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I thought the water mechanic was cool, although it was unexplained, and I didn't get past the first level, since when the enemy gets stuck in the corner it is impossible to get it away from the wall. That really ruined my experience.

Saying that you are not the hero does not mean you are the villain necessarily. Unless that is what you mean, but can that be interpreted as you are not the "hero" of the story, as in you are a side character?

I made no progress on that whatsoever and I still have no idea why the us isn’t showing up, sorry.

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The poll is in the video, so yeah, you should see it near the end, in the part with the mouse cheese temple thing. Also, both parts are out now, sorry about the audio quality after the phone call part.

the tomatoes are ok

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Wow, even though I can't really use the battle system because of it not really showing up I am really impressed with how extensive the dialogue system is. This is all really great! Also is it possible to use the audio clips for the speech in my game?

Ok, thanks for the response anyways, I am looking forward to making some cool projects with this. I would have thought that there would be more interest around this, frankly this is amazing. Thanks for all your hard work!

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So, would it be okay if I kind of cannibalize this project for use in a different one? I assume so but I was just wondering, of course I mean the code, obviously Undertale specific stuff is owned by toby , and your art is yours. So yeah. Also, any idea why the menu's disappear when I played it in Gamemaker Studio 2? Also also, I originally glossed over this because I mistook your user name to mean that this was somehow made with python, silly me. Nevermind the first part, I guess I should have read the description more closely.

Poking 3d nightshade? I definitely clicked around that with 2d nightshade.

One thing I noticed with the new version is that the arms don't slowly move away from my mouse when I pick them up, I guess that was a bug, but I thought it was a feature in the game jam version. It kind of makes that last section a bit too easy now...

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Wow! Also, this was great, making it more of a full game thingy. Great Job! Though I am sad that the previous amazing cheat code is no longer in the game :(.

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(shudder) I didn't think anything had changed, and I just assumed that the screenshots were just misleading, but no, I was wrong. Oh so very wrong.

2 spooky 4 me

Ahh, so I guess you missed the last one :)

Thanks for the review! You got all the endings except for the bad ending, which occurs if you don't take a break before starting working again, but yeah, other than that you got them all! 

A fine game, that is fun for a little while, pretty good, even if I am not that good at it.

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A cool experience, even if it was a bit hard to find things and was sometimes unclear about what I should do, also the father block thing was looking for it's child object, and I had it but it still told me too look for it for some reason. Overall, I liked it, adding a sound effect for the broom moving was a nice touch. And if you by any chance wanted to try my entry, this is it here,

This was fun although the last level was way too easy and the end screen was too bright and not fitting the style of the rest of the game. The open ended puzzles were fun, and I was able to solve the one with the fire and the 3 enemies without using the fire, so that was fun. Overall, a really cool experience!

That was cool, even though I thought I just had to do nothing at the final boss because it said to just concentrate on it :). I finished it, it was cool, fun bossed. Woo!

This is amazing, I really like the text adventure first bit, and everything after as well, I encountered a bug where once I got attacking the option for dashing showed up while I was playing the stage, so I clicked on it and it took me there. Also, I thought the final boss was easy and then boom, second stage! Also this was very impressive sprite work, and the overall presentation was fantastic, although the music wasn't that great. And now that I have finished it, having to get to the version 1.0 to complete the game was a nice touch.

Fun game, I liked the mechanics and the bomb thing was cool as well!

Woah, this is really cool! I am no good at it, I liked the presentation and especially the fact that you had to type everything, even starting the game.

This was nice, even though it got a bit repetitive, and the percentage thing seemed a bit off, as one time I lost a 99% game somehow, but yeah, buying stuff was fun, and I thought the coming soon stuff would unlock eventually, but now I assume they never will :(. 

Cool, a bit confusing, but good. I built my game!

This is a nice game, although I found it a bit too easy. It is fun and satisfying but maybe a different enemy type would up the challenge a bit.

This is a nice little game, I like that the code and ideas spun and that the idea emitted light, literal rubber duck debugging is a really cool idea, thought it would be nice if the bugs were more of an enemy, as I can just run over them. Having the bugs get squished is cool as well, and everything is nicely modeled.

I am confused, I picked up the crowbar,broke the glass, killed the enemy and then the next thing came. Is there something after that? I just died, anyways I noticed you used the unity first person character. Nice! I used it too for my game. Anyways, this was cool, but I am confused.

Fun little level editor.

I decided to play this game again, and I was again blown away by how great it was! Having to strategize about each part of the game design process, and then hoping that you made the right choice at the end is great! This is one of the few games of the jam I want to replay. Good job!

I thought it was cool, even though I also got the bug where I can only have good performance and nothing else, I got stuck at the beginning because I didn't realize I had to name my game, but overall it was pretty cool!

Great 3d models on everything, and that animation is great, it would have been nice to have a bit more to manage as my night consisted of drinking coffee constantly until someone fell asleep, they should have moved the coffee machine onto the table. Fun.

I liked this project but, it just takes too long to get anywhere. I never ended up finishing since I spent about an hour just trying to finish the platformer game, as it just felt too grindy. Overall, I liked the concept the animations were nice, and at one point I was thinking, "I don't need this puzzle piece, wouldn't it be cool if I could just click on it and it would go away?", and I did that, and it did! Wow, not really a necessary feature but you thought people might do that, great attention to detail!

Cool game even if I am no good at it, and you made it with construct 2! My construct 2 games never really turned out, and I am not ever getting construct 3 because subscription service. But, yeah, Amazing!

Well, first I left a comment on how I was stuck in an infinite death loop, then I edited that comment forgetting it would take me to a different page making me restart again. Also, at one point in the music section the music note just stopped moving indefinitely and I was able to win easily as it didn't send anything down. Also also somehow I was able to get attacked by bugs in the boss section of the first bit which made some overlapping dialogue happen.

I liked the aesthetic, and the story is cool, along with pretty much everything else. Good job!

Fun experience, even though I had to exit the game a couple of times, thereby resetting it and having to go through the unskipable beginning bit, the voice acting didn't line up with the words on screen, such as "the reason so many games are broke". But overall really cool!

This was fantastic, I could not meet the continuing demands of the committee but it was fun before I was sent to the gulag. Everything was great.

Really cool, I liked the little character and it was overall good, give yourself a pat on the back!

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The bugs caught up with me and got me into an infinite death loop... Otherwise really good! I thought the part of choosing an area to start in was a mistake, but then I got the text.

Edit: Nevermind, I didn't read the text saying I had a weapon.