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Hi! You can already wishlist the game on steam, it's coming out soon. We are not planning a mobile version atm

Thanks for playing!

Thank you!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it ^^

Looks like their page was taken down already. Thx for letting us know anyway! Since you're here might as well check out the actual game :) 

Awesome, thanks for the playthrough! ^^

Thx for playing, happy you enjoyed it!

Thanks for playing! Glad you liked it ^^

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it's been taken down. thx for letting us know

Hey, thanks for the feedback! AI is indeed something difficult to figure out and there's a lot of room for improvement. I think what you're looking for is not an ai that's "organic" but rather one that fools you into thinking it's smarter than it actually is. The best example I know is the AI from Alien Isolation, it also "cheats" but it's completely not scripted. You can check out the yt video about it on the channel "AI in Games". We had an issue where if the enemy would be completely unaware of where you are, you would just encounter it once and then leave behind. I agree making it cheat is not the best solution, but it's what we could do in a short timeframe we had :) 

Hi! We're really happy you enjoyed the game. It will be coming on Steam soon as well, it will be also free. We are not planning to expand on this game in the near future, but we are glad about all the positive responses. 


Awesome, thanks!

Thanks, we're glad you enjoyed it! We thought of the mirror control being uncomfortable as an intentional adding to make the game more tense and unsettling. So it's normal you felt that way.

Thanks a lot, awesome playthrough!

Thanks! This was a lot of fun to watch, we're glad you enjoyed it! Awesome playthrough!

Thanks a lot for the playthrough and the feedback! Walking backwards is supposed to be uncomfortable,  gets some time to get used to ;)  We really appreciate you taking the time. All the assets were made by the team, we didn't use any store assets, so glad you liked the monster!

This is looking awesome, guys! Feels really inspired by Little Nightmares and Inside, really like the vibe you are going for. Keep it up ^^ 

Thank you so much for playing! This was one of my first made and published games and It's really nice seeing somebody playing it. I was just 15 when I started with this, right now I'm studying in an actual game dev university.So in future you might see proper horror games coming out from me. Thanks again for this nostalgia and motivation

Прости, что не предоставил должного обучения к игре, я уверен, что с ним бы ты справился на много лучше. Интересно, что ты решил не спать целую неделю и ни раза не обернулся к кровати. Это игра сделана не для всех и не задумывалась быть интересной для просмотра на стримах. Идея с кофе не оригинальна и присутствует не только у тебя, с ходу обвинять в плагиате не очень вежливо ; ) 

Время было в обрез, как ты понимаешь, по этому что есть то есть. Удачи!

You managed to complete the game on your first attempt, good job! And thank you for the gameplay video!

So I was stuck in a level with 5 bats... And after quite a few attempts I figured it out. Yes I used only bats. And yes I broke the game :D 

!Spoiler Aletrt!

So I thought, if bats can only pull player than what can I do to save myself? The answer was to wait until the playr comes to me and then throw all the bats behind his back. By that I forced the player to jump over me and he walked by :D I should get an achivement for this solution))) 

Lacked some sound for shootinng and enemy hit. But overall very nice!

Interesting mix between tower defense and management! Never seen something like that before. This is a really nice concept, I feel like you can make much more with it!

Very clever idea! Was difficult to draw with a mouse, but then I figured out a could zoom :D

Very stylish, everything was well put together. I'm impressed, if this was made in one week!

That feeling when a programmer without an artist has better art in the game then some "artists". Good job!

I'm gonna spend 10 min on each jam game. Downloading Development city... 30 min later - I'm building freaking Ubisoft 

Damn this one made me emotional. Great narrative expirience!

Very pleasent to eye retro style! Yes, I had fun exploring ; )

Nice 3 models and very cute animation. But wtf? I'm was just standing right to the poor guys and slapping them all night. Am I game dev?))) Have a coffee in my game too, it always helps :D

Short but very intense expiriene! I feel like you can make much more with this concept!

Very clever concept together with cool pixel art make an impressive submition!

I was going for this melancholic feeling, glad you felt it. There are a lot things that could be done, but time is a huge factor in a gamejam.