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This is amazing and really fun! This doesn't feel like a gamejam, it really is impressive how polished and well thought out everything is. I read your postmortem and it makes it even more impressive. The only downside is that it's not really a game :) but that doesn't make it less fun. I think the mechanic can be adapted to a more puzzle like approach. If there was one thing I would have like is a few more crazy shapes with longer and more annoying to handle "forbidden shapes", if you know what i mean? Most of the shapes are very "blocky". Amazing job!

Great graphics, not sure what the relation to the theme is however, and I feel the mechanics are underexploited. Instead of making a simple wave, a few little tweaks (more doors, positioning of the big guy) could have made this much deeper with a simple tweaks. But! I really enjoyed this, the graphics really make this funky.

This was so full of content. Cutscenes, different game mechanics, sounds, animations, voice over. I really loved the variety. Some games worked better than others indeed. I had a hard time figuring out what to do in the music game, and it felt way too "hard" to get all the notes, so in the end i felt it was mostly just random pressing of keys hoping to remove the boss barrier.

This was super fun. Cutscene, graphics, music all fit together in their quirky style. I love the parallax backgrounds. The only issue I have is the randomness of the items / how hard the game feels. As I got better I got a string of bad runs and it was a bit weird because it wasn't what I was expecting. Great stuff!

This was superfun to play, and I love how the risk-of-rain style gameplay is integrated with your game compiling. I also love that you don't have to restart from the beginning, and that the game has this forgiving mechanic that allows you to play on an on, which is great for a gamejam. My main issue would be more feedback when hitting enemies / getting hit. Shooting at enemies doesn't feel very gratifying because nothing happens, and at one point they disappear. I want explosions!! :) :) I think even just a little flash of the sprite would help a lot to see if you hit or miss. Great stuff, really enjoyable, and the sprites and powerup icons are great.

Cool game! I love having to balance the energy with motivation. One problem is that when you run empty on energy you are stuck. I am not sure if I like the window that you have to click, but that's exactly like in real life! :)

This is a great little story! I was wondering if the developer text was meant to be cut off, it seems from your screenshots that it was? I also felt bad when the game closed, it was very sad. One thing that disturbed me a bit was the hook mechanic (which I love!!), it was easy to latch onto something mid-air and thus start flying forever, not really sure if i was going to hit something or not. That could be as easy as just adding a lower ceiling to give the player some context of where they are. But the core part of the game, the story, is very enjoyable and poignant.

Great game. I'm judging this with a slightly higher standard than the other games :) It's great, appealing, huge, beautiful, responsive, it has all the good components. My main issue is that it should be easier, to give casual players a chance to explore all the work you did. I suck at twin stick, and being teleported back to the beginning every time is a bit frustrating. In this case, I knew what I was in for thanks to the video, and had great fun finding the little hidden rooms, but in some less polished games I might have given up sooner :)

Thanks lot, it was really nice seeing you play it on stream and give good feedback. I appreciate the honesty for sure!

Thanks a lot! I hope you were able to finally close the tab.

Your game looks amazing, I will play it when I get back home (travelling right now).

Thanks Auer. I am not sure if I am going to make a tutorial, because part of what I really like about clickers is to be like "ohhhh there's a tab that does that! i understand now!". But I think it's indeed possible to not understand how salary is deducted (when the employee creates a resource), I will see if I find a good way to show it in the UI. 128x128 pixels definitely is restrictive :).

Those are indeed the main points I have to fix post jam!

I found that indeed during a gamejam you are rushing to get all your base ideas out and making the game itself, but the actual playtesting (which takes just as much time if not more) starts happening after the jam. By then you know better what works and what is worth focusing on. I also always put in 2-3 weeks post-jam polish.

Super pretty game and quite enjoyable to play. There are indeed a few bugs (for example I always game over after wave 2, the player doesn't flip), but the cute graphics and soothing music make up for it. My main gripe is that it is just very tangentially related to the theme itself, but then that's how it goes :) Your art is so pretty I would have love to see a background instead of just white.

This was really fun! The voices and the music sung  was fun, although a bit hard to  understand. Done i n a polished manner this really sets you apart. The mechanics were super cool and I had a lot of fun with the puzzles! Coolest mechanic so  far.

I love the bracket mechanic!  I  was a  bit confused by what was going on in the game though, sometimes I could shoot, sometimes not, and all these screens were multiplying, and the bars were changing but i didn't entirely understand how. I think this is  very promising if you make the gameplay a bit more clear.

I like the concept, but I think t here's a bug with dash, it kept  not dashing / dashing in the wrong direction, which was very frustrating. The graphics are great and feel  consistent. I thought the code mechanic was fun too!

Fun game, addictive. It  would be so much  more addictive if  it would get harder over time, at the moment after a while you get into the flow and the game just goes on and on.

Thank you! I left you a message  on your game page.

Thank you! I will release a version with music later. I'm sadly not able to play your game until I'm back home in a couple of days.

Thank you! The sound is indeed something  that I had to skip. I wanted to add just a couple of sfx before submitting but I ended out in town until 5am lol.

Thanks! Love your game too, beautiful graphics and much content!

Beautiful graphics, great concept and execution! I was quite confused by the text adventure part at the beginning. The amount of content you made is great for a gamejam, well done teamwork. I would have loved a slightly more dynamic gameplay, but then I suck at video games anyway. I had the most trouble with the first level (walking past the monsters) actually.

Thanks a lot for the feedback! Sadly I don't have windows right now so I will have to wait until I'm home to play your entry.

Sadly I don't have windows right now so I will have to wait for a few days until I can play your game.

You need 5x beta builds and 1000x playtests to make a release. Thanks for the feedback. The fullscreen issue is a known one with pico8 and chrome, I think you can reload and try again and more often then not it works then.

Hiring manager, that's a great addition indeed. And a full HR department, after indie success has been achieved. This will be for the second episode "AAA gamedev game"

Thank you!

I agree, I ran out of time with the sounds :/ It will be integrated in v2! Thanks for playing and commenting!

Wow 30 minutes! :) :) Having more stuff unlock definitely would be cool. Automating gamer recruiting was something I had but then the game just quickly went into complete chaos.

Thanks! Indeed, I learnt while making this game that balancing is much harder than I thought at first. I have been looking at the underlying system using the machinations framework, from the book "Game mechanics - advanced game design", but I didn't have enough time during the week to model out the whole system. I will definitely do a second pass taking that into account. Right now the strategy really is "hire a lot of coders, mooch off of that until you get the first release, then you're good"

Thanks a lot! I am working on a tweaked version where the physics are less aggravating.

Thanks a lot!

Hey, i'm slono on the brackeys discord.

It is very hard to play this game, and thus frustrating, because there is no way of seeing and knowing what needs to be done next, and you immediately die and respawn, giving you no time to learn what might have gone wrong. There are games where you have to progress by dying, but this doesn't give you the chance to learn about what happened. I'm also not sure what the jump mechanic is, but I got stuck in the narrow passage after a couple of platforms, and after 10 deaths I gave up. The idea of using light to hide parts of the way is good, but it should be used with being nice to the player, because this is pretty much just playing in the dark.

Cool, thanks for the feedback, I will keep that in mind when I do proper design.

I am going to go back to tweaking the horizontal jump I think. I spent a long time tweaking the values as they are now, but in a vacuum. It's how I like a platformer to feel.

Interesting about the spring bounce respawn. You should always respawn in front of a switch, not on spring. Do you remember if that was the case?