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Upgrade your stats, kill the bugs!
Submitted by topatisen
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
THE EXPERIENCE#32.4602.460
SOUNDS AND MUSIC#92.1802.180

Ranked from 50 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

I loved this! Played it for wayyyyy too long. Art was simple but effective, audio is good, just a really great experience. I don't feel like it ties into the theme very well, aside from the story, but I really enjoyed my time with it.


Makes me super glad to hear that!
I agree on the theme being a bit light, I planned to have different hats that you could wear that would give you different abilities, since you often wear a lot of hats as an indie developer, but I did not have time to add that feature unfortunately!
Thank you for playing!


Amazing game, I love the intro and how juicy all of the impacts feel. Great difficulty curve and awesome art, this is easily one of the best games of the jam.


Thank you!

Makes me really happy that you think so :)!


This is super fun and juicy! The game feel is really great. And even the UI is super sexy, good job!

A little light on the theme imo, but really cool to play, good job!


Thank you!

Yes, completely agree on the theme being a bit "light"!

The idea from the beginning was that you were suppose to collect different hats that boosted your abilities; like coder hat, artist hat etc (since as an indie developer you need to wear a lot of different hats). Did not have time for that unfortunately though, so I replaced it with the upgrade loop instead :).

Thank you!


Phew, I am sorry but it takes so much of a while to clear wave 10, that I had no will to go on with wave 11 and above as the upgrade multipliers were extensively high.  There was an unknown bug that would reset my currency count back to 10 whenever I died on wave 8-10, I'm unsure what causes this.  I played so long I got violins stuck in my ears.  I think if you're going to have a fire rate upgrade it should be held-down and not semi-aauto.

Overall, great job and was a time sink I don't want to take back.  hehe :3


Haha, test that music really geta stuck in yoyr brain after a while!

Yeah, definitely agree about the upgrades, it is definitely not properly balanced.

Yes, I'm aware of that bug, didn't have time to fix it unfortunately.

Thank you and great to hear!


This is epic! Even the start was polished and the music was perfect! It really gave me the feeling that I'm the person himself... And the tittle fits the game so good... This if for sure the best game I've played so far! Great job :D

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Thanks a lot!
Makes me really glad that you think so <3!


the game is very polished and the animation is awesome .

good job .


Thank you for playing it!


One of my favorites and certainly one of the best games from this gamejam..

I liked everything, the art design inspired in BTP, the animations, the music, the mechanics, the difficulty..
I can't think what you could put in your game because already feels so complete. It's just an amazing game..

Congratulations on your entry for this gamejam :D


Haha, there are of course things that could be added!
Imagine more weapons, different enemy-types, more graphical polish, teleporters, bouncy pads!
Really happy that you had a good time with it!


Game feel is 150%! That coupled with very nice design decisions makes it a very nice and polished experience. its also different in some key aspects of this type of game which added to the experience too!


Thanks for playing it, glad you liked it!


A awesometacular fun game.The music is really energetic and gets me in a mood to murder some bugs.The particle effects,the sounds do well to give you that satisfying feeling when killing a bug.Everything about this game is  satisfying,well made,polished and most importantly fun.

This game is a great example of how game juice and polish can make your game legendary


Thank you for playing it, makes me super happy to hear that you like it so much!

(1 edit) (+2)

Great game! The particle effects when you kill things are an awsome addition, and the upgrade mechanic gives a whole new layer of the game. Once I started playing, I continued for about 24 minutes. Only one suggestion, mabye add some more enemies and if there already is, where are they?

Overall, the game is awsome! I'm exited for what you come up with next.

Too bad I missed most of the jam. I'm sure I'll be there for the next one.


Thank you!
Will definitely add more enemies!
There was supposed to be different color schemes for every new level that you get to, but that feature unfortunately had to be cut due to time.
Makes me glad to hear that you think so :).

I hope you will manage to be in the next one!


Holy moly i've been playing for an hour and a half just to get to level 11 XD this game is addicting as heck. Loved the gameplay and the animations :)


Makes me very happy to hear that you played for so long!
Thank you!


