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DOGD - Dangers Of Game DevelopmentView game page

Glitches invade your game and you have to protect it.
Submitted by Umbrason — 12 hours, 38 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
THE EXPERIENCE#781.6271.627
SOUNDS AND MUSIC#1391.2351.235

Ranked from 51 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Really liked the graphics, the game itself felt a bit slow, and I think there was some kind of bug that reset the game even though the game-core didn't get hit. Some sound and music would've been great, but a solid entry still, great job!


This game was very interesting! It was a great idea having the player fixing coding errors, but I think it would be nice to explain to the player how to do that. People who have no knowledge in programming would be lost because they wouldn't understand that the code was a comment.
The gameplay was really nice, and I liked that I could choose between two different characters! 
For some reason the game was resetting even though I protected the game core, so I didn't finish the game. But it was fun.
Congrats on your entry! ^^


"try to reactivate it" an explanation would be handy. graphics are brilliant.


The graphics are really nice, and activating the scripts was an interesting mechanic. I liked how you can select artist, and coders. It could be lot better with some 8 bit sound effects, and soundtracks. Well done! :)


Unlocking the movement etc was nice. Would have been interesting to see more of that mechanic. Good work


Pretty game :) Was a bit too easy protecting the orb, should make it a bit harder to kill the enemies and maybe have more spawn points. Now they were all stacked so you could kill the whole group in one go. 

I like how you unlock the movement, attack and dashing :) 

If you have time, play and rate my game :) its over here ->


really liked the artwork! Some sound and music would have made this game really awesome. The movement and attacking felt a bit slow but otherwise it was a solid entry. If you could take a look at my game that would be awesome. Here's the link:


its cute anf the iddeas good i have no idea how to play though 


Yeah same. Game looks great, but I by the love of me cant figure out how to play the game. Tried every single key on my keyboard and tried clicking everywhere.


I like the concept, but I think t here's a bug with dash, it kept  not dashing / dashing in the wrong direction, which was very frustrating. The graphics are great and feel  consistent. I thought the code mechanic was fun too!


Sounds would have been nice and it felt like I was playing Groundhog Day since the game kept resetting.  I love the concept of uncommenting your code to unlock things.  I also liked the artwork.


hey i just played the game, i like the concept it is really good. I know that there was a limited time, but i feel  that if you can use another scene or another level for the artist it would be great. Another thing is that i dont finish the game because for some reason (maybe because im bad :) ) it reset me always, even if achieve to protect the objetive. I really hope you continue this project, it can be a really good game.


Hey, I really like the concept  and the art style of your game!

 However, in my opinion, controls are weird : it seems like your character is very heavy. In addition, there is also an annoying "delay" before the attack that I didn't like (during the animation). 

These are small details that  affected my game experience.

I hope you enjoyed making this game ! Will you continue the development after the Game Jam ?