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Dos jogos que vc fez, acho que esse foi o que teve mais animações, e eu adorei o visual dele! O gameplay em si é bem simples, eu só diminuiria um pouco o tempo da fase. Acho que tbm seria legal aumentar a dificuldade com o tempo, dá aquele desespero de "termina logo isso que eu to quase morrendo!!!" XD
Eu não sei como vc programou o coração, mas ele parecia que tinha um movimento bem aleatório, ficou mto bom!

Hello! Bom, falando sobre o jogo.
A idéia dele é bem interessante! Seria um bom jogo pra mobile, pq vc não precisaria se preocupar em apertar o botão de atirar. Os gráficos ficaram bem fofinhos, e vc conseguiu fazer uns padrões pros bosses, que eu achei bem legal tbm!
Seria legal colocar tbm uns power ups pra sua navezinha, pra mudar o tipo de tiro e variar um pouco no gameplay dele.

Hey Lord!
Eu testei esse jogo, ele ficou bem divertido, é bom pra passar o tempo ^^
Agora sobre críticas, as primeiras fases eu acho que seria legal deixar menos tempo. Esse tipo de jogo tem um fator replay grande, pq vc vai morrer e vai querer bater o recorde anterior. Mas depois que vc aprende a jogar, as primeiras fases ficam meio massantes, elas não oferecem desafios, devem servir mais pro jogador aprender a jogar.
De resto, eu curti o projeto! Eu tentaria depois incluir algum desafio extra além de desviar dos carros, mas eu sei que a gente raramente volta pros projetos de jams XD
Continue desenvolvendo! o/

Definitly one of the best games in this jam! Everything is great, I couldn't believe that you made a real gameboy game! I want to ressurect my old GB so bad to play this the right way! XD
I still couldn't finish the game, but I'll keep playing for sure!!

Thank you! ^^
My friend did the sounds and I've already added them. I'll just wait the rating period end to update the game!

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it ^^

played a lot of "company simulation" games, and I find this one really cool and interesting! The Tetris segment is quite challeging when you have to rearange the blocks, and i liked the idea of putting a minigame to determine how well your game sold.
I also loved the music and sound effects. Congrats on your entry ^^

I never thought that snake games could have more mechanics, this was great! It was really challenging to keep an eye on the suits while trying not to die and not pick up the wrong suit XD
I just think the snake's movement is too fast for the size of the playable field, I died very fast until I get the hang of the game.

I liked this game, it's a platform game with good physics and challenge!
Just be careful when programming the controllers. You problably used "Input.GetButton("Horizontal") for the movement, so WASD was working as well. It works fine, but once I made a game with the same thing and forgot to deactivate the arrow keys. So when you moved with WASD, the movement animation played fine. But if you moved using the arrow keys, the player just moved, with no animations... And this happened while a guy was playing my game on Twitch XD
Congrats on your entry ^^

This game is classic! It remembered of a game called DX-Ball 2, one of my favorite breakout games.
You did a great job programming the physics, and I liked you did a bunch of different levels. I'll play more of this game later for sure! ^^
Keep up the good job =)

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When I Jam sometimes I just forget to eat XD
usually I drink fruit juice and eat some snacks when I remember to eat.

This game is pretty fun! It's simple, but I liked this mechanics. At first I thought it was similar to Fruit Ninja, but then I saw this was totally different. The pixel art is cute and well drawn too!
I think it would be interesting if you added a hungry bar. You need to eat to stay alive . This would make the player more desperated to grab some food, even in middle of the evil balloons.
Congrats on your entry ^^

Thanks! I'm glad you like it! ^^
I hope it was not too hard. I struggle a lot with game balancing.

Thanks! ^^
I hope it was not impossible to survive, it was supposed to be just hard XD
I'll update the game as soon as possible, probably after jam's voting period!

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Thanks, man!  I really appreciate it! 

There's a lot of games here that deserved better ratings, yours included! Your game is one of my favorites! I feel disappointed by the outcome, but not by the jam. It's just... Is the top so important to the person that they had to lower the score from everyone else? This was so disrespectful to everyone giving their best! 

But this jam was amazing and ratings are not that important. We got a lot of feedback that will help us to improve, and we got to meet awesome people discussing things along the jam. And that is the real prize that no one can take away from us. 

Thanks for playing and giving feedback! ^^
I was thinking too big for a solo jam in 1 week, so I had some problems after spending too much of my time doing the platform level. But I'm glad you liked it!

I loved this game from the very start! This was really creative, it felt good to have control over all components from the objects! The only bad thing to me is that this game is too short (not complaining, I know 1 week is not a lot of time, and this game was awesome!)
Congrats on your entry, and keep up the good work! ^^

Thank you so much for playing and giving feedback! ^^

Yeah, I lost a lot of time making the platform section of this game, so I had to rush the rest of it. 

But I'm really glad you enjoyed the experience! 

Thank you so much for playing and giving feedback! 

