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You have 7 days to finish your game, good luck!
Submitted by Forild (@ForildChest)
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
SOUNDS AND MUSIC#221.9551.955
THE EXPERIENCE#671.6821.682

Ranked from 44 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Submitted (2 edits) (+1)

I like the style and melancholic atmosphere of this game. But I didn't manage to finish it, unfortunately. The game is confusing when you play it the first time, there's no indication when a new day begins. Would be great to have some tutorial about gameplay basics and how to actually progress.
Lots of transitions with black screen and sounds are kinda dragging the gameplay, which is not good (especially while time goes but you're in hurry to make progress on game). The game could be great if combined with some kind of story or narrative (like in Develomare), but still - well done!

You can watch my playthrough at

Also be sure to rate my game too


Прости, что не предоставил должного обучения к игре, я уверен, что с ним бы ты справился на много лучше. Интересно, что ты решил не спать целую неделю и ни раза не обернулся к кровати. Это игра сделана не для всех и не задумывалась быть интересной для просмотра на стримах. Идея с кофе не оригинальна и присутствует не только у тебя, с ходу обвинять в плагиате не очень вежливо ; ) 

Время было в обрез, как ты понимаешь, по этому что есть то есть. Удачи!

Submitted (2 edits)

Причём тут просмотр на стримах? Игра (тем более для джема) должна быть (ну хоть немного) интересной обоим сторонам: и тем, кто играет в неё, и тем, кто наблюдает соответственно. Я нашёл её довольно скучной, но это лишь мои мысли. Кому-то такое понравится.
Насчёт плагиата я шутил, очевидно :)
Всё же отполировать игру можно было успеть, если это не первая ваша игра, учитывая, что вас даже несколько...


The gameplay is quite simple but that mood is awesome!

I am not sure about the balancing, the energy is very difficult to get (getting inspired costs too much energy imo).

Very good work, congratulations!


The game was very calming... At first. LOL ...I had about half the game done by the 3rd day, I thought I was golden.. By day 6 I was rushing trying to finish. Really nailed what it's like to make a game with that crunch at the end. I feel like it would of been a bit better with a few more actions/variance. Other than that you nailed the theme spot on!


you are absolutely right the more actions and things to interact the more the addictivity!

we got the same reply below


I lost the first time round but after reading the comments knew I needed to get to that ending. I felt this was more a piece of art/ an experience than a game and I commend the feeling that was able to be conveyed with tone, color,  sound, etc... Would recommend a bit faster pace for the general audience(but I'm really speaking for myself) but of what this game did do it did it well.  Big fan.  will be taking some techniques from this experience with me to use in future jams.  If you have a moment I would love you to come check out mine as well!


What an incredible piece :) !! Incredibly dark, the atmosphere is beautifully nailed down with that grayscale color palette and spooky music ! 
The sound effects are also awesome !

But oh boy that ending... terrifying ! That lamp looked liked "the thing" all along, with the spooky shadow on the wall ! And I had seen the same "thing" in that panel on the wall amongst other knots, little hints like that are wonderful ! 

In short great entry ! Keep it up mate !

Its all thanks to Forild for bringing up the idea for the game and we are glad that you enjoyed it!


Very atmospheric. The music, sound effects and 3D art really put that atmosphere to shine.

Nice game.


thank you for playing!


Oh god, things escaleted quickly! XD
I loved the atmosphere of this game, it felt so melanchilic! The graphics were great and the music calming. The sound effects were well made as well!

I think it would be great if there were more objects to interact with and one more status, like stress level.  Like, walking outdoors will reduce your stress level, but you lose time. Coffe can  give you energy, but will stress you up. Reading books and looking at you panel will give you inspiration, but you lose time. It would have the player balancing it's choices to finish the game.

It was an interesting experience, and I think it was nice to have that information at the end!


I was going for this melancholic feeling, glad you felt it. There are a lot things that could be done, but time is a huge factor in a gamejam.


Yup, I know... Game jams are never easy, but finishing  a project in such little amount of time is rewarding! And you did a great job making this in just one week!


Ree :(  I like the visuals the models are beautiful the music calming and the gameplay is original not the most fun game but maybe adding a bit more "action" wouldn't be bad :) overall great game


thank you for the feed back!yes more actions would have made it great however there is always a side effect to everything which was lack of time.


Wow that ending was not expected. The game I worked on in this game was probably better then the one I submitted lol. The models and sound were nice. I also liked the intro. In the end when you need to click on that thing(I don't want to spoil for others, but I think you know what I mean). The mouse1 icon came up when you looked at the cabinet to the right aswell. Another thing you could improve was the mainmenu, you could make the button nicer. 

Btw I think that coffee should give you more energy or that energy should decrease slower but it doesn't really matter because you still have enough time to finish the game. 

I rated it, hope you get a position that you are happy with!


Thank you for the feedback! Actually coffee makes your anergy decrease faster so that you don't drink too much! It's a drug you know)


Oh, I see.