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When you're past 30 years old your body stop working like it used to XD

I start small, but I make a list of things that would be fun to add if I have time. That way you know you'll finish the jam with at lest a playable game! And it's ok if you end up with a very simple final product, you had only 48 hours to work. Also don't forget to rest  and eat while jamming.

Thank you so much for playing and giving feedback <3
I'm glad you liked it!
I didn't play Luigi's Mansion, so I don't know how it works. But I saw some entries here that recreated it's mechanics XD

You're the first one who made me realize this game is kinda unplayable for color blind people! Thank you for the suggestion, I'll definitly think on a way to solve that!

Thank you so much for playing and giving feedback!

Thank you so much for playing and giving feedback! =)

I love hand drawn games! You did a good job on the animations! I liked the Overwatch mechanics too, this was very creative! I'm also curious about the story. There are evidences of some kind of rituals, I was expecting some monster to suddenly show up and kill me XD
Great entry! You just need to work more on collisions, and this will be great!

I love Quantum Conundrum, I think you did a great job adapting the weight states to water states. This was simple, but fun! The way you used the water states was very clever! I just missed the sounds, but 48 hours is really hard to make everything XD
Congrats on your entry! ^^

I thought I would never rage again after Getting Over it... I was so wrong XD
This game hates me like the original did, and I love it!
Great game! Too bad I couldn't manage getting to the end, but this was fun to play! The physics have some glitches that make this game harder, but it's very well done for a game done in 48 hours! Congrats! ^^

This game is awesome! It's very challenging and addictive! But I got a bug where I can't get past level 8... I reach the portal, but it just don't let me go to the next level =/
I really want to get to the ending

I never played Super Hot, but I loved this game, and I could totally see Super Hot's mechanics here!
The gameplay felt really nice, the timing for everything was perfect! One of my favorites here! ^^

Thank you so much for playing and giving feedback! ^^

Nice score! This game is kinda hard, most of my friends didn't get past 9k XD

Thank you os much for playing and giving feedback! <3

I'm glad you liked it! I'll test the gun with a longer range. After the voting ends, I'll upload an updated version.
Thanks again for the feedback!

Thank you for playing and for the feedback! ^^

Yeah, I realized too late that it takes too long to spawn the fourth slime. I'm still working on this project and will upload an updated version after the voting ends =)

Thanks for playing and giving feedback! ^^

Thank you for playing and for the feedback! ^^

And you did pretty well!

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It's nice to see a different Flappy Bird! This game is good, I just think the colliders should be smaller... There were times where I thought I could go through, but then I died XD
Congrats on your entry! ^^

It was the village right wall. But I think that's the end XD
It just confused me because there's meat in the village, I thought I had to keep going over that wall

Nice work with the post processing! Also I loved the transition effect!
The grapling hook were kinda hard to use, but I liked the mechanics.
Congrats on your entry! ^^

Thanks ^^

No problem, take your time! And thanks =)
Rest well from this lovely madness ^^

I liked this game, and managed to finish it! It was fun and challenging. But I think the learning curve for this game is too vertical XD
The first level was easy, then we have to deal with spikes and screen scrolling while thinking of a way to not die to the spikes.
But it's a solid entry, congrats! ^^

This idea was great! It's very hard to make two things at once, but it's clever and fun!
Congrats on your entry! ^^

Hey there! How are you?
Here's mine. A game with Slime Rancher's vacuum mechanics. Thanks in advance =)

Hello Dominik! How are you?
Here's mine. A game with Slime Rancher's vacuum mechanics. Thanks in advance =)

Hello Haioner! How are you?
Here's mine! A game with Slime Rancher's vacuum mechanics. Thanks in advance =)
I'll play your game as soon as I get home.

Hey there! How are you doing?
Here's mine, a game with Slime Rancher's vacuum mechanics. Thanks in advance =)

Hi Mat! I made a casual game with Slime Rancher's vacuum mechanics =)

Thank you for playing! I'm glad you liked it! =)

Is is wrong to say this game made me hungry? XD
The sound effects were amazing, it really felt like a meat slaping the floor! And the puzzles were fun and challenging. I managed to finish the game, but I got a bug were I fell down and didn't die... I had to press "F5" to restart the game.
But it was very fun, one of my favorites for sure!

I think I played a little too much of this game XD
This was very polished, and the art is so cute! Also, your game's page is amazing!
Died a lot of times. Highscore: 39

Congrats on your entry!

I loved how you used Mario's Hat's mechanics! I agree with what some people said, this has potential to become a full game!
The sound track and art is very nice  too!
Congrats on your entry!

I'm always down to puzzle games, and this one is great! You had a great idea of using Enderpearl's teleport mechanics to reach unaccesible platforms. But I gotta say... this game is so hard XD
There were places where you had to jump in an exact point, or you would die. I died a lot of times, but I managed to reach the end. Btw, your easteregg made me laugh, nice one!

I would suggest to add at least a pan to the camera, because there were times I couldn't see what was below or above me, so I had to do some leap of faiths, which lead me to more deaths.

Nice and solid entry, congrats! I would love to see more of this game!

One thing I'm loving in this game jam is that I can play a lot of games that I love in a different way. And this is one of those games! Man, I love Crypt of the Necrodancer, and this submision is great! The music and art were really good, and I liked how you implemented the mechanics!
I only had trouble with the bees. I couldn't see a pattern of where they were flying, and I ended up passing through the snakes. Maybe the frog's like is not working...
But overall, this is a great game! I would love to see more of it. And more platform games with rythm mechanics!

This was really fun! Don't know why I felt like I was playing some kind of We Love Katamari with Prop Hunt. I don't know the original game, but this mechanics are brilliant!
The only thing I would recommend if you keep working on this project is to make some objects smaller. When I went underground, the school bus almost got stuck because it was too big.
Great submission, congrats! ^^

Thank you for playing and for the feedback!
I'll improve this game after the voting period ends, and I'm thinking of adding some blinking animation to show when the balloons are going to pop.

Thanks for playing, I'm glad you liked it!

Yeah, I'll change the spawning time to 2 seconds... Infinite wave ended up being kinda unfair XD
And I thought about adding the combo mechanics, but didn't had time. I'll add later, after the voting period ends!

Thanks again for playing and for the feedback!

Hi Clementine! Thank you so much for playing and giving this feedback! I'm also glad that you enjoyed it!

There are some things that you said that I didn't had time to implemement, but I'll keep working on this game and keep in mind what you said to improve it!

Thanks for playing! 

I'm really glad that you liked it! 

About the buttons, I think it would be better this way too! Didn't think about using Q and E! I'll change it when the voting ends. 

Thank you for playing! 

I'm really happy with your feedback! ^^

Thank you so much for playing! ^^

I'm glad you liked it! And you did pretty well! 

When the voting finish, I'll increase the time between balloons in the infinite wave. Now I see that it is too hard.