I had a lot of fun making this game, and my friend saved my life by doing the voice acting for me. So I'm really glad you liked it! ^^

I remember this game from YourBr0ther's stream! I just tried it myself too, and I loved it! 
The character evolving through the game was my favorite part, and I liked the grappling hook gameplay. I confess I wasn't expecting to hear The Godfather's theme in this game, I laughed so hard when it started to play! When the game closed itself I felt bad for it, but I was still laughing because of the music XD
Great game, congrats for your entry! ^^

Thank you so much for playing and giving feedback! 
Making this game was so crazy, I can't thank enough my friend who did the voice acting! I'm really glad you liked it ^^

This game is really fun and creative! I liked the overall gameplay, but I think it would be nice if the habilities had less cooldown or the enemies had less life.
Congrats on your entry! You found a fun way of using the theme! ^^

Thank you so much for playing and giving feedback! ^^
I'm really glad you enjoyed it! I'll surely make more games soon, including narrative games!

Thank you so much for playing and giving feedback! ^^
I'm glad you liked it! This was my first time doing this kind of game, so I'm glad I managed to keep the experience through this game interesting.

And about the ratings, I have no idea!
It's me, Game Changer, People's Committee of Game Development, Cryptcrafter and gamedevgame that have more than a hundred ratings, and we did nothing different I think... This is my 7th jam, and this is the first time this happens to me o.o

I did tried a couple of times later and this was the only strange perfect run I had. It's really tricky when the RNG puts good and bad items together, but for me that was the fun of this game!
Congrats again! ^^

Thank you so much fo playing and giving feedback! 
I was scared of the idea of voice acting something, I owe a lot to my friend who said he would to it for me. It was fun creating this project!

And thanks for your suggestion. It's exactly what happens to me every jam I take part, I spend so much time planning that I end up with a lot of unfinished projects. I'm trying to drop the habit XD

I liked the concept. It was interesting having to switch between the 3 weapons to defeat the corresponding enemies. But some enemies, like the music notes, come at you at full speed! And in the end, I had to quickly switch the weapon, but you do this by clicking on the right icon. I think it would be better if you put a shortcut to select each weapon. And I died a lot of times because I couldn't see the platforms below me. A looking down function to the character would help a lot!
Congrats on your entry! ^^

Congrats on finishing your first game! ^^
This game is pretty hard, but it's fun!
The controllers were a bit wierd, but I managed to play. Couldn't survive for more than 30 seconds XD
Keep up the good job! 

I loved the idea of playing a Unity test! I feel sorry for the main character, he only wanted to be free =(
At the end, this game was almost a horror tale, the music were very unsettling.
The only thing I would point out is the character speed when they are talking. There were a lot of times that I tried to jump platforms in vain because of that, it was a little annoying. But I really liked the gameplay and story!
Keep up the good work ^^

This was pretty fun running game! The mechanics of destroying bad things and grabbing good things is challenging when you have to keep and eye on the ground. And the cutscene's music is perfect, it was one of the best cutscenes I've seen in this jam!
There's only one thing that I didn't understand. I had a perfect run, grabbed all ideas and C# scripts, and destroyed all bugs and hourglasses. But I still died because the left border reached me. I don't know if this is a bug or if I did something wrong.
You did a great job in this entry! ^^

This game is great! It may lack challenge, but it's fun to generate those game names! The art is incredible, polished and well done, as well as the animation. I readed your journal, and I would love to see a future version of this game, there's so much potential for it! And I'm impressed you did this by yourself in 5 days, good job! 
You said you don't know how to make music, but the one in this game fits perfectly.
Congrats on your entry!

This game brought back memories from when I was attending Game Development at college... I heard a lot of "This is not the future", "This will not bring you money!", "Games is for kids, grow up and do something with your life" from my stepfather, but I never gave up! I bet many developers can relate to this, it's a though path where you really need to love to do what you're doing.
Thank you for the experience! This was really emotional and well made!

Thanks for playing and giving feedback! It means a lot to me! ^^

This game was very interesting! It was a great idea having the player fixing coding errors, but I think it would be nice to explain to the player how to do that. People who have no knowledge in programming would be lost because they wouldn't understand that the code was a comment.
The gameplay was really nice, and I liked that I could choose between two different characters! 
For some reason the game was resetting even though I protected the game core, so I didn't finish the game. But it was fun.
Congrats on your entry! ^^

Oh, nice! I'm looking forward to it! 

Even though this game was about rushing to fix the errors in time, it was very calming. 15 minutes was a lot of time, but I enjoyed exploring this world! The art was cute and the music nice, they fit very well together!
At first, I was kinda lost in the map, without knowing where I should go. The NPCs helped a lot, but I think it would be nice if they stopped pointing directions for the problems I already solved.
Congrats on your entry!

You did well for your first jam! ^^
The game had only one bug, where I sunddely got pulled into the wall and stayed there until the enemies killed me. But it was a good and well done game! Keep up the good job, and congrats on your entry!

This game reminds me of Atari and Game Boy. It's fun and it gets really hard after some levels. I really enjoyed it! ^^

Even though there's no challenge in this game, it was nice and well done!
I feel your pain in finding artists to work with, but you did a good job with the visuals of this game. And the music was great too! ^^

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I really enjoyed this game! It was short, but was pretty hard. I struggled a lot with those red errors, I jut wanted to stack, but they kept coming! And sometimes I just forgot I had a character to take care of and ended up making it fall from the platform! This stress felt great at the end, when I finally managed to build my game! XD
Keep the good work!