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Thanks for your kind review, sadly I forgot to turn off a lot of dev things at the end so the game is a lot less playable than it should be. Still, I am glad you liked what was there.

I see, sorry if I offended you or anything like that. I didn't mean to devalue the time that you spent working on it, or that there wasn't a lot of effort put into the different aspects of the game.  Also you say that I "didn't like it even before I played it" and that simply isn't true. I was excited to play it! I really enjoyed Nightshade 2.5d, I thought it was very clever and an interesting concept. Everything meshed together well. I assumed that this game would be the same if not better, considering that there was a price. I know that I did get it for free,  and I was just saying that I probably wouldn't have thought it had been worth the price if I had bought it. 

It wasn't that I thought the game was overall bad, it was that the final product didn't seem to me as good as some of your previous works. Going back to Nightshade, I enjoyed that game even before the 3d section was added. It had nice visuals, a nice story, and some fun secrets. Multiple endings even! Then when the 3d section was added it became even better. The chasing mechanic was engaging because you were running down these winding corridors, being able to use the glitches to your advantage, finding keys and stuff. It was scary enough I didn't want to play it in full screen.

And of course I shouldn't compare this game's chasing mechanics directly to Nightshades, as I am sure those took quite a bit longer, but still that part of this game just felt a little empty. Sure it was pretty spooky at the start, with the pony skeleton monster literally rising out of the ground! But after that it was just them chasing you around, in a forest, for a bit too long. The story did help to spice things up a bit, but gameplay wise nothing much changed. I assumed that every 10 coins I collected the enemy got faster, mostly because of the sound effect, but even then it just felt pretty samey throughout.

I know that buying assets and the like can be expensive, I have spent quite a bit to get various things from the unity asset store. But also, you would most likely use them in multiple projects, unless you bought them for one specific purpose never to use again, which I assume isn't the case. I know that 3d modelling takes a long time, as I have tried to make models for some of my previous projects, though to very limited success. The character models were a  great part of the game, much better than anything I have ever done. Though I also would assume you would at least reuse Popsicorn in later chapters. As for the bendy comparison, well yeah, that is actually pretty fair. I didn't really make the connection, with the pricing I mean.

Also, the music.  The music did a good job of setting the tone when you were just walking around, giving off a bit of a foreboding vibe even as it seemed cheerful. And even though it did seem to get quite repetitive when you got to the running section, maybe it just wasn't my cup of tea, and others would enjoy it better than I. I also know that music takes a lot of time, as I have composed a soundtrack for one of my previous game jam games, and am currently trying to make some other music. So yeah, music is hard.

Sorry if this was a bit long, I just wanted to try and address the points you made. And like I have said previously, I am excited for your future projects, you seem to have a real talent for 3d modelling, and most of your games have quite interesting story's. At the end of it though, I just don't want to come off as cold, like I don't get that game development does take a lot of time, effort, and money. Once again, sorry if I struck a nerve. Hope you continue to make great games!

So I played this game with high hopes, "Another game by EightBlackey!" I thought. I assumed that this would be a fun horror adventure with the added bonus of having unicorns and stuff I guess. But it wasn't as fun as I thought it would be. 


The first half of the game is just collecting objects to open new paths, which is fine. I didn't really understand the controls at first, and so that hindered me a bit, but once I got the hang of it it was fine. Once I went to collect my prize from the chest things abruptly changed, the sudden sound effect startled me and I was in a clearing. I knew that once I collected the coin there was no going back. Things went downhill from there. The collection of the coins was pretty tedious and overall not that fun, though I have to say after playing more the story told through the notes did keep things interesting. Still the music soon became repetitive and the enemy wasn't that engaging. I almost quit several times due to how frustrating it was. The scenery also clashed with the more cartoony character models, even if this was intentional it still is offputting and not in a good way.

This isn't to say that there wasn't anything I enjoyed. When I was looking up at the beginning of the game I spotted a cameo from anilade, so that was pretty neat. And like I said before the bits of story that I got were pretty interesting, if a bit familiar, there was quite a bit of friendship and such. And the ending was pretty nice, if a bit confusing. I wouldn't be buying any cupcakes from popsicorn. Anyways, I thought it was ok, I wouldn't say it was worth the money though. Here's to your continued success as a game developer! I hope you do well.

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but there might be some spooks. I would totally buy this, but money is expensive, you know? Looks pretty cool though, might purchase it later down the line. I guess I will wait to see what other people think first. Good job on stuff I guess.

So I am relatively new to gamemaker and accidentally uploaded a project file instead of an executable. It is way late now, but can I upload the executable? It is impossible to play the game unless you have gamemaker at the moment, so the exectuable would be nice to have. So people, can play the game.

Yeah, it's just I am not used to gamemaker and accidentally uploaded a gamemaker file, instead of an executable. So yeah.

I know, I uploaded the wrong file by mistake. I don't use Gamemaker much. So yeah. Since I can't upload a new file during the jam, it isn't possible to play it.

Same, kind of.

Well the game I worked on

Has a dedicated thinking button, so yeah.

The game I worked on

Is a game about thinking. And also possibly about a post-apocalypse?

I loved it, though it was a bit too tricky for me. Great music, great mechanics, tons of polish. All around great, the minimalist design really tied it all together.

If you could try my game, that would be nice. 

It is a game where you think about stuff. Just make sure to read the page for the controls and stuff.

Nice idea, but it was a bit dull, considering there was no music, and it was generally quite slow.

This was a brilliant concept, though it was a bit too tricky for me. I kind of forgot about it until I was listening to music and then out of nowhere came this booming glitchy music! For some reason the music had activated again, and it seriously spooked me, so I thought I might as well rate it now.

Our game

Tell us about the stars is a game with an obscure reference in the title, and is also maybe about the apocalypse or something? Last person alive maybe?

A game I think is great

Thomas Teaches Touch Typing, is a game that teaches you touch typing. You have to see it to believe it.

Here, you get some art too! 

Ours has only 10 ratings, so it would be cool if you could check it out.

Play this game I suppose, be sure to read the instructions on the page!

An interesting concept, though I didn't think it was executed very well in the earlier levels. However as the game progressed it got more and more interesting, until the final level. And then it ended, just as I had gotten to the great part! But yeah, pretty cool. The sound effects were a bit much at times, and some music would have been nice, but overall it is pretty good.

It was pretty fun, the only thing I can really think to say is that it was completely unrealistic to have a vampire with two hearts. I mean come on, where did he get the extra heart? Anyways, pretty great, some music would have been nice though.

Here is mine, I suppose. Please remember to read the description.

Here have some more not entirely excellent fan art!

The controls were a bit unresponsive at times but as a whole it was an amazing experience.

Probably have to go with the beaver sized wolves. Thanks for the art!

It is pretty fun and has a lot of content, but I can't give it a very high originality rating as it is basically just Ink but with a rectangle instead of a square.

(Spoilers kinda by the way)

Phew, wow. That was something. It was incredible, unbelievable. It proved to me that we need more edutainment games in this day and age. There was one, and one, and one. I got to level twelve or something, not sure maybe. You do need lungs to breath though. Why soup? There were aliens. There were also credits, I thought it was a maze. I guess it wasn't a maze. I finally get to know what it feels like when people can't figure out my games, it all makes sense now. The way to get the ending also makes sense. It all makes sense!

That 0 was upsetting though, words I am fine with, but 0? No.

Also the music was phenomenal. That is all.

Quite a fun little game, really enjoyed it. Short and sweet.

Pretty fun, the last area was kind of frustrating but that was probably due to my placement.

No, I wasn't suggesting that. I was just saying if you wanted to get a better experience you should try the other version as well. Anyways, thanks for your review!

Yeah, that is why I recommend using the fixed version.

Ahh, did you go to the spots that lit up? If you think when there is nothing around you will get the same thoughts.

Thanks! Also, that code didn't work, on discord.

        This was a truly great game, great graphics, sound and level design. It was quite challenging, but it didn't feel unfair, I hardly ever felt like a mistake was the games fault. It surprised me with how much content you were able to fit in two days, every time I thought, "There can't be more!" there were more levels! The sprite work is also very nice, all the characters look so happy, even if they are trying to kill you. The controls could use a bit of work, and the fact that you have to press the r button twice to reset was a bit annoying, but overall it was phenomenal. This would be great if it was expanded into a full game with a slightly less steep level curve.

        I noticed that the game was made with Gamemaker Studio 2, and so I was wondering something. My friend and I used unity to make our entry, but I do own Gamemaker Studio 2 and was wondering how it is to use. I have wanted to use it for a game jam or something for a while, but wasn't really sure how. Everyone seems to say how easy it is to use and all that jazz, but I wasn't really sure how I would go about making an actually decent game. Basically, I am kind of wondering how you did it. How were you able to make such a great game in such a short amount of time?

The game overall was pretty frustrating and not that fun. Also it ran pretty slowly on my computer which accentuated the problem, this may just be because my computer can't handle the advanced graphics though.

I guess our game got kind of creepy towards the end, the text got cut off though. It was mostly the moon that did it, probably doesn't qualify as horrific though.

I mean, I guess it is kind of a post apocalypse or something, so yeah.

Our game has only 4 ratings, so yeah.

Make sure to check the controls.

Wow! This was a very well polished and fun game. It took me a bit to get the hang of it, but not too long. The trick mechanic is quite intuitive, and the levels are well designed. Also, the music was phenomenal, truly great stuff. Overall, really great.