It took me an incredible amount of time to win wave 10. I thought I had won but NO ten more levels! And one of your comment said that you made 100 waves. You really need to change some things so it gets easier because otherwise this is going to be the next dark souls :P I got really tired with my left little finger(I shot with left ctrl) so after awhile I started to use the right hand to shoot(still with left ctrl though, It looked weird). That's how long I played. I really like the art for the player and the enemies. I think you could make the ground look gooder but that is just my opinion. The movement was nice and so was the shooting. Because the game was so hard I had to come up with different strategies and ways to win waves but sometimes they surrounded you and it was impossible. I like that you could jump over the hole in the bottom part of the first level but that it was hard to do.  The music was also nice even though you did not make it.

I have a question. Do you restart the scene when you die? Because if I die when bullets were in the air they are still there when I spawn, same thing with coins. If you don't want to restart the scene because you will loose the gold variable and upgrades your character has you can have something called a gamemanager which can store variables between scenes. 

Things to improve: The bonus round has a timer on 15 seconds but after the timer the gold is still there, I think that the gold should go away if you didn't pick up every gold. When the monster fall down the hole they get back on the top, I think the same should happen with gold if it falls down the hole. Make the game easier :D I found a bug where sometimes when you died you did not get the upgrade menu. 

The most frustrating bug I found was when I tried to save up some gold to be able to buy upgrades later. I got over 1000 gold but when I died my gold resetted :( 

Here is a link with a video on the issue, maybe you can get some info on what happened from the video so you can fix the bug/glitch.

Overall it was a great game, I think you will get a good spot on this gamejam!


Thanks for all the kind words!
Makes me really happy to know that you played it for such a long time!
The gaming definitely needs a balancing pass for sure!

I don't restart the level when you die, the main reason is that I wanted the game to be instantly playable right after you've upgraded (to hold the player inside the core-loop), all variables are saved in playerprefs, so I could theoretically restart the scene, but because I wanted the game to be completely seamless when "dying" I decided to make all levels out of prefabs instead :). So the reason for the bullets and coins not being removed when dying was just that I did not have time to add a function to remove them when restarting the level.

Definitely agree that the gold should disappear after the bonus round, it will also make the player feel a bit more urgency to collect the gold as fast as possible, good idea! Making the gold appear at the top is also a good idea!

Ooh, that's a nasty bug!
Thought I managed to "kill" all of those, but some managed to escape it appears!

Thanks a lot for playing and for all the feedback!


This was pretty fun, although I noticed that 10 points were given each time you restarted, so people could just keep running into enemies on the first level to farm points, even if that wouldn't be especially fun. I also thought it would make more sense if the points from the bonus round disappeared as soon as that round ended, as it would make it more tense and fun. Overall I enjoyed it, I haven't finished it yet, and unless different enemies come in the last level, I was expecting at least a few of the ones that came out of the screen in the beginning cutscene to make an appearance. The music slowing down during the upgrade scene was a cool effect.


Yes, the 10 points was basically to make sure that you always had the possibility to upgrade something for the first few rounds, when you might die on the first enemy.
Definitely agree on the bonus points disappearing, that's a great idea!
The enemies were actually supposed to change color for every new level, but because of stress/time/last-minute-fixes etc I commented that out :/.
It was supposed to have different color schemes for every new level (every 10th wave).
Thank you for playing it!


Absolutely awesome man :) !! Everything feels juicy and so satisfying ! The screen shake is not over the top, just enough to make each shot feel great, and the particles that fall to the ground is a wonderful little touch !

Also, the character designs and animations are delightful, really I'm impressed ! Not to mention that cool little intro scene ! 

Didn't reach the 10th wave I'm afraid so I don't know if there's a boss, but what I did see was top notch, keep it up :) !


Thank you so much for the kind words, glad that you like it :).
As you say, the game is unfortunately too hard, didn't have time to balance it, which is a shame. There are actually 100 waves, and 10 different levels and even an ending!
When the voting has ended I'll upload a better balanced version.
Thank you so much for playing!


This game was very fun and I spent multiple hours trying to pass wave 10 but I think that the game is too hard. The experience was very enjoyable but once I found out that there were more than 10 levels, I decided to stop. Other than the pacing, your game was extremely fun!


It makes me very happy to hear that you played my game for multiply hours, that's insane!
Yes, unfortunately the game is extremely unbalanced, but I will make sure to post an updated version as soon as the Jam is over with better pacing.
There are actually 10 levels and 100 waves!
Thank you so much for playing it!


I enjoyed this game! Pretty good visuals and gameplay.


Thank you!


I did not make the sounds and music for the game during the jam, sound effects are from different sound packs and the music is from
Please rate accordingly!