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I am probably just going to do some bugfixing, making the NPC's not vanish into thin air, and making The Unctuous Doberman not trigger the apocalypse.

Nobody has voted or done anything really for several days, so I was just wondering about that. If it is all going to go down near the end that is cool, but I just wanted to know if anything was going to happen, or if it is just going to be more not happening happening.

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This is getting quite large, but I would also like to join your ever expanding team. I can program a bit, and I can do narrative stuff.  Working on a team would be great, so yeah. I also did that Discord add thing. Edit: Actually nevermind, quite a lot of people want to work with you already, so yeah.

This game is good, I approve.

I would rather if this wasn't the case, as I am not sure if I could just make everything from scratch. But of course I guess that is a bit selfish on my part, and the general community will surely have some good opinions on the matter.

Ok, so basically, you just have to not talk to The Unctuous Doberman. He was just there for a bit of worldbuilding and isn't necessary to the story, but if you talk to him everything will break. Basically do everything you want to do first, and then talk to NPC Base, that should give you the best result. The way to get the ending does involve your arms and giving/not giving them to people, so also keep that in mind. 

Also, thanks for the follow, glad you enjoyed!

Congratulations! You seem to be the only person to have finished the game so far. Thanks again for playing!

Okay, here is my full(er) review after having gotten the ending, Spoilers obviously so if you aren't the developer please just play the game, it is pretty great. 

So first off, phenomenal music. I loved it, the boss music was especially noteworthy, it really made the battle feel more tense. Overall really good music.

As to the story, I thought that was also well executed. Being able to just bypass the "intended" story path is always nice, and the descriptions of situations worked really well. Having the gun in and out of the story was really cool and stuff like shooting the trees was a really nice touch. Having the option to shoot the baby dragon at the end unsettled me a bit, made me think about the actions I had taken in the game thus far, really good. So yeah, wish there were more games like this.

As for actually shooting the gun, that was good. Nice particles and everything, I had a bit of lag but I think that is just my computer. I still think the text went a bit slowly, but that didn't impede my progress that much, but yeah, that is pretty much my only complaint.

Finally, the boss battle. Great atmosphere with the music and lights and such. Having to shoot the shoot button was satisfying, and also being able to beat the fight without the sword was great. You really had to move around a lot, and it felt great.

Final thoughts, amazing. Definitely one of the best game jam games I have ever played, almost no bugs. It was all good. I will now leave my rating.

I did. I hope this can all get cleared up soon.

What are you stuck on specifically? I can lend assistance if you need any. One hint, make sure to talk to the guy in the intro again.

Oh, the game crashed? That never happened to me,  do you have any idea what led up to that happening? Also, thanks for the comment!

I am concerned about this as well, as I saw that that the comments were deleted. I had a tab with this page open before it was deleted, so I will put the image here.

This is indeed a serious issue. I hope something is able to be done about this.

Ahh I see, good thing I rarely close tabs.

Why was the conversation below deleted? It seems kind of suspicious to me, I will keep this in mind. Explanation would be nice though.

Well, there is a proper ending, and it does have to do with your arms. Anyways, thanks!

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Sorry for the inconvenience, but do to unforeseen issues with The Unctuous Doberman, the game is more broken than I intended. I could fix it pretty easily, but it is a bit late for that. So, if you want to finish the game, don't talk to The Unctuous Doberman.

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(Spoilers, Kind Of)

To everyone wondering how to get the ending, all you have to do is tell the people who you can give arms to something, to each of them. If you know what to do you can get the ending in about two minutes, so I didn't want to just say how to get it. Hope this helps!

(Real Spoilers Really)

Just tell everyone no.

Well, there is an ending, you just have to say something to everyone who you can give your arms to.

Well what I did in that run was just going straight to the forest and not doing anything else really, like I shot two of the trees but besides that I am not sure what could have triggered it.

