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Help Dev Guy fight the bugs that haunt his dreams!
Submitted by coleandress (@colegamedesign), BirdBoss — 6 hours, 25 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
SOUNDS AND MUSIC#191.9771.977
THE EXPERIENCE#192.0002.000

Ranked from 43 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Pretty cool project: Controls were good. Enemies were a manageable threat, but there was no variance in behaviors, so it was pretty predictable. Powerups helped change the game somewhat, but it was not intuitive when they would expire, or when things reset (like HP on each level).  Level design was fine. Interactions were intuitive (buttons/doors/powerups). Clever final level, I totally went back to open the last door before finishing the level, ha! The graphics were good, the style was pretty consistent (aside from the strangely small pixel-sized bullets?).  Only glitch I noticed was enemies pathing around a powerup instead of moving through it; wouldn't have been such a problem except that it created a chokepoint in a doorway making all of the enemies in that room dreadfully easy to take out.

Congrats guys!

Cool game. It got hard at the last level, but it was possible. The only thing i that i don't really see how it fits the theme.


Absolute favourite feature was the pizzas turning into bugs


It was fun to play. It's harder after red insects :D 


The action is very fun and fast. The character speed helps when you feel overwhelmed in game. And enemies splitting makes for a good gimmick. :)


Thanks for playing!  We're glad you liked it :D


I can see what kind of metaphor you where going for. The execution and gameplay was standard though the gun feels and seems more like a pea shoother, It would work better if you were to ad some sfx  and make the bullets bigger and moving faster. Overall the game feel could need some attention.


Solid and fun top-down shooter. The bugs felt overwhelming at times, but in a good way.  Controls felt responsive. Pizza could give a bit more health.

 I enjoyed it, but adding some juice/game feel would have really improved it and set it apart from similar games. Giant bullets, explosions, hit stops, enemy flashes, etc. would all work really well here - I hope you implement it even though the jam is over! 


We've got some plans for making it better.  We'll probably want to make health % persist through levels and up the health pizza gives.  Thanks for playing :)


Lacked some sound for shootinng and enemy hit. But overall very nice!


Thanks for playing!  We'll work on some aspects of "game feel" for the next update.  Thanks for your feedback!


Nice work! loved the music and pixel art. For your next game work on the "game feel". For instance, when you hit an enemy, have a loud sound played and make the screen shake. small details like that go a long way. If you could check out my game that would be awesome, here's the link:


Thanks for playing!  We're working on ideas to add some game feel.  I ended up working on the last level and an audio bug before submission and didn't want to tempt fate by trying to add something else.

Also, thanks for sharing your game, we'll check it out :)


I really like the radioactive pizza enemy.  I think there should have been more pizza and not the auto respawn of all your health per room.  I also sometimes got weird movement where it was not responding to my input.  


Thanks for playing!  In an update we'll look at making the health stay the same between rooms.  We initially wanted each level to be its own challenge, but we agree it'll probably flow better having each level go into the next or perhaps have chunks of levels where health must be maintained.

There's an issue on Chrome where if you drag your mouse and it thinks you're trying to move the canvas, it holds onto the current input.  We'll find a fix or change the game to a Windows build for the update we have planned.

If you don't mind, what browser are you using?  And were you playing in the browser window or in fullscreen?


Chrome, I think I tried full screen and windowed


Had lots of fun with this one. The bugs were just a little buggy. Spawning outside of the room. Also their detection range is a little small. 


Thanks for playing!  We have some ideas about how to tweak the behavior and spawning of the bugs, but we wanted to get some more opinions.  Your feedback is much appreciated :)