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I tested it after the deadline and my PC completly crashed it's a mistake in my code i remove 0.2 in the spawn rate each wave which makes it unplayable  very soon my bad XD

Amazing i love the way you put every step of making a game into the game, my favourite part gotta be level design ;)

Yea sure dude

Thank you man :) The flashlight was a pain in the a** to decide wether i should make it larger or not. I originaly i had plans for a shop where you could buy better flashlights and guns/potions etc but didn't have time to add it.

Thanks man it's my first jam :)

The idea is great :) we both had the same idea of picking up ideas the visuals are nice but it lacks music real bad

Oh mah lord :O The music, the sounds :O I orgasm each time i die those bass are amazing the background music is pretty neat and the visuals are pretty cool. Loved it !

Thank you for your feedback,  i agree with you for the lamp :)

The puzzle kind is great and it really fits the theme of the jam simple but logic :)

Holy moly i've been playing for an hour and a half just to get to level 11 XD this game is addicting as heck. Loved the gameplay and the animations :)

It's not everyday you see 3d gaames in a jam :P The idea behind this is amazing i really enjoyed playing it :)

I love the idea of coding your own player settings  that's what i thaught of at first but thaught it was too ambitious but you did it and it's amazing :)

Good game idea but too little action for me (maybe it's just me) :) maybe a little music would do the trick idk

The idea is good but a bit more effects such as particles and music would really bring your game to life the menu for example is nice with a little animation :P The enemies reminded me of hollow knight (big fan) :)

This game reminds me of gambling :P The stress of not knowing if you're gonna hit it.

It's fun the visuals are nice simple and geometric with a nice little background music that i love :D

Love the animations inbetween each level :) everything about the game feels great but a little background music wouldn't hurt :D

There's not much gameplay to judge right now but so far so good :) keep it up

Oh ok i thaught it was a completed game and i was missing something obvious :)

Loved it :) i like the way the story is put together

I don't really get it maybe i'm missing something D: ?

I like the movement mechanic brings the theme to life and the music is lovely

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Thanks ;) 

ps :  I don't understand how the controls are frustrating i tried making them as simple as possible

yes the thorns 

yeah it's a game i got inspired of

SORRY but anyone willing to play the game i made a mistake in the upload in the rar file you have my full unity project then another file called GameJam the executable is in there

Strange because i remember building it maybe i selected the wrong file when uploading it but i don't think i can change it now

I like how to the game starts in a Tale tale game kind of the voice acting is really good but i just got stuck on the boy or girl selection i couldn't pick any of them :( but from what i've seen so far it's amazing :D

I love it the concept of "with each idea comes new bugs and errors very fun but in my opinion the character movement is a bit slow for the aim but i really enjoyed it :) i kept on collecting new ideas but i just ended up getting destroyed XD

Best menu i've ever seen :) The introduction to the game is amazing the only thing i didn't like was the jump animation it feels "unresponsive" or a bit too slow but otherwise everything's amazing from the art to sound and gameplay.  

ps : first time i died i thaught my pc crashed for real :O

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I liked the experience but maybe the dialogs feel a bit slow. And i died quite a few time thinking some traps were just part of the background :) Overall stars : * * * * 

Ree :(  I like the visuals the models are beautiful the music calming and the gameplay is original not the most fun game but maybe adding a bit more "action" wouldn't be bad :) overall great game

I like the art and the music but it's a bit too hard to avoid enemies but overall good game :)

Bit confused at first but still very fun to play :)

because it is :)

Bring your game to life :)

Fun concept but it laks sound

Music sounds good and funny animation i like it :)