One, did you talk to Re. Resident, you probably did I guess? Two, well to get the ending, all you have to do is tell everyone something. The NPC base guy tells you to do something like that before he is cut off, and I kind of didn't want to give it away as it is pretty simple to reach the ending if you know what you are doing. But yes, my connection to the theme is really loose, this was originally hockey with guns. Then basketball with guns, and there was going to be a time gun in this one, but I wasn't sure how to implement it with the story. Thanks for the comment! And also, that was completely intentional, it took me a while to figure out how to make the NPC's "break" like that.

This was pretty good, it was fun to pick up the gems and shooting the skeletons was also fun. It was a pretty simple game so there wasn't much to complain about, maybe a bit more variety.

Wow, this is an actual game now. This was one of my favorite games of the jam and I am glad it has now been expanded, even if I might not buy it at this time. Good job!

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I haven't really gotten to any satisfying endings, but what I have seen so far is spectacular. The music fits the mood well, and the story itself is interesting. Being able to just shoot things instead of having to find a key or something is an interesting concept. You did a lot with the concept and that is great. Honestly I only have one real complaint. (Spoilers for anyone else reading this) When I got to the dragon the first time, nothing happened. I didn't have the sword, but I didn't have any indication that I did something wrong. It just said that the dragon was flying around the cave, and I couldn't do anything. And now that I think about it, the option to not be able to skip to the end of dialogue was a hassle. It made repeating sections a bit of a drag. But honestly with everything packed into this game you are probably a shoe in to win. Thanks for the experience.  And yeah there was some lag, but I just assumed that was because it was an unreal engine game and the computer wasn't powerful enough for me to be able to experience properly.

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But yeah, I guess I can't expect you to make a masterpiece out of quite possibly the worst game of all time. And yeah, it was cool.

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It doesn't seem to recognize the email. Edit: Nevermind, it might have worked.

Overall the structure of the game was kind of tedious, it wasn't very compelling to just walk in and out of holes having to start the whole process over again if you get caught. I also accidentally clicked on another part of the screen at one point which meant I couldn't do anything anymore, I decided to stop playing after that. On a more positive note, the game looked pretty great and the sound effects were a nice touch, some music would be much appreciated though. I also noticed that the footstep sound sometimes looped even if I wasn't moving. 

Yeah, this might be me.

I thought the water mechanic was cool, although it was unexplained, and I didn't get past the first level, since when the enemy gets stuck in the corner it is impossible to get it away from the wall. That really ruined my experience.

Saying that you are not the hero does not mean you are the villain necessarily. Unless that is what you mean, but can that be interpreted as you are not the "hero" of the story, as in you are a side character?

I made no progress on that whatsoever and I still have no idea why the us isn’t showing up, sorry.

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The poll is in the video, so yeah, you should see it near the end, in the part with the mouse cheese temple thing. Also, both parts are out now, sorry about the audio quality after the phone call part.

the tomatoes are ok

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Wow, even though I can't really use the battle system because of it not really showing up I am really impressed with how extensive the dialogue system is. This is all really great! Also is it possible to use the audio clips for the speech in my game?

Ok, thanks for the response anyways, I am looking forward to making some cool projects with this. I would have thought that there would be more interest around this, frankly this is amazing. Thanks for all your hard work!

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So, would it be okay if I kind of cannibalize this project for use in a different one? I assume so but I was just wondering, of course I mean the code, obviously Undertale specific stuff is owned by toby , and your art is yours. So yeah. Also, any idea why the menu's disappear when I played it in Gamemaker Studio 2? Also also, I originally glossed over this because I mistook your user name to mean that this was somehow made with python, silly me. Nevermind the first part, I guess I should have read the description more closely.

Poking 3d nightshade? I definitely clicked around that with 2d nightshade.

One thing I noticed with the new version is that the arms don't slowly move away from my mouse when I pick them up, I guess that was a bug, but I thought it was a feature in the game jam version. It kind of makes that last section a bit too easy now...

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Wow! Also, this was great, making it more of a full game thingy. Great Job! Though I am sad that the previous amazing cheat code is no longer in the game :(.

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(shudder) I didn't think anything had changed, and I just assumed that the screenshots were just misleading, but no, I was wrong. Oh so very wrong.

2 spooky 4 me