!

I'm really interested in joining this jam! The concept and the community sounds super cool! My problem is : I'm not what we can call a beginner ^^' I've already participated in some game jams during the last 7 years. I'm not a programmer though, so making code is for me a new adventure every time! :D And ... it's been two years since I joined one on my own (which I plan to do this time).

So, my question is : can I join it or am I too experienced?

The global mood is incredible.
The music is beautiful and overall, I feel RELAXED playing the game, which is not super common.
Thanks and congratulations for this game!

Thanks for streaming my game and reading my post-mortem!

Thanks a lot for this feedback!

Indeed, it's more a "toy" than a "game" ^^

Working on a puzzle-like challenge is one of the first thing to do to improve this game. This idea of crazy shapes and why not crazy grid is really cool! 

Thanks a lot for this cool feedback!

This is super fun and juicy! The game feel is really great. And even the UI is super sexy, good job!

A little light on the theme imo, but really cool to play, good job!

This was cool! The idea of a character gaining more features is interesting! I wish it was a little longer. Maybe try to soften the arrival of each feature. If the attack was discovered only in level 2 for example, the progression idea would have been way stronger, and the first level would have been more challenging.

Good work! Keep it up!

Cool visuals, pretty well made, but often unclear on what goes where and why. I gave a prefab to a bubble and I still don’t get what was supposed to give me a hint here. :s

Good work!

Simple and fun!

Are the falling objects fully randomized? I encountered some strange situations where I had like 10 errors in a row.

Good work!

The gameplay is quite simple but that mood is awesome!

I am not sure about the balancing, the energy is very difficult to get (getting inspired costs too much energy imo).

Very good work, congratulations!

I see what the idea behind this game was. The concept of a skill matching an issue is interesting. My humble advice here is that you need to think about challenge when you work on this kind of game. For instance here, removing cooldown on cards and making waves of different problems would have make the game more fast-paced and fun.

Good overall work though! Keep it up!

Classic gameplay but well made! I didn’t play a TD for a while!

I’m not sure about the theme though. It’s more about IT than game dev.

Good job!

Cute story! The game is fun to play but the pacing is a little too slow, which can be a little boring sometimes (the moves a very slow during the “void drift” part for example).

Good job! Keep it up!

Super concept! It’s too short, we need more of this!

My only complaint here is about the speed of a run,  a 2x speed button would be perfect! 

 Good job!


Cute game! Simple gameplay but well made!

Maybe the camera is too close to the player, it’s really hard to keep safe all the map. With the current camera you can’t anticipate and see where enemies come from.

Good work!

Super cute and easy to understand game. Good job!

It becomes really hard really quickly though. And what about the theme?

Nice concept, well made and very challenging! Good job!

It's very difficult when you have big fingers like mine ^^' I tried to cheat by pasting “jump” but ctrl+v didn’t work ;) 

Super design, super visuals, right on theme and a new standard for JUICINESS!

Awesome work! 

Classic gameplay but well made. The music is pretty nice, and this light effect is really cool!

Nice game! Interesting gameplay, nice level design nice learning curve, cool music, and quite challenging!

Not sure about the theme though.

Good work!

Interesting concept, and well made for only one day of work!

With more time, try to perfect the level design, I see lot of possibilities here.

This game was very fun to play! Good humour, fun story, well explained gameplays, various things to do… and voice acting! Wow! This is a great take on the subject! The choice of a “story telling” approach is bold!

I read your post-mortem, and if I only give you one advice: don’t care too much about GDD. I used to do the same thing back in the days I was student and it’s not working during game jams. Try to use a more “free” approach, only drawing a game loop, writing some intentions and main ideas. Write your story if it’s a narrative game, but don’t overthink too much the gameplay ^^

Anyay, good job! :D

Thanks a lot for this kind feedback! :D
I'm  very happy you enjoyed the simple fact of generating strange games! 

Smart gameplay, good level design, nice learning curve, cute character, fun music, lot of content. Wow, awesome work!

Interesting concept! I liked the idea of drawing my own stuff!

However, it took me some time to figure out what to do. A quick in game tutorial would be great.

Good job!

Good ideas and humour here!

Try to add a tutorial and some sound next time, it would improve a lot the overall experience.

Good work! 

Thanks for your feedback!

Indeed, challenge is something I have to work on if I want to get this game any further.

And I knew this bug but unfortunately I didn’t find the time to fix it ^^’

And thanks a lot for reading the post-mortem! :D

Very smart gameplay! And incredibly cute art!

If I have only one suggestion, try to make this little character move a little faster, it would be great for the pacing overall.


That moment you realize bouncing + obstacles was not a good idea ... :D 

The idea of an evolving game is quite interesting! I really enjoyed the “game design” changing parts, I wish it was more of them!

Good job!

Copy-paste this comment for me! Good level design ideas!

Good idea, and often very challenging!

Try to improve the pacing of the game and your UI quality next time, it adds a lot to the game experience in a puzzle game.

Good work! 

I liked the idea and the humour!

Nice level design ideas at the end, try to work this part next time to add a bit of challenge!

Good work!

Interesting idea!

Try to display what the player is typing, it would add a lot to the game experience. I think the game would be very challenging if the typed effect last only few seconds. The idea of typing very fast exactly what you need to get through an obstacle sounds very cool!

Keep it up!

Thanks a lot for this feedback!

Of course, everything was done in a week! I had a lot of free time last week so, yeah, working between 6 and 8 hours each day on the project helped a lot. 

I laughed way to much here! This is awesome! I really like this kind of short experiences that can only exist in game jams! Music also add a lot to the fun. Good work!

Haha dude, this comment is pure joy for me! Thanks a lot!

Hey Noa! Thanks for this review!

I knew from start that the lack of challenge was an issue in my game. Unfortunately I didn’t find the time to design a solution. I put the effort on humour and “juiciness” instead, but it will definitively become my main focus if I decide to continue this game development!