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Oh god, things escaleted quickly! XD
I loved the atmosphere of this game, it felt so melanchilic! The graphics were great and the music calming. The sound effects were well made as well!

I think it would be great if there were more objects to interact with and one more status, like stress level.  Like, walking outdoors will reduce your stress level, but you lose time. Coffe can  give you energy, but will stress you up. Reading books and looking at you panel will give you inspiration, but you lose time. It would have the player balancing it's choices to finish the game.

It was an interesting experience, and I think it was nice to have that information at the end!


I was going for this melancholic feeling, glad you felt it. There are a lot things that could be done, but time is a huge factor in a gamejam.


Yup, I know... Game jams are never easy, but finishing  a project in such little amount of time is rewarding! And you did a great job making this in just